Walmart To Sell iPads This Year if Apple Can Build Them Fast Enough


Image Source: thelucrativeinvestor

Wal-Mart may begin selling the iPad later this year in an expansion of its electronics retail sales, the company confirmed today.

While such sales likely depend on Apple and its manufacturers figuring a way to build the product in even larger quantities, the giant retailer hopes to offer the must-have netbook replacement from later this year.

The more iPad outlets the merrier I say.  It does seem like Apple will have to ramp up production a whole lot to be able to add such a large chain to the mix though.  Hopefully these current supply shortages will be overcome soon, and Walmart can start piling ’em high and selling ’em not-so-cheap :)

Via: 9to5Mac

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iPad Jailbreak State of Play – Mostly for Alpha Testers Right Now

Cydia on iPad

I was going to do an iPad jailbreak first impressions sort of post over the next day or so, but I’ll hold off on or possibly scrap that idea for now.  Reason being, I’m finding the jailbreak environment for the iPad – as should be expected I guess – at a very early alpha stage right now.  An environment ripe for those who have time and desire to help in testing, but not so great for those who don’t.

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Review: ScreenGuardz HD Anti-Glare for Apple iPad


Ah… my beloved Apple iPad. I love my iPad. I really do. I enjoy reading eBooks on it, I enjoy keeping up with Twitter, news and all my RSS feeds. Much as many people foresaw/proclaimed in pre and post release articles the iPad is quickly becoming my ultimate content consumption device. Music, movies, TV Shows, books, magazines, games… it does it all and more times than not I find myself moving away from the desk and onto the easy chair for my morning reading rituals on my days off. But, despite my love for the iPad, there’s a deep, dark hatred of the device as well. So much of one, that my email signature on the iPad doesn’t read “from my magical, revolutionary, OMFG I love it iPad”. No. It reads “from my fingerprint magnet”. I’ve recently contemplated changing that to read “from my blinding glare, be glad I could see the keyboard to type this fingerprint magnet”.

Apple nailed a lot of things on the iPad. They missed the mark on the screen usability in anything but dungeons.

Hit the jump… there’s a lot we have to look at.

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The New iPad TV Ad – Good, but Also a Bit Full of Shit


I want to like the new iPad TV ad (can’t embed it here – click the link or the image above to see it).  I think the overall theme – that it is a revolution in computing – is a good one, and one that the device lives up to.  I can also go with a lot of the descriptive words and phrases thrown out during the advert: thin, beautiful, lasts all day, crazy powerful – I’ve found all those things to be true as I use the iPad.

Here’s the part that seems like needless exaggeration to me:

It’s 200,000 apps and counting.  It’s all the world’s web sites in your hand.

How dumb – we now know that a lot of those apps are not so hot at all on the iPad.  The 5,000 apps number that we saw last week for iPad apps in the App Store itself is a better one to use I think.  And of course the second part is even less defensible.  It’s ignoring all the sites that rely on Flash content and won’t run properly on the iPad.

Comon Apple – there are plenty of great things about the iPad to shout about – why cross over into over-the-top embellishment when there’s no need to.

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Twitterrific for iPad Gets a Big Update, Doesn’t Fix Connection Errors

Twitterrific for iPad update

Twitterrific for iPad had a big update released last night, to Version 1.1.  The update adds support for picture and video uploading and custom image upload services. There is a long list of additions, improvements and bug fixes contained in this update – but it’s interesting to note that the app’s odd rogue connection errors are still around.

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How To Save Images in the iPad Safari and Mail Apps

iPad Tips and Tricks

Here’s another basic but very handy tip for those of you who are new to the iPad.  You may often receive a photo in an email that you want to save and keep on your iPad – or spot an image in a web site that you’d like to save.

It’s very easy to do this on the iPad – hit the lovely little read more link to see how …

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How To Jailbreak the iPad with the Spirit Jailbreak

iPad with Cydia

The Spirit jailbreak – released on may 2nd – works on all current iDevices – iPhone, iPod Touches, and even the iPad.  It’s extremely simple to use and very fast.

Read on for a quick walk-through of the very simple process as well as a few tips on preparation for jailbreaking …

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Pastebot Updated – Now Supports Multiple Device Syncing

Pastebot app

Pastebot – the superb clipboard manager app for the iPhone – has been updated, to Version 1.2.  It has added the biggest item on my features wish list for it – support for syncing multiple devices with its desktop companion app.

Although Pastebot has not brought out a fully iPad compatible version yet, the iPhone version works fine – with the same size limitations as all pure iPhone apps have.  It is such a hugely useful app for me though that it is one of the few that is not just still on my iPad, but still amongst my most frequently used apps on the iPad.  It was a nuisance prior to this update having to continually swap back and forth between the iPad and the iPhone when syncing photos and text from them to my Mac desktop.

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More iPad Case Reviews Coming – I’m Finding The iPad Needs More Than One Case

    Vaja iPad case

Just a quick post to say I’ve got a handful of iPad case reviews coming up soon.  I’ve been testing out the Convertible Book Jacket and a grip case from Incase, the Ultimate Sleeve from Waterfield Designs, and the Elan Passport from Griffin.  Oh, and I just received the little beauty shown above from Vaja yesterday.

What I’m rapidly discovering is that the iPad really needs more than one case.  Unless you like using it ‘naked’ (which I’m sure many do) it needs a sort of everyday, round-the-house case; and it needs an ‘out and about’ or getting from A to B type case as well. So far I haven’t seen or tried one that seems capable of being ideal for both purposes, though a few I’m looking at come close.

Anyway – reviews coming soon.  How are you all doing in your iPad case hunting?  Found your favorite yet?

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What’s That Britney Song? Anyway, My iPad Is Jailbroken


Oops I did it again.  Or … my iron will appears to be more of the tin foil variety.  My iPad is jailbroken.

More soon …

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Apple Is The Richest iPad Developer So Far?

Pages iPad app

The "iWork" apps are already on track to potentially generate more than $40 million in annual sales, according to our analysis of App Store sales so far.
And in the first month, they’ve probably already passed $3 million in sales, likely making Apple the most successful iPad developer, by revenue, so far.

That’s a slice from this recent report at Business Insider.  I’m sure I shouldn’t be surprised at these numbers, but I am.  Apparently all three of the Apple iWork apps – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote – have been in the Top 10 for paid apps ever since the iPad was launched and Pages has been at Number 1 for ‘much of the time’.

I absolutely agree with Business Insider’s conclusion that this ‘shows there is a real appetite for serious apps on the iPad‘.  I feel like I can work quite well on the iPad – the only big thing missing is a decent blogging app (for my needs).

I’m very glad to see that ‘serious’ apps can thrive in the iPad App Store – and look forward to seeing some third party developer success stories in this area.

Via: 9to5Mac

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