Reeder for iPad Coming Soon

Reeder for iPad tweet

As you can see in the screenshot above, if things go according to plan Reeder for iPad should be submitted for App Store approval this weekend. 

Reeder is one of the most popular RSS apps for the iPhone and its iPad version is being anxiously awaited by many of my writing colleagues on this site and our sister iPhone site.

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ProSwitcher – the iPhone’s Best App Switching App – Coming to the iPad Soon

ProSwitcher HD

ProSwitcher – easily the best quick app switching app for the iPhone – should soon be coming to the iPad. 

The screenshot above is a sight for sore eyes.  It shows ProSwitcher HD – which is the iPad version of PoSwitcher, and it was shared in a tweet from one of its lead developers, chpwn.

The tweet only says that ProSwitcher HD is ‘moving forward’ – so there is no projected release date yet, but based on the activity on the ProSwitcher timeline it looks like they are working through many issues and making good progress.

ProSwitcher is an app that requires a jailbroken device.  Combined with Backgrounder, it provides a superb method for switching rapidly and easily between multiple apps running in the background.  Here’s hoping we see ProSwitcher HD very soon.

I spotted this news via a tweet from my friend Sebastien.

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New iPad Apps: Project Pad Promises Project Management Made Easy

Project Pad for iPad

Project Pad is a new iPad app with a tag line of ‘Project management made easy‘.  It’s the first project management focused app for the iPad that I’ve seen. There are a good number of iPhone apps in this area, but the iPad’s bigger screen should lead to superior offerings I would imagine – and it looks like Project Pad is aiming to be one of those.

Project Pad was designed specifically to take advantage of the unique features of the amazing iPad platform and deliver a touch-based, easy-to-use tool to professionals and non-professionals alike.

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WiFi Sync Now Works on iPad (jailbreak only)

Wi-Fi Sync for iPad

The excellent Wi-Fi Sync jailbreak app is now available for the iPad – and it works and provides lovely wireless iTunes sync.

Now here’s a good reason for having kept my iPad jailbroken, even though I haven’t been using many jailbreak apps.  Wi-Fi Sync was an instant favorite app on my iPhone, as I am a big hater of having to be cable-connected in order to sync.  So I’m very, very happy to see Wi-Fi Sync hit the iPad, and to see that it works well in my very quick testing of it.

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Contest – Win an iPad Ultimate SleeveCase


One Free iPad Ultimate SleeeCase by Waterfield Designs To Win

Contest Deadline: Monday May 31st, 4:00PM US Central

Here’s our first contest with a lovely iPad accessory to give away, rather than an app promo code.  I recently reviewed the iPad Ultimate SleeveCase for iPad, by Waterfield Designs. It’s a very stylish, messenger bag style iPad case that provides great protection for your iPad.

I’m currently surrounded by review units and purchased cases for the iPad, so I thought I’d start sharing them with all of you. So the case to be won here is my – lightly used and in pristine condition – review unit provided by Waterfield Designs.  You can see details on the case at their page for it HERE, or check out my recent review of it here:

Read on to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

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iPad Apps on Sale – Space Station: Frontier HD

Space Station Frontier HD

Origin8’s iPad strategy game – Space Station: Frontier HD – is on sale for this holiday weekend, to help mark the UK launch of the iPad. I’ve never played this one (yet), but it looks like quite a good game.  It’s currently Number 12 in Top Paid Games in the App Store, with 5 star ratings.

Origins8’s email promo for the sale said it would down to $2.99, from its normal $4.99 price.  It turns out though that it is currently listed at just $1.99.  The sale is listed as being from the 29th to the 31st.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Outselling Mac in International Markets?


Early reports suggest that Apple has sold most of its first run of international iPad shipments, which has lead one analyst to predict that the iPad will outsell the Mac internationally this quarter.

Mike Abramsky with RBC Capital Markets said Friday that he believes between 600,000 and 700,000 iPads will be sold overseas in June, though the number could go even higher. If that forecast is accurate, it would well exceed the 500,000 Macs expected to be sold in June.

Impressive numbers, if they prove to be accurate – especially as the article goes on to point out that the iPad is still not available in 78 out of 88 countries where the iPhone is.

Abramsky is also quoted as saying he thinks Apple will ramp up production to compensate for initial supply shortages, and predicts sales of 8.1 million iPads in 2010.

Via: Apple Insider

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iMeetingPad Contest – Winners


Lots of good participation on this one.  Thanks to all who took part – and a big thanks to Arnie and the folks at iMeetingPad for generously sponsoring this contest with us!

Here are our winners:

  • Ash
  • ChangshaNotes
  • Chris
  • Guido S
  • acrozniros
  • Jeff
  • Duane
  • Randy
  • jhanion

Winners – congratulations, and please keep an eye on your Inboxes and spam folders – as we’ll be sending your codes to you very soon.

Lookout for a great new giveaway contest coming this weekend.  Hint – it will involve following us on Twitter and retweeting, so if you don’t already follow us you might want to get on that:

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Quick Look – FryPaper, Stephen Fry’s First iPad App

FryPaper iPad app

Stephen Fry’s first iPad app – FryPaper – has launched today, as expected, to go along with the launch of the iPad in the UK (and eight other nations).  The name of the app – originally said to be FryPad – looks to have been changed to fall in line with Apple’s policy on no usage of the word ‘pad’ within app titles.

The app is a very basic and bare bones one for now, in which some of Fry’s latest writings are shared.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Wired Sells 24,000 Copies of Their iPad App in 24 Hours

Wired Magazine iPad app

Wired magazine sold 24,000 copies of its iPad app in the first 24 hours it was available in Apple’s iTunes store, company executives said. The app was released shortly after midnight Tuesday.

Yowza.  24,000 in one day seems huge – especially for a non-game app.  Just for context, Wired magazine sells around 82,000 copies on newsstands every month and has about 672,000 subscribers.  If the iPad edition continued at this pace for a month (which seems highly unlikely) that would be 720,000 copies sold. 

Even if the pace of sales slacks off by a lot after its launch day, that one day should have netted around $83,000 after Apple’s cut if I did my math right.  Not bad for just Day 1, and with a hefty per-issue price tag.

I doubt that readers will be happy paying $4.99 for every individual issue, so hopefully Wired’s promised new range of subscription options will see the light of day soon.

Look out for my review of Wired’s iPad edition very soon.


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Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad Gets a Big Update

Feeddler RSS Reader for iPad

Feeddler RSS Reader – my favorite iPad RSS app – has just had a big update, to Version 1.3.

The first big news in this update is that it’s now a universal app, so it can be run on iPhones as well.  I’ll certainly be giving it a try on my iPhone very soon. 

The iPad version – and especially the Pro version – has also got a number of very nice new features in this update …

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