iPad Screen with Its Knickers in a Twist

jacked up iPad home screen

My iPad had a little moment of madness yesterday.  A moment where one home screen in landscape view only showed four columns of icons (as opposed to the five it normally displays) and decided to ‘hide’ the remaining app icons down below the dock, where they were unreachable of course.

It got back to normal after a quick flip to portrait orientation and back – but it was odd to see it get confused like that.  I wonder if it’s a lack of memory issue, as I’ve not rebooted it in quite a long while and have been pounding it with some high-powered games.  Then again, it did snap straight out of it and it has not re-occurred since.

Any of you seen it do this?  Or similar issues?

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iPad Camera Connection Kit Now Shipping

iPad Camera Connection Kit shipment notice

Looks like Apple is starting to ship iPad Camera Connection Kits.  I got my shipment notice this morning, saying it will be delivered by this Friday – April 23rd.

In many ways this is the most interesting iPad accessory from Apple, as nobody seems quite sure what it will and will not support importing to the iPad. 

If any of you have particular questions about the kit or things you’d like tested with it, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to give them a shot.

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Review: NetNewsWire for iPad

NetNewsWire icon

NetNewsWire for iPad is an RSS reader app for the iPad that provides sync with Google Reader and with a full-featured desktop app on Mac and Windows.  On a Mac it syncs with NetNewsWire for Mac.  On Windows the sync partner is FeedDemon.  Both desktop apps are free / ad-supported.

NetNewsWire (NNW) is among the best-known apps in the RSS reader category.  I’ve used it before on the Mac and the iPhone, and found it capable though at times frustrating.  It was one of the very first major RSS apps to bring out a full iPad version (at or near launch day) – and I was very keen to give it a try. I’ve been using it for two weeks now, and have some thoughts on the app in general and how it lives up to its premium reputation and price.

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Another Use Case – iPad as Sandwich Board?


I guess the iPad could make for an effective sandwich board type sign, or half a sandwich board in this case.  Paulo Tosolini – the man behind this idea and video – thinks so.  He says it can be used …

for guerilla marketing at events and other promotional opportunities.

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I Feel the Need, the Need for Need for Speed Shift for iPad

Need for Speed Shift for iPad

As Maverick said to Goose, or Goose said to Maverick, or some other dude with a goofy nickname said to some other … I feel the need, the need for speed.  I spent $14.99 over the weekend on the new Need for Speed Shift for iPad.

I’m usually not much of a ‘gamer’ at all – on any platform – but I do have a little weakness for racing games.  I already have RealRacing HD on the iPad, and like it.  But … Need for Speed Shift is a whole different story.  It is the most fun I’ve had with any racing game, and the most intense experience I’ve had on the iPad yet.

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Two Weeks with the iPad – Thoughts

iPad Swiss Army Knife

I’ve had my iPad for just over two weeks now, having been one of the first ten into my local Apple store to purchase one on the morning of April 3rd.  I’ve given it tons of use every day, for work and play.

For me, it is living up to the ‘magical, revolutionary’ tag it was given when Steve Jobs first announced it back in January. 

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Significant Web Traffic Share Already


In a report from NetApplications, the iPad averaged 0.03 percent, per day, of all Web traffic for the ten days after its launch. Launch weekend had particularly high numbers, and then the numbers trended down as people went back to work, presumably without their iPads. The numbers actually approach the number of users for Blackberry and Google Android phones.

The thing that makes this all the more impressive is that the iPad has only been out for around two weeks, the 3G model isn’t even out yet, and it has only launched in a single country so far.

Source: Ars Technica via TUAW

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Crosswords App Contest – Winners


Lots of great participation in this one.  Thanks to all of you who took part – and huge thanks to Ben and the folks at Stand Alone for sponsoring this contest with us!

Here are our four lucky winners:

  • hank
  • PaulN
  • Rxmxsh
  • SuziK

Winners – please keep an eye on your Inboxes and spam folders – as we’ll be sending out your promo codes very soon.

Watch out for more contests here soon.

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Featured iPad Wallpapers: Ian Collins’ Site

Cityscape iPad wallpaper

If you like striking photography as wallpaper material for your iPad, you’ll want to give Ian Collins’ new site a look. It currently has over 60 images sized up just right for the iPad – oh, and a site that works very nicely on the iPad as well.

Hit the jump for a couple more screenshots and a link …

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More Cat + iPad Fun


Jeez – at this rate Apple’s going to get more pre-orders from cats round the world than people.  This cat seems to be getting the hang of things even more than Iggy (who we posted about a few days back) – attacking the iFish Pond HD app.

I’m starting to feel a little ashamed at my dog’s total lack of iPad skillz. :)

Thanks to reader Greg K for sending this in.  Maybe your cat could give my dog some lessons?

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Review: Scottevest Pack Windbreaker – even fits an iPad

Do you carry multiple gadgets but never have enough pockets for everything?  Scottevest has you covered with the Pack Windbreaker jacket.  This jacket is made for gadgets and is possibly one of the best jackets that I have ever owned.  Really, what is not to love about it? The Pack Windbreaker has a total of 17 pockets, is lightweight and waterproof.

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