iPad Video Goodness: Pashyn’s ‘the iPad song’


I really like this ‘parody’ song about the iPad.  I’m finding it very catchy and easy to hit replay on.  My daughter’s parakeet also likes it, and she has displayed nothing but impeccable music tastes in the few weeks we’ve had her.

The idea and lyrics for the song are from technology blogger and YouTuber @pashyn.  The singing is by her best friend @uitahiti.

This one will get a lot of plays this week in my house.  One more thing it makes me think – given the emphasis on the line in the song, these girls are going to be big users of iPad accessoreeeeeeeez. :)

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Woz Doesn’t Want an iPad – He Wants 3 iPads!


Image Source: natalielefler.wordpress.com

one early adopter is steve wozniak, who cofounded apple with jobs. woz has already ordered three ipads and plans to camp out in front of an apple store the night before the ipad’s debut, just for kicks.
"we all say we want things to be simpler, and now here is this simple thing. i think it will be a huge success," wozniak says."

Good stuff.  Wonder what / who the three are for. 

Source: Newsweek via Gadgets on The Go

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BoardBox for iPad: 15 Board Games in One App

BoardBox iPad app

The upcoming Boardbox for iPad app touts itself as …

the most graphically-rich, realistic board game app on Apple iPad!

It offers a nice range of board games all within one iPad app – including stalwarts like Chess (5 variants of it), Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, and Reversi.

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DRO Concepts’ Carbon Fiber iPad Case – Now Available to Order

DRO Concepts_ Carbon Fiber iPad Cases

If you’re after a slick, carbon fiber iPad case, you’ll want to give this new case from DRO Concepts a look. 

We are very excited to release our new carbon fiber iPad Case. The only real carbon fiber case available for the Apple iPad. Utilizing a proprietary lay-up of real carbon fiber that is not only incredibly strong but also ultra light (weighs 0.4 lbs). Like all of our carbon fiber products this case is crafted entirely by hand and provides a beautiful high gloss finish. Exotic yet sophisticated styling is topped off with an intelligent design that allows for easy access to the iPad while providing maximum protection. Each of our carbon fiber iPad cases is lined with supple neoprene for additional impact and scratch protection. Just slide the iPad in, close the secure strap, and you are on your way with one amazingly protective and sharp looking case.
The iPad case will fit both the Wifi and 3G versions of the Apple iPad.

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Oh, Lots More iPad Apps & App Store Preview Shots at BGR

iPad App Store

Man, BGR always seems to have some amazing insider sources.  They’ve got a huge gallery of screenshots of upcoming iPad apps and the iPad App Store itself.  The BGR guys say the shots look ‘absolutely delicious‘ and I wouldn’t argue with that.

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Countdown to iPad – Farewell to Poingo (Use Case 43)

iPad - taking learning to a new level
iPad - taking learning to a new level
One of the most clever interactive technologies I have encountered can be seen at mypoingo.com. A year of so ago I had the opportunity to provide my youngest 2 glorious OOH-n-AAH! filled days. We immediately fell for the quirky Poingo charm. So much so that we set out to buy her some of her own books. That’s when the magic started to fade. I soon discovered this singular experience to be truly rare indeed, as only a couple of titles were available. Continue reading

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Contest: Tell Us Your Favorite iPad Use Case, Win an Apple iPad Case

Apple iPad Case

One Free Apple iPad Case To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Tuesday March 30, 1:00PM US Central

As many of you know, Russell has been sharing lots of great iPad Use Cases articles over recent weeks.  Hopefully you’ve been enjoying these as much as I have.  He has really given us a veritable banquet table’s worth of food for thought on great ways to use the iPad at work and at play – and he’s still pumping them out!

Now we’d like to hear from you on your favorite iPad use case, and we’ll give a new Apple iPad case to one lucky winner here this Tuesday.  Read on for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win the case …

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Sena Have iPad Cases Coming Soon Too

Sena iPad cases

Sena Cases are known for some very fine leather and some lovely cases for iPhone and other mobile devices.  I’m glad to see they’ve got iPad cases coming soon as well.

There’s not much detail on these available as yet – other than that there will be 2-3 styles initially and that they’re coming soon, possibly as soon as April.

I hope we’ll learn more soon on Sena’s iPad offerings.  In the meantime, here’s there iPad ‘teaser’ page:


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iPad Camera Connection Kit Now Available to Order

iPad Camera Connection Kit


The iPad Camera Connection Kit is now available to order via the Apple online store.  It’s the last of Apple’s own iPad accessories to be be made available and is currently marked for shipping in late April.

The kit goes for $29, and I just ordered mine now.  Interestingly, the kit still hasn’t got a pre-order link on the main iPad Accessories page – but you can order one by going here:


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Countdown to iPad – Franklin-Covey-Apple (Use Case 42)

3 great works - that work great together - Franklin - Covey - Apple - iPad
3 great works - that work great together
I have long been a fan of Franklin Planners and Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It was exciting to see these brands/disciplines brought together under the FranklinCovey (FC) banner in 1997. Since coming together, FC has added many new products, seminars and consulting offerings. Continue reading

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Countdown to iPad – Stimulus Package (Use Case 41)

iPad: keep the money flowing - iPad - Stimulus Package
iPad: keep the money flowing
While technology and media giants scramble… and gadget pundits debate… Apple and it’s latest gizmo, iPad, are busy spurring economic growth. Apple shares are up, iPads are selling like hotcakes and advertisers are breaking out their checkbooks. Continue reading

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