Apple Email Confirms iPad Ready for Pickup at Store, Separate Line for Reservations


Now that’s an item I’m happy to see in my Inbox! Apple is sending out confirmations this morning to those of us who’ve reserved an iPad for pickup at an Apple store on launch day.

The email is short and (very) sweet, and I got mine a short while ago. It confirms that my iPad will be ready to collect at the store this Saturday. 

It also confirms that there will be a separate line for those with reservations, and that I need to pickup the iPad by 3:00PM on Saturday – after that iPads will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

It’s really not long now. :)

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Countdown to iPad – iPortal (Use Case 45)

What? Windows on an iPad?
What? Windows on an iPad?
Three geek cheers for iPortal, aka iPad! The power of Mac OS X, Linux and Windows is coming to the iPad. Through the use of VNC (Virtual Network Computing), iPads will be able to control desktops, laptops and servers. Continue reading

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iPad Reactions – History Repeats Itself?


Good comic from  I guess that’s the guy from the ‘Get a Mac’ ads saying it’ll fail each time, or maybe Bill Gates after gaining some weight since stepping down at Microsoft. :)

Thanks to Eric at Coregeek for sending it to us.

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Best Buy to Have Very Few iPads to Sell on Launch Day


It looks lime your local Best Buy store is not going to be the best place to grab an iPad on Launch Day, April 3rd.  TUAW has the scoop on the very limited supply of iPads each Best Buy outlet will have:

Planning to skip the Apple Store crowds and sneak over to one of the 670+ Best Buy stores that will be selling the iPad on launch day? Better get there early, as each store will be limited to 15 iPads in stock, and those WiFi-only iPads will be evenly distributed among the three price points.

So they’ll have only 5 of each iPad model. Yikes.  I’ve always felt better about going to an Apple store than anywhere else on a big launch day – they always seem to have more stock and to be a lot better organized.

Any of you all planning to try a Best Buy store?


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Recommended: Mike Cane’s Sneak Peek at the iPad’s iBookstore


Mike Cane is a real books guy.  Books are his thing, as he says. He’s got two very good posts up at his iPad Test site offering his thoughts on the iPad’s iBookstore, after getting a recent sneak peek at it, and highlighting some unexpected free titles in the fledgling store.

He’s got lots of good insights and screenshots, covering everything from pricing levels (which he points out may well not reflect what we’ll see when the store opens) to the rather clunky sorting options offered in the Free Books section.

Continue reading

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iPad Apps Coming Soon: PhotoFramePlus from Chilli X

PhotoFramePlus iPad app

Chilli X – makers of PhotFrame for iPhone – have announced the upcoming release of their new PhotoFramePlus for the iPad.

The ‘Plus’ in the app’s name is based on the thought that ‘Apple’s implementation of the photo slideshow left a lot to be desired‘.

Continue reading

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iPad Countdown Dashboard Widget

iPad countdown dashboard widget

Hurrrah – there’s a Dashboard widget to show you a precise countdown of how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left until the iPad launches.

This is great for me because it means I can not only count on my fingers ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday …’ – I can also bang the F12 key and see that there are precisely 4 days, 11 hours, 3 minutes, and 28 seconds left while I’m writing this.  Now I just need one for the iPhone and possibly my car dashboard as well. :)

If you’re in this same sort of sad condition as I am, or even close, here’s where you can grab a free download for the widget:

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Countdown to iPad – Super Reader (Use Case 44)

Defender of Innovative Thought
Defender of Innovative Thought

Sleeker than a common e-reader.
More colorful than the gloomy Sony.
Able to speed through content with a single swipe.

Look! Up in the sky!
It’s a Nook. It’s a Kindle. It’s Super-reader!

Yes, it’s Super-reader – strange visitor from Infinite Loop who came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal devices. Super-readerexceeding your ability to understand how it works, sort of magical, and who, disguised as iPad, so simple… so thin… so light… yet so capable… is changing the way we do things everyday, without so much as a pointing device. Continue reading

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iPad Video Goodness: Pashyn’s ‘the iPad song’


I really like this ‘parody’ song about the iPad.  I’m finding it very catchy and easy to hit replay on.  My daughter’s parakeet also likes it, and she has displayed nothing but impeccable music tastes in the few weeks we’ve had her.

The idea and lyrics for the song are from technology blogger and YouTuber @pashyn.  The singing is by her best friend @uitahiti.

This one will get a lot of plays this week in my house.  One more thing it makes me think – given the emphasis on the line in the song, these girls are going to be big users of iPad accessoreeeeeeeez. :)

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Woz Doesn’t Want an iPad – He Wants 3 iPads!


Image Source:

one early adopter is steve wozniak, who cofounded apple with jobs. woz has already ordered three ipads and plans to camp out in front of an apple store the night before the ipad’s debut, just for kicks.
"we all say we want things to be simpler, and now here is this simple thing. i think it will be a huge success," wozniak says."

Good stuff.  Wonder what / who the three are for. 

Source: Newsweek via Gadgets on The Go

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BoardBox for iPad: 15 Board Games in One App

BoardBox iPad app

The upcoming Boardbox for iPad app touts itself as …

the most graphically-rich, realistic board game app on Apple iPad!

It offers a nice range of board games all within one iPad app – including stalwarts like Chess (5 variants of it), Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, and Reversi.

Continue reading

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