More Cat + iPad Fun


Jeez – at this rate Apple’s going to get more pre-orders from cats round the world than people.  This cat seems to be getting the hang of things even more than Iggy (who we posted about a few days back) – attacking the iFish Pond HD app.

I’m starting to feel a little ashamed at my dog’s total lack of iPad skillz. :)

Thanks to reader Greg K for sending this in.  Maybe your cat could give my dog some lessons?

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Review: Scottevest Pack Windbreaker – even fits an iPad

Do you carry multiple gadgets but never have enough pockets for everything?  Scottevest has you covered with the Pack Windbreaker jacket.  This jacket is made for gadgets and is possibly one of the best jackets that I have ever owned.  Really, what is not to love about it? The Pack Windbreaker has a total of 17 pockets, is lightweight and waterproof.

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Recommended: FAQ on Canadians Buying iPads in the USA


The iPad in Canada site has a great FAQ post up, covering lots of good questions on Canadians looking to buy an iPad in the US.  A huge help right now I imagine, with that extra month delay on the international release.  Just a quick excerpt to give you a flavor for the info they’ve got:

Can I use my Canadian credit card at US Apple Stores?
– Yes. Expect to pay your credit card’s USD exchange rate. But right now, you’re sitting pretty with our strong CDN dollar!

Will my USA iPad one year warranty still be valid in Canada?
– Yes, when the iPad is finally launched in Canada. Any warranty issues prior to the Canadian launch, will have to be serviced in the USA.

Check out the full post here:

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Who Loves the iPad? A US Govt. Security Chief Does


That not-so-sinister-non-BigBrothery looking gent pictured above is Lieutenant General Keith Alexander – the head of the US National Security Agency (NSA).  At a hearing the other day to determine whether he’ll lead the US Cyber Command, he revealed some fine taste in mobile devices …

… In one area, however, Alexander was more forthcoming: He mentioned, with no prompting, that he owns an iPad, and with very little prompting, that it is "wonderful."

If it gets revealed that he also hates IE, I’d vote for making this guy king. :)

Source: Forbes via Daring Fireball

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Review: Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax eBook for iPad

The Lorax eBook on iPad

The Lorax is the latest Dr. Seuss eBook title to come to the iPhone and the iPad.  It has been released, along with two other Dr. Seuss titles from Oceanhouse Media, to coincide with Earth Day next week.  It’s perfectly suited for the occasion, as the story has a strong eco message and theme.

My daughter and I got a chance to read The Lorax on the iPad last night.  Both of us are big Dr. Seuss fans (who isn’t?).  We’ve enjoyed the previous Dr. Seuss eBook titles on the iPhone from Oceanhouse; so we were looking forward to seeing this one. Hit the jump for some quick thoughts on The Lorax on the iPad and a few more screencaps ….

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Review: The Traveler – iPad Felt Folio Leather Case(with Video)

case-mate The Traveler iPad case

I’ve been trying out several iPad cases over these last couple of weeks.  The Traveler Felt Folio Leather Case, by case-mate, is the one I set out to review first, so I’ve been using it every day for over a week now. For the rest of this review I’m just going to refer to it as The Traveler.

Case-mate describes The Traveler as a ‘premium, side-opening felt folio’. Read on for a quick review here plus a little video run-through of the case in action …

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Contest – 4 Copies of Crosswords for iPad To Be Won

Crosswords app for iPad

Four Free Promo Codes for Crosswords To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Saturday, April 17 – 1:00PM US Central

I just reviewed the Crosswords app for the iPad yesterday.  I think it’s a great app, one I’m using every day.  So I’m very happy that the kind folks at Stand Alone have given us four promo codes for the game to give away here.  It’s a worth-every-penny $9.99 app – so a free copy should be a great result for four lucky readers.

Hit the jump for details on how easy it is to get entered for a chance to win …

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Review: Custom Hangman on the iPad

Custom Hangman on iPad

Custom Hangman is an iPhone / iPad app that gives you the classic Hangman game but with a couple of nice new twists.  It’s a universal binary – one app that includes versions compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Though it’s compatible it is not a full iPad version (it will only show up under iPhone apps in an iTunes search) – so you can either choose to run it at its standard size, which will show up small and centered on the iPad screen, or scaled up in 2X mode.

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Twitterrific for iPad Startup Error – Everyone Seeing This?

Twitterrific for iPad startup error

Every time I launch Twitterrific for iPad I see the same error – the one shown above saying ‘Twitter API Error – The Twitter servers are currently unavailable. Please try again later.’

It’s a rogue error though.  I can jump to Tweetie on my iPhone or Mac, or Twitter via a browser, and see no connection issues.  Twitterrific itself also connects just fine of I hit the Refresh button on the main timeline immediately after OKing the error.  So, this is not a huge deal – but it’s annoying and obvously a major slow-down in seeing what’s new.

Anyone else seeing this?  I had a quick browse of App Store reviews but did not see this mentioned. 

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The First Crazy iPad App Rejection?

iPad Dashboard App

It didn’t take long for the iPad side of the App Store to see its first stupid app rejection by Apple’s reviewers.  The app pictured above is the Dashboard app, intended for the iPad – but rejected by Apple because it:

contradicted the iPad’s user experience

What does that even mean?  That’s not a reason I can recall hearing in amongst many crazy iPhone app rejections. It definitely sounds like another App Store decision ripe for reversal if the developer presses their case.

In the meantime, you can see a video demo of the app at Gizmodo:

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New iPad Market – Iggy & Colleagues


Ha – excellent video.  Smart cat.  My big goofball dog gives the iPad one good, long sniff per day, determines that it doesn’t seem easily edible, and ignores it. 

Anyone else have pets vying for iPad time?

Via: Gizmodo

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