Apple’s Suggested Fixes for iPad WiFi Issues

iPad WiFi setting

Touch wood, I have not experienced any WiFi issues with my iPad so far – but I know there are a lot of folks who have been reporting problems of this sort. For those who do, Apple has got a Knowledge Base support article on the subject – with a rundown of symptoms and possible fixes for the issues.

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Recommended: A 12 Year Old and Some Older Dude Review the iPad


Kevin C. Tofel – of jkOnTheRun – is one of my favorite tech writers.  His 12 year old son, Tyler, looks like a chip off the old block in his love of mobile gadgets and ability to talk about them eloquently.  So it’s a lot of fun watching the two of them chat through Tyler’s review of the iPad.

Tyler’s has had his for a little over a week, saved up his own money to get it, and has some great thoughts on what’s to love about the iPad.  My daughter is also a big iPad fan and I have a feeling she might agree on Tyler’s list of what’s wrong with the iPad as well. :)

Click the image above – or HERE – to check out Tyler’s review. It’s good stuff.

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Featured iPad Wallpapers: iPad Decor


I’m usually more of a fan of abstract wallpapers, but the iPad Decor blog really offers up some stunning photos as iPad wallpapers. Here’s the brief description of this Tumblr blog;

Photographic wallpapers based on travels & random outings by Jorge Quinteros. Decorate your iPad.

All wallpaper has been cropped to 1024×1024 and are scalable to both horizontal and vertical dimensions.

This is not the place to go if you’re after hundreds of walls. Rather you’ll find a small number of very striking photos for use as iPad walls.  Check them out here:

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Cases – Still Getting My iPad Covered

iPad Cases

Like most of you I imagine, I love the feel of the iPad ‘naked’ – but I also definitely want to give it some protection when I’m out and about with it, and I’m even thinking I’d like to find a good ‘always on’ case for it if possible.

So far, I’ve found a couple of options I like for cases that get it from A to B, but not one for all the time use. Pictured above are the cases I’ve been trying out so far: The Traveler from case-mate, Apple’s iPad case, the Universal Book Jacket from Incase, and the Grip Protective Cover, also from Incase.

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Recommended: The Portable Gamer on How the iPad Is Changing the Face of Gaming


Rob Lefebvre over at The Portable Gamer has a very good article up on how the iPad is set to transform gaming.  Rob admits that he didn’t want an iPad initially and he has been surprised at how much he loves the device.  Here’s the gist of what his post is about though:

I’ll skip the enthusiasm about iBooks, Netflix, and the Mail app. That’s a post for another site. What I will talk about here is how I believe that the iPad has, in one fell swoop, changed the face of gaming.

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Tweetie Will Be Coming to iPad, But It Will Be Called Twitter

Tweetie icon

Many of us have been wondering when we’d see an iPad version of Tweetie, the superb iPhone Twitter app. Well … now we know there’s been a holdup on that: Twitter themselves have bought Tweetie and Loren Brichter (the app’s creator) is now a big part of the Twitter Mobile team.

I think this deal is a big win all the way round, for users, Twitter, and Loren as well.  The good news for iPad users is that there are plans to bring Tweetie, oops Twitter App, to the iPad.  The not-so-good news is that there’s no word on timeframe for that yet, apart from the ominous-sounding ‘eventually’ used in Twitter’s blog post on the Tweetie deal:

Loren will become a key member of our mobile team that is already having huge impact with device makers and service providers around the world. Loren’s work won the 2009 Apple Design Award and we will eventually launch Twitter for iPad with his help.

Here’s hoping that eventually gets moved up to ‘soon’ in the not too distant future.

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The iPad – Jailbroken

ipad jailbroken

Well … he’s done it again.  Geohot – the original iPhone unlocker and well-known iPhone hacker – has posted a picture at his blog of a jailbroken iPad.

He hasn’t given any details or a release date yet, but he is generally very fast with these things – so I imaging we may see an iPad jailbreak app release from him very soon.

Via: iPad in Canada

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Scaled-up iPhone Apps Handling Photos Well on iPad?

Flickr app on iPad

Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted earlier saying:

Interesting. Scaled up iPhone apps draw photos at native resolution on iPad? Apparent in the MobileMe galley app

If I’m understanding his point correctly, my quick little trial of this confirms the same sort of results.  The NASA app at 2X mode on the iPad takes a moment, but shows images fairly well.  Images in the official Flickr app look very good – and certainly far better than the text on the page with them.

So apparently at least some pixel-doubled iPhone apps are capable of handling photos quite well?  What sort of results do you all see with photos in your iPhone apps on the iPad?

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Review: Time Magazine on the iPad

Time Magzine for iPad

There’s been a lot of talk of the iPad being a sort of ‘savior’ device for newspapers and magazines.  Time is a leading magazine title – here in the US and even worldwide I believe. What better way to discover the new Time Magazine for iPad than to purchase the April 12 issue of it, with its cover leading on Steve Jobs and the iPad.

I hadn’t even realized Time were already producing individual issues just for the iPad, until this morning – and as soon as I did I grabbed up this issue (which was sold out in all the newsagents near me).  I’ve spent a good amount of time with Time this morning – and have some thoughts and lots of screencaps to share below …

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Quick Look: Fellowes Study Stand – A must have!

So I’ve been all over the web looking at all kinds of stands for the iPad. And there’s a ton of them ranging from $100(or more) to the low $30 price point. Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but think about this for a few minutes and you might come to the conclusion that I did – my iPad isn’t really going to need a super fancy stand for it to sit on when I’m just charging the thing up, because I’m not going to be using it during that time… I’m going to be using my  Macbook along with its big screen (external 23″). So the stand is really just going to be a stand. I looked all around my house for something I could use as a temporary stand until I got a fancy one, but alas there was nothing that really suited the purpose well. So, with a new (much cheaper) goal in mind, I set out again on a quest.

My quest thankfully was really short lived. I came across this post from Erica Sadun over at TUAW yesterday. In it she mentions how she struck gold with a stand from Staples called the Study Stand. Unfortunately I don’t have a Staples anywhere near me, so calling them up and having them locate one wasn’t really an option. That and I was feeling too lazy to drive all over the place. She also mentions one from Bed Bath and Beyond, that also looks pretty good, but BB&B is about 20 minutes away, so lazy struck yet again. Finally she got tipped off by a reader of a stand for sale at made by Fellowes called the Study Stand. Well, I decided at a mere $4.99 and free shipping it fit the bill and ordered one. Figuring with free shipping and having ordered off the ‘net it should get here in about 6 years.

I was wrong. It arrived this morning. Hit the break for a look!

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iPad Apps Coming Soon: Wormhole Remote – Slick Wireless Access to Your Mac Applications

Wormhole Remote iPad app

Wormhole Remote, coming soon to the iPad, is an app that gives you easy wireless access to the apps running on your Mac, right from your iPad.  The app’s creator is Nate True – former iPhone Dev Team member, and a very talented developer and inventor.

The app looks great in screencaps and it is another one I am very keen to see.

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