First Stupidly Excessive Custom iPad Weighs in at Just Under $20,000

diamond studded iPad

… here comes the world’s first Diamond iPad from Goldstriker Amosu Mervis Diamond Importers, who we have earlier featured here for their world’s first diamond dreidel. This precious version will feature a diamond studded frame featuring 11.43 carats of diamonds, hand-set in a micro-pave styling. The diamonds are graded G/H in color and VS2/SI1 in clarity. This diamond-studded iPad adorns a $19,999 price tag and is available in limited quantities. You will have to wait a little longer to get your hands on this iPad version, i.e. after June 1, but you can place your order online to reserve one for you now, so get ready to splurge.

We’ve seen plenty of these ridiculous blinged-up versions of iPhones and other popular smartphones, so I guess it’s no surprise at all to see a first one for the iPad.

Two reasons I’d never cut it as a filthy rich person: I find the $20,000 price tag absurd no matter how much money you’ve got in the bank and I also find this model – and most of these sort of efforts – to be hideously ugly.

Via: Born Rich

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So Much for Getting an iPad Screen Protector Put on at an Apple store?


So today it’s being reported that Apple looks to be banning all forms of screen protector films for iPhones, iPods, and the iPad at its retail stores.  Here’s more detail from iLounge’s report on this:

"Apple has said that it will remove both film-only solutions from its stores, as well as any case or other accessory that includes film protection as part of its package, such as cases that include film screen protectors," according to the report.

It adds that the ban — which covers film protectors for iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Mac — will impact all forms of screen film, "including completely clear film, anti-glare film, and mirrored film, regardless of whether the purpose of the film is protective, decorative, or both."

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Is The iPad Ready for Business?

iPad Calendar app

I read an interesting post over at ComputerWorld this morning, titled ‘5 features the iPad needs for business‘.  It was mostly interesting to me because I found myself disagreeing with a lot of it.

For instance, the first needed feature that is listed is Expandable memory.  To be fair, this one probably depends a lot on the nature of your job, but it seems to me most business users should get by fine with the storage space available on the iPad, especially the largest 64GB models.  It’s not intended as a desktop replacement, and given that most sensitive or critical company data should be held on network servers (in the cloud or in the company network) I would think 64GB of local storage plus an ability to access server-based documents should be more than good enough for a lot of users.

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Better than a Lemonade Stand


More great stuff from The Joy of Tech.  Probably a better business than a lemonade stand this spring. :)

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Shipping Delays on iPad Accessories

iPad Keyboard Dock


If you’ve ordered iPad accessories from Apple, you may well be finding some of them are not going to be getting to you as soon as you hoped.  There are delays showing up for several of the Apple iPad accessories, including the iPad Keyboard Dock shown above – which is now not due to ship until May.

The iPad Case has slipped from a ship date of April 3rd to mid-April, and the iPad Camera Connection Kit isn’t even available for pre-order yet.

I ordered both the iPad Keyboard Dock and the iPad Case – so I’ll be missing those when I get the iPad itself. I did also order a BT keyboard for it though, and that has already shipped.

Have you ordered any of the delayed accessory items?  Which iPad accessories are you looking forward to using?

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Plans for Pocket Informant for iPad

Pocket Informant iPhone app

Pocket Informant has been an award-winning and stellar PIM (Personal Information Manager) on various mobile platforms for many years.  It was an essential app for me for many years on Windows Mobile.  The iPhone version of the app offers powerful calendar and task management abilities and a slew of features.

This is another app that should translate very well for the iPad.  And fortunately the app’s developers have definite plans for bringing it to the iPad. 

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Countdown to iPad – Overnight Success (Use Case 29)

iPad: On the move
iPad: On the move
Overnight package services like FedEx and UPS have long been leaders in leveraging technology to their advantage. GPS enabled trucks, route planning, bar coding, handheld scanners and electronic signatures are the hallmarks of high-tech shipping. Continue reading

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Countdown to iPad – Life of the Party (Use Case 28)

Here's looking at you
Here's looking at you
What do you get when you put an iPad, a digital camera with an EyeFi card in a room full of friends/family? Fun, fun and more fun. Continue reading

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More Details on iPad 3G Data Plans & Managing them on the iPad


As with most of Apple’s iPad pages, the one covering the iPad WiFi + 3G model has been updated with lots more juicy detail since iPad pre-orders start day.  We already knew that the 3G coverage is provided by AT&T, that it will offer speeds up to 7.2 Mbps, and that if you grab one of the AT&T data plans for the iPad, you’ll also get access to over 20,000 AT&T WiFi hotspots (in places like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble etc).

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Crazy iPad Numbers: 150,000 Pre-orders on First Weekend, Prediction of 500,000 by Release Day


If current estimates are correct, Apple has already had over 150,000 iPad pre-orders over the first weekend of accepting them, and that’s not counting all the reservations for in-store collection (which were already estimated at 40,000 on Day 1). 

Daniel Tello, who has been tracking the numbers closely, predicted that Apple will sell about 30,000 iPad preorders on weekdays, and half of that on weekends. He forecasts no more than a half-million preorders and reservations will be taken before the April 3 launch. He told Elmer-DeWitt he believes Apple will sell 1 million iPads by the second week after the device ships.

That’s from an Apple Insider report today.  If Tello’s numbers are accurate, that would be pretty stunning, given that most Wall Sreet analysts predict one million sales in the iPad’s first year on the market, and that the original iPhone took over two months to hit one million sold.

Sources: Apple Insider, Mashable, CNNMoney

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If Your iPad Battery Dies, Apple Will Send You a Replacement iPad


The iPad’s battery suffers from the same weakness that the iPhone’s does – it is non-replaceable.  One big difference though is how Apple will handle things when the battery dies (of natural causes) on the iPad – Apple will replace the iPad itself. 

From the Battery Replacement Service FAQ page:

What is iPad Battery Replacement Service?
If your iPad requires service due to the battery’s diminished ability to hold an electrical charge, Apple will replace your iPad for a service fee.

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