Countdown to iPad – Portfolio (Use Case 32)

iPad: best of show
iPad: best of show
Photographers, designers and artists rejoice… iPad, the ultimate portfolio has arrived! Continue reading

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Ngmoco Planning 6 iPad Games Ready for Launch Day

Flick Fishing iPhone app

TUAW and others are reporting that Ngmoco – prolific iPhone app publishers of Rolando, Elimnate Pro, several Touch Pet apps and nearly 50 titles overall for the iPhone App Store – are planning to have up to six new iPad titles ready for the iPad’s launch day.  Apparently the folks at Touch Arcade have predicted the six will be:

  • GodFinger
  • We Rule
  • Flick Fishing
  • NBA Hotshot
  • CastleCraft
  • Warp Gate

Flick Fishing is one of my daughter’s favorite iPhone apps.  Word Fu – another Ngmoco title – is one of my favorite iPhone word games. 

Have any of you got any Ngmoco titles you’re especially keen to see come to the iPad?


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Apple Now Accepting App Submissions for the iPad App Store


Apple is now accepting app submissions for the iPad.  A developer friend just shared an email from Apple on this subject.  Some of the interesting bits of information in the mail include:

  • The mail talks about ‘the iPad App Store’.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it referred to as a separate app store.
  • Developers can now start submitting apps for ‘initial review’ and get feedback on their app’s ‘readiness for the grand opening’
  • Apps need to be submitted by March 27th to have chance to get into the iPad App Store on opening day

Pretty exciting stuff – makes iPad launch day feel just a little closer. 

If you’re a developer submitting apps for this initial review, we’d love to hear your feedback on how the experience goes. Roll on new custom iPad apps.

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PadNotes for iPad – Coming Soon & Looking Good

PadNotes iPad app

PadNotes is a powerful looking upcoming iPad note-taking app.  Based on its video demo, it’s more like a note-taking app on steroids – with quite a few slick features, such as:

  • the ability to write, type, draw or highlight in a document
  • and to write, type, draw and highlight on new documents or over the top of any PDF or image file you open up in it
  • then export your work as PDF or image files via email and network sharing

Continue reading

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Recommended: Redfish for iPad Video Demo


The video demo of an app called Redfish for iPad looks quite good.  It’s a very interactive, lighthearted and fun looking app aimed at younger kids. It looks like an app that will entertain while also educating a little.

I have not found any details as yet on when we might see this and cannot find an existing app in the App Store, but it looks like potentially quite a fun little app for those with young kids.

Click on the image above to view the demo.

I spotted this one via a post at Mike Cane’s iPad Test site.

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NPR Planning iPad App & iPad Optimized Site

NPR News app

National Public Radio – or NPR as it’s better know as – is planning on both a native iPad app and a version of their web site that is optimized for the device.

The optimized version of the site should be ready on Day 1 of the iPad being available.

Features like the NPR audio player have been given greater visibility and adapted for the unique technical requirements of this new platform; we’ve modified the navigation and made the site more "touch" friendly; and we’ve improved the sponsorship experience — all without changing the main site.

Continue reading

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Hundreds of Thousands Sold in Less than a Week?


From a Wall Street Journal online report today (highlights are mine):

Since the iPad became available for pre-order last Friday, Apple has sold hundreds of thousands of the device, say people familiar with the matter. One of these people said Apple could sell more iPads in its first three months than it sold iPhones in the three months after the smart phone’s debut.

If these reports are accurate, that’s pretty striking stuff.  Hundreds of thousands sold in less than a week since pre-orders went live (last Friday morning).  Hundreds of thousands sold before the iPad is even available in stores. For a device that I think most Wall Street analysts are predicting to sell around one million in its full first year on the market.  Oh, and that prediction that it may sell more than the original iPhone in its first three months – keep in mind iPhone V1 sold over a million in its first 74 days.

Maybe demand for the iPad is just a little bigger than a lot of folks were thinking.


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Planning to Pickup an iPad in NYC or Nearby? Want Your 15 Minutes?


Image Source:

If you’re planning to pickup an iPad in New York City or nearby on the day of its release, you may have a shot at your 15 minutes of fame if you want it.  A producer at NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) contacted us to say that they’re looking to interview someone on launch day. 

We’re doing a story on the iPad launch, and we’d like to interview someone who is picking up an iPad in NYC or nearby NJ on the day of the launch. 

If you’re interested send an email to:

ari.schwartz AT nhkny dotcom

Good luck and if you get on there remember to say ‘Hi Mom’ and not look any more deranged than the rest of us who are willing to stand in line for a shiny new electronic device. :)

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Countdown to iPad – Whatcha got cookin’? (Use Case 31)

Cookbook 1.0
Cookbook 1.0
Cookbook 2.0
Cookbook 2.0
After years of use, traditional cookbooks have sticky, dirty and missing pages. Its time the cookbook got a make-over. The latest recipe for successful cooking has not one, but two secret ingredients, the iPad and wireless trackpad. The iPad not only organizes your recipes, but allows you to easily add new favorites. The wireless/washable trackpad keeps your shiny new cookbook from falling victim to sticky fingers, spills and other kitchen mishaps. You’ll love cooking with the iPad! Continue reading

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Countdown to iPad – Hi-Tech and Hi-Art (Use Case 30)

iPad: Get the picture
iPad: Get the picture
Art galleries will never be the same. Stroll through galleries at your own pace, enjoying the serenity and beauty within. iPad multi-media presentations allow you the freedom to move from piece to piece, learning about art and artist alike. Drink in art and nibble on knowledge before moving on to another labor of love. iPad transforms art galleries into “Masterpiece Theater.” Continue reading

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First Stupidly Excessive Custom iPad Weighs in at Just Under $20,000

diamond studded iPad

… here comes the world’s first Diamond iPad from Goldstriker Amosu Mervis Diamond Importers, who we have earlier featured here for their world’s first diamond dreidel. This precious version will feature a diamond studded frame featuring 11.43 carats of diamonds, hand-set in a micro-pave styling. The diamonds are graded G/H in color and VS2/SI1 in clarity. This diamond-studded iPad adorns a $19,999 price tag and is available in limited quantities. You will have to wait a little longer to get your hands on this iPad version, i.e. after June 1, but you can place your order online to reserve one for you now, so get ready to splurge.

We’ve seen plenty of these ridiculous blinged-up versions of iPhones and other popular smartphones, so I guess it’s no surprise at all to see a first one for the iPad.

Two reasons I’d never cut it as a filthy rich person: I find the $20,000 price tag absurd no matter how much money you’ve got in the bank and I also find this model – and most of these sort of efforts – to be hideously ugly.

Via: Born Rich

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