iPad Weather Apps: Weather HD

Weather HD 

Weather HD is easily the most gorgeous weather app I’ve ever seen, and one of the most beautiful apps of any kind I’ve come across.

It currently offers a slim amount of weather information but presents it beautifully using high-definition videos.

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Uh-oh – AT&T Not Allowing Some iPad Apps to Stream Video Over 3G?


It appears that Apple/AT&T are blocking some video apps like ABC entirely, while downscaling other videos, like Apple trailers significantly.  It isn’t certain yet whether this is a result of their HTTP Streaming going over smaller pipes or an intentional effort because of licensing restrictions. (3G could be considered broadcast)

That doesn’t sound good.  Anyone with an iPad 3G seeing this?  What is your video streaming experience so far?

Source: iLounge via 9to5Mac

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iPad 3G: Already Violated, Dissected by the iFixIt Guys

iPad 3G Teardown

The inquisitive, destructive, determined folks at iFixit have got their hands on, and inside, an iPad 3G.  They’ve already got some highlights on what they’re discovering about the new model.  Hit the jump for their full list …

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Two Great iPad Guides, That You Can Read on the iPad

iPad Tips and Tricks app

One thing you don’t get as part of your lovely new iPad package is a manual on how to use it.  Luckily, the iPhone operating system (which the iPad also runs) is wonderfully intuitive and simple to use – so you really don’t need one.  This is one of the strongest features of the iPad and the iPhone platform – its interface which is not only easy, but also a pleasure to use.

Having said all that, there are some very cool things you can do on the iPad that you may not immediately discover.  Things that will help you work faster with and get more out of your iPad.  I’ve found two excellent guides that you can read right on the iPad itself, that will help you discover lots of these useful iPad tips and tricks.  Hit the jump for some detail on these and a few more screenshots …

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Stephen Fry – Coming to the iPad Soon!


So far as this site is concerned, stephenfry.com – we have plans to develop and enhance. In a few weeks we launch an iPad app on which you can read blogs, blessays, microblogs and other pieces of writing that I publish to this site. We’re testing it at this moment and I’m very pleased with the smooth flow and finish of it.

Now that’s very some very good news.  Stephen Fry is an excellent novelist, essay (or blessay) writer, comedian, sitcom writer, and just all-round brilliant person.  A ‘ridiculously multi-faceted’  (to borrow a phrase from Jeff Van Gundy when describing Pau Gasol last night) bloke – and also a huge gadget and techie geek who writes wonderful, in-depth articles on many mobile devices.

I can’t wait to see his iPad app.

Via: Stephenfry.com

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Apple Posts New Support Doc for iPad 3G Data Plan Setup

Data plan setup on 3G iPad

Apple has posted a new support document that gives a walk-through of how to setup data plans on the iPad WiFi + 3G models.  The document’s catchy little title is AT&T: How to set up a new Cellular Data account on iPad Wi-Fi + 3G.

The process looks relatively painless and quick – choosing from the two flavors of plan (250MB or Unlimited), providing a very limited amount of personal information and payment method details.  That seems to be about it.

You can find the Apple document here for the full walk-through:


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iPad App Store Adds Sort by Release Date

App Store sort by release date

The iPad App Store has been updated, and has added the ability to sort by the Release Date for apps.  This is a small but very cool addition – as it makes it much easier to see new apps as they come in – although it’s brand new so I’m not sure how often it gets updated (hopefully daily or more).

To see apps sorted by release date, go to the Features section of the App Store and you’ll see it as the third tab on the right at the top of the screen (alongside New and What’s Hot).

Update: As Andrew has kindly pointed out in the comments, you can also sort by release date within categories.  It is the second tab at the top of the screen within category sections. Very cool.

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Getting Started with iPad – A Few Basic Tips

iPad Getting Started Tips

A quick set of Getting Started tips for the iPad

Today is iPad Launch Day Part 2 – the day that the iPad WiFi + 3G models hit the streets.  I’ve had my WiFi only iPad for just about four weeks now, so this seems as good a time as any to share a few quick ‘iPad Starter’ type tips.

Read on for some categorized tips that I hope may be helpful if you’re just getting to know your lovely new iPad …

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Happy Friday and 3G iPad Day

3G iPad

So today is The Day.  Or The Day Part 2.  It’s another iPad launch day – this time for the lovely new iPad WiFi + 3G models.

I’ve already seen quite a few tweets saying new iPads have arrived.  I hope if you’re waiting on Fedex, that they arrive soon.  Or if you’re waiting to visit a store later to pick one up, I hope the remaining few hours pass quickly for you.  Maybe spend some time checking our some of our iPad app reviews, iPad tips, or use cases.

We’ll be posting some more ‘starter’ type tips soon as well. 

If you do grab a new iPad today, share your first impressions and thoughts in the comments.

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Recommended: Macgirl’s First Look at DODOcase for iPad


I always enjoy Macgirl’s reviews, especially those covering cases and accessories.  Today she has a very good first look (full review coming later) of the DODOcase for iPad.

The DODOcase looks slim and attractive, and makes the iPad look very much like a moleskine notebook while inside it. Macgirl seems pleased with her case so far.  If you’ve been considering the DODOcase or are just looking for a good iPad case generally, check out the short Intro video above and her thoughts on it here when you get a chance:


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Contest: 2 Free Promo Codes for Star Walk for iPad To Be Won

Star Walk for iPad

Two Free Promo Codes for Star Walk for iPad – interactive astronomy guide To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Saturday May 1st – 1:00PM US Central

Another great contest for you today.  The very kind folks at Vito Technology are offering up two promo codes for their popular Star Walk for iPad – interactive astronomy guide app.  The app is installed for demonstration on iPads at Apple stores, and is the Number 7 Top Paid App for iPad. The iPhone version of it was featured by Apple in their Best Apps of 2009 roundup. This one, like its iPhone counterpart, should be a big hit for anyone who is looking for a great stargazing app.

Star Walk is loaded with nice features – for a better look at those, check out its App Store page HERE. For details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win, read on …

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