Iron Man and Joker iPad Decals

Iron Man iPad Decal

If the back of your iPad needs a bit of steeling up, this could be a good solution.  Or perhaps if you’re just a big fan of the Iron Man movies.  It is described like so on its Etsy page:

This is a digitally printed and cut vinyl decal, which fits nicely on the iPad. Decal measures 5.5" wide by 8" high.

Decal is glossy and comes to you ready for peel and stick, and I will include instructions on how to apply it.

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‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’ – Latest Dr. Seuss Title for the iPad

Dr. Seuss books for iPad 

Oh, the Places You’ll Go‘ is the latest Dr. Seuss title to be brought to the iPad (and iPhone) by Oceanhouse Media. Here’s part of the synopsis of this tale from its App Store page:

Full of good wishes and sage advice, this tale chronicles a cheerful little guy in a yellow jumpsuit as he makes his way in the world. He travels through a wide variety of colorful Seussian landscapes, cities, and sticky situations – some exhilarating, some depressing, some a little frightening.

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GQ Magazine Not Selling Well on iPad, but Not Worried

GQ magzine on iPad

An iPad edition of the magazine GQ sold just 365 copies on Apple’s App Store — but the magazine’s publisher said the low sales are no cause for concern.

Pete Hunsinger, vice president and publisher of GQ, told Min Online that the December 2009 "Men of the Year" issue of the magazine earned $1,091.35 in total sales. But the publisher said the iPad edition costs his magazine nothing, and he believes that the sales will become more significant in the future.

"This costs us nothing extra, no printing or postage," he said. "Everything is profit, and I look forward to the time when iPad issue sales become a major component to our circulation."

That last bit is a much more open sounding statement than we usually see from print publishers.  It makes it sound as if they have no design costs at all for producing an iPad version, which seems odd. 

I’m keen to see figures for some of the other big-name newspaper and magazine titles on the iPad.

Via: Apple Insider

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Review – The Iron Horse for iPad

The Iron Horse iPad game

The Iron Horse is a charming game for the iPad that is all about trains. It’s said to be the first railroad-themed game for the iPad.  It will remind you of model train sets if you’ve ever been into those at all (I was as a kid) and is a simple, fun, and great looking iPad game.

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iPad As Drawing Pad and ‘Universal Machine’

David Hockney iPad art

David Hockney – one of Britain’s most acclaimed and accomplished artists – is now creating art on the iPad. Last year Hockney adopted the iPhone as his primary canvas for new art, and this year he has graduated to the iPhone’s new big brother.

London’s Evening Standard newspaper has a great article up reporting on Hockney’s engagement with the iPad, and his views on the device are very interesting.

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Sporcle – If You Like Trivia, This App Is Your New BFF

Sporcle app

The description page for Sporcle touts it as …

the App Store’s leading trivia application. Sporcle brings the wildly popular and addictive trivia web site to your iPhone/iPod Touch

The game lives up to and exceeds that description.  If you like trivia games at all, you need to check this game out.  It is spectacularly good, hugely fun, and highly addictive. 

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Todo for iPad – Great Looking To-do App at a Great Price

Todo for iPad

Todo for iPad is a great looking and full-featured to-do app for the iPad and iPhone, with good desktop and online sync options …

I’m a huge fan of to-do apps.  I rely heavily on task lists to manage my work and even much of my life in general. Todo for iPad is the first task manager app that has really caught my eye in quite a while, as I already have a solution that works very well for me in this area (Things).

I liked the look and sound of the app so much when I saw its iPad version released, that I’ve been trying it out for a couple of days.

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iWork Apps for iPad Get Updated

Pages app update

Apple’s suite of iWork apps for the iPad – Pages, Numbers, and Keynote – got updated last night, to Version 1.1.

All of them have added support for 8 languages – including French, German, Japanese, and Spanish – along with a number of enhancements and bug fixes that vary for each of the apps.

I’ve only got Pages installed so far and don’t use it often enough to really notice the changes, but you can see the full list of what’s new and improved in each app HERE.   Nice to see Apple providing a fairly rapid update for these apps.

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Pocket Informant for iPad – Coming Along Nicely

Pocket Informant for iPad

Pocket Informant – the excellent calendar and task manager app for the iPhone and many leading mobile platforms – should have an iPad version relatively soon.  I spotted the tweet shown above yesterday afternoon, and then asked Alex whether there is any (even rough) timeframe for a release yet.  Here’s his reply:

Pocket Informant iPad version

Lets hope the rest gets done fairly quickly and we see this in the App Store soon.

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iPads Sold Out – Grab a Gold One for $189,000

Gold iPad

If you’re having no luck tracking down a 3G iPad, here’s another option to consider.  To consider if you’ve got a spare $189,000 laying around that is.  It’s the Solid Gold iPad Supreme Edition from Stuart Hughes.

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Walmart To Sell iPads This Year if Apple Can Build Them Fast Enough


Image Source: thelucrativeinvestor

Wal-Mart may begin selling the iPad later this year in an expansion of its electronics retail sales, the company confirmed today.

While such sales likely depend on Apple and its manufacturers figuring a way to build the product in even larger quantities, the giant retailer hopes to offer the must-have netbook replacement from later this year.

The more iPad outlets the merrier I say.  It does seem like Apple will have to ramp up production a whole lot to be able to add such a large chain to the mix though.  Hopefully these current supply shortages will be overcome soon, and Walmart can start piling ’em high and selling ’em not-so-cheap :)

Via: 9to5Mac

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