Limera1n – New Jailbreak Coming Soon for iPads and all iPhones?


The upcoming  limera1n jailbreak should be able to jailbreak the iPad as well as all iPhone devices

Geohot – George Hotz – has been one of the leading iPhone jailbreakers and unlockers since the very early days of the original iPhone.  His most recent jailbreak apps have been super-fast, one-click sort of solutions, and they have used rain as the naming theme.  We’ve had purplera1n, blackra1n, and now rumors are heating up that we’ll see his latest and greatest – limera1n – in the next few days. 

Though Geohot has not made any announcements yet on what exactly limera1n will do, it is rumored to be a jailbreak for just about any iPhone OS device, running any OS version.  Here’s what our friend Sebastien at iPhoneDowloadBlog has to say on this, for example:

The questions on everybody’s lips is now when will GeoHot release LimeRa1n and what device will it allow to jailbreak? LimeRa1n should be available in the next few days and it should work on all devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch 3.1.3, as well as the iPad.

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Finally a Good Use for a Hockey Puck – as an iPad Stand

    hockey puck iPad stand

Hey hey – here’s a use for a hockey puck that I can relate to.  It’s a bit of a ‘customized’ puck, serving as quite an effective looking iPad stand.  Here’s a little bit of the story behind it:

Canadian iPad user @canadianipad (Twitter) has created an extremely ingenious stand for their iPad. By spending $0.99 and utilizing some skill with a cutting tool, @canadianipad has designed an iPad stand made from a hockey puck!

I am a huge sports fan – football (of both the real, beautiful game variety and the NFL flavor), basketball, baseball, boxing, and lots more – but one I’ve never got into at all is hockey.  Partly because I could never skate to save my life so never played it as a kid, and also because I just never found it a compelling game to watch.  I do love this use of a puck though. :)

Via: iPad in Canada (who else?)

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iPad Camera Connection Kit: Works with USB Headphones and USB Keyboards


In addition to its intended / primary function (importing photos from iPhones and cameras), the iPad Camera Connection Kit can also be used to work with USB headphones and USB keyboards.

I don’t have a USB keyboard around to test with just now, but reports at TUAW, Apple Insider and elsewhere indicate that this is working.

I have had a chance to test out using the kit with USB headphones though.  Had a very good test chat over Skype – and it worked just fine.

I’ve also tried out a couple of old USB / flash drives (just to see if the iPad would see any image files on them) – but both just got an error saying the attached USB device is not supported.

What sort of results have you all been getting with your iPad Camera Connection Kits?

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New iPad Apps: The Pinball HD

Pinball HD for iPad

The Pinball HD is a new iPad pinball app that rolls together three iPhone games (each the same engine but a different table / theme) into one made-for-iPad app.

The three tables / themes are Wild West, The Deep. and Jungle Style.

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Wall Street Journal for iPad Subscriptions Going Well?

Wall Street Journal on iPad

In the two weeks since the iPad was released, The Wall Street Journal got more than 3,200 new subscribers to pay up for their iPad only-subscription, according to a memo sent to us by WSJ managing editor Robert Thomson.

That’s a slice from a recent report at Business Insider, on the Wall Steet Journal’s new iPad only subscriptions.  They’ve also said that 30,000 existing subscribers have already downloaded the free iPad app.

I really don’t have any points of comparison for this, but the 3,200 subscriptions seems a decent number – especially given the hefty $17.29 per month subscription cost.  I haven’t looked at the app, but have heard that it has been very well reviewed.

Any WSJ iPad subscribers here?  Or anyone who has taken a look and wants to share thoughts on it?

Source: Business Insider via iPhoneFreak

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iPad Camera Connection Kit – Importing Photos from an iPhone


The iPad Camera Connection Kit’s primary purpose is to import photos and images from iPhones, cameras, and SD cards, for storage and display on the iPad.

I just received mine yesterday and have now had a chance to try out importing photos from an iPhone via the iPad Camera Connection Kit – so I thought I’d share a few notes on how to work with the Camera Connection Kit and some general notes on what it does and doesn’t do.

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iPad Funnies: Revolutionary iPad Dock


Funny stuff.  The $300 Asus iPad Dock with built-in charger.  My favorite line is early on:

You’ll see it has several rows of buttons here for varying the angle.

This one was sent in by reader Brad.  Thanks for that!

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iPad Camera Connection Kit Arrived, Balances Well on a Labrador’s Head


My iPad Camera Connection Kit has arrived, as promised in the last delivery notice from Apple.  Delivery cut it a bit close to the end of the day – it got here just a few minutes ago.

I’ve never been a big one for unboxings – but I did take a moment to test how well the kit’s packaging balances on my faithful hound’s head.  It does very well on a big, flat Labrador noggin – in fact, could probably fit three on there comfortably if I had ’em around.

That’s the extent of my testing for today. :) Hope all of you who were expecting delivery today got yours as well.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: It Accounts for 26% of Mobile Traffic at Wired


Less than three weeks after its launch, Apple’s iPad already accounts for 26 percent of the mobile devices accessing

That’s a huge number considering how new the iPad is.  It also looks as if it is around double (or a tad more) the percentage held by ‘everyone else’ in terms of mobile devices that are not part of the iPhone platform.

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Quick Look: Tweet Flow for iPad

Tweet Flow iPad app 

Still looking for a favorite Twitter app for the iPad?  Me too.  If you don’t need all the bells and whistles and fancy a simple and fresh looking Twitter client, you may want to give Tweet Flow a look.

Tweet Flow is not going to match up to the everything but the kitchen sink, feature-rich Twitter apps (for iPhone and iPad) like Tweetie, Twitterrific, SimplyTweet and so on.  It is a much more basic client, but with a few nice new twists and a very different sort of look to it. It’s also an iPad-only and custom built for iPad app.

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Man Up on iPad Cases – Get a ManHandle

Manhandle iPad case 

If you have any concerns at all about you or your iPad looking a bit ‘girly’ in a case, here is your solution.  It is called the ManHandle – and it lives up to the name, it is the ultimate Manly Man case.  Hell, this might be the case that Chuck Norris throws on his iPad (insert your own Chuck Norris jokes here).

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