eWallet for iPad Now Available

eWallet for IPad app

eWallet for iPad is now available in the iPad App Store.

eWallet – a long-time leading mobile wallet / password manager app – has now got an iPad version.  It’s a universal version that will run on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad.

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Nice Little Touch – iPad Shows Battery Percentage When Placed into Dock


Just a very quick note on a little nicety I’ve noticed when putting the iPad onto its Dock. Just as you place it onto the dock, it displays the remaining battery percentage in the middle of the lock screen, just below the battery image.

I know – a very small thing, but a nice very small thing I think.

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Quick Look: iDisplay for iPad


*** Warning: This post is being written while deeply frustrated and outright pissed off at how much time I’ve wasted this morning with this app – so take it with as many grains of salt as needed.

iDisplay for iPad sounded like a nice idea – a neat way to display apps running on my MacBook over on the iPad’s screen.  A great place to put Twitter, an IM client, or whatever else seemed handy at different times.

Unfortunately, my experience with the app has been somewhere south of horrendous and it has been removed from my iPad and my MacBook Pro.

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Twins – Day Two (Now get to work you two)

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on naming the twins. We have settled on iVy and iVan. Now that we have had them home for a day, it is time we got back to work.

Though young, the twins have joined the team and we are putting them to work right away. In fact, this post is being created solely with iVan the iPad’s help.

Photo work:
1. I copied the photo from yesterday’s post directly from the site using iPad’s Safari
2. I imported the image into Photogene for iPad that I installed from the app store only 2 minutes prior.
3. I quickly added their names and exported the altered image back to iPad’s photo library.
– getting this far took less than 5 minutes including purchasing Photogene.
The rest of the post:
4. I completed the post using WordPress for iPad and WordPress admin via Safari for iPad… including writing, tagging, uploading the photo,etc.

Using WordPress for iPad was the most painful and time consuming portion of the project. The iPad WordPress app crashed many many times, forcing me to rewrite often. I finally used WordPress admin via Safari to get part of it done. I couldn’t do the whole post that way as I needed the app to load the image. Note: [WordPress for iPad limitation] The only way to preview the post with the picture is the publish it and picture is automatically placed at the bottom. time to publish and see if this works. Totally time till now… Over an hour, ouch!

To be fair, at least WP for iPad was available at iPad’s launch and it should get better as updates come out. Note: I moved the photo after publishing.

Learn more about Russ and follow his writing and tweeting:
Minding the Gaps
Russ on Twitter

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Evernote for iPad Definitely Broken

Evernote for iPad

I posted yesterday about two major apps whose iPad versions have major bugs.  Evernote was one of those.

Just a quick update on Evernote for iPad.  It is badly broken.  I removed and reinstalled the app, and it died in the same way as the first time round – as in, immediately after asking it to do a ‘Sync Now’ operation.  It does not appear to complete the sync, crashes back to the iPad home screen, and then completely fails to launch afterwards, crashing back to the home screen every time I try to open it.

There are a number of users reporting this same issue within the user ratings in the App Store – and I have reported it via the Evernote blog site as well.

I hope the Evernote devs are working on an urgent update for the app.

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How-To: Use The iPad as a Digital Picture Frame

iPad Picture Frame mode

A quick guide to using your iPad in Picture Frame mode

If you thought the iPad was going to make for a gorgeous digital photo frame, you were absolutely right.  This is already one of the many pleasures I’ve found in the iPad.  I’ve got my iPad dock placed just to the right of my main MacBook on my desk – and it is a perfect spot to enjoy some great family photos when I put the iPad into Picture Frame mode.

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Proof That You Are Going to Want a Case for the iPad


PC World has a cool video up, where they stress test the iPad.  They hit it with nail scratching the main screen, keys on the back of it, coffee spillage, placing it under a running tap, and some heavy drops.

It does well in some places, and not so well in others.  Bottom line, it definitely has got me thinking of finding more of an ‘always on’ style case for it.  The video is well worth a look, despite the lame Johnny Ive imitation at the beginning of it – I especially like the baseball bit at the end. :) Check it out here:


Thanks to @lgreenberg for the heads-up on this one.

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The iPad Has 256MB of RAM

iPad Teardown

The lovely folks over at iFixit have continued to rip apart and desecrate the iPad over this launch weekend.  One of the biggest new finds is the amount of RAM the iPad has. It’s got 256MB – the same as the iPhone 3GS.

Yes, the K4X2 is a Samsung DRAM part number!
Decoding the part number shows there is 2Gb of memory inside. This translates into ~128MB of memory per die, for 256 MB total. (NOT 512MB, as we previously reported.)

They’ve uncovered lots more fascinating details on what’s inside the iPad.  If you can handle the sight of an opened up, mutilated, not so magical and revolutionary anymore iPad – then head over here to take it all in:


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iPad Rooted Already – Jailbreak Coming


Ha! Day 2 of the iPad and it’s been rooted – as the video posted by MuscleNerd (from the iPhone Dev Team) clearly shows.  I love the bit at the end where he shuts the Maps app down. This comment on the video is very good to see:

Very early work on porting "Spirit" jailbreak by @comex to iPad

As was his tweet on this a few minutes ago:


Here’s to being able to say this phrase soon:

The iPad: Magical, Revolutionary, and Jailbroken.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: 700,000 Sold on Day 1?


Image Source: wilsonellisconsulting

Wow.  A tech analyst has upped his predictions for first day sales of the iPad – to an incredible 600-700,000 units.  Just for a quick comparison point, the original iPhone sold 270,000 on Day 1. 

Piper Jaffrey tech analyst Gene Munster yesterday revised his initial single-day sales predictions for Apple’s iPad by as much as 250%. Prior to the iPads launch, Munster had expected Apple to sell 200,000 to 300,000 units (including pre-orders) within the first 24 hours. But after a bit more research and watching some 730 people flowing in and out of Apple’s 5th Avenue shop in New York City, Munster revised his estimate to a whopping 600,000 to 700,000 units sold.

If those numbers are even close to accurate, that’s just scary big success.  I don’t think there can be much doubt that Apple has another massive hit on its hands.  Everything I saw and heard yesterday ties in with this as well.  There were healthy lines of people with iPads reserved and walk-in buyers at every local store that I know of.

Anyone want to bet on whether they sell one million in the opening weekend?

Via: BGR

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iPad Is Like the Beatles 2010?


So there’s a comparison that says ‘massive hit’ right away.  The iPad is being compared to the Beatles – which brings to mind a group that took the US by storm back in the 60’s. The comparison is offered by a Wired Magazine writer and quoted in a CBSNews.com story today:

The iPad is like the Beatles of 2010," said Steven Levy, senior writer of Wired Magazine. "It takes something that we thought we knew and makes it seem fresh.

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