What Do You Think of iPad App Prices So Far?


So the iPad has been out for around 10 days now – and we’ve all done a huge amount of browsing around, installing, and trying out iPad apps right? 

One thing that was clear as soon as we started seeing iPad apps hit the App Store is that they are priced a fair bit higher than their iPhone counterparts.  Many apps seem to be priced right around a mid-point between an iPhone app sort of price and a Mac app’s price point – much like the iPad itself is filling a space between iPhone and laptop / desktop.

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Two Heavyweight Remote Access Apps Hit the iPad: LogMeIn Ignition and Citrix Receiver

Citrix Receiver for iPad

The iPad versions of two blue-chip remote access apps have hit the iPad App Store today.  Citrix Receiver for iPad and LogMeIn Ignition’s universal binary edition (with versions for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) are both available in the App Store now.

Citrix Receiver will likely be a popular choice with corporate staff whose companies have the required server-side software from Citrix, while LogMeIn Ignition can be used by home users as well.

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Finally – Some New Featured iPad Apps in the App Store

New and Noteworthy iPad apps

If you’re anything like me and you take several looks per day at the App Store looking for what’s new in the iPad apps section, you’ll have noticed that just about nothing changed in the featured sections after iPad launch day.

Until today.  It looks like after 10 days Apple has let a few more prominent iPad apps slip into the store.  Two that leapt out at me just now are a couple of remote access leaders – Citrix Receiver and LogMeIn Ignition for iPad.

If you’d given up on seeing anything new in featured iPad apps, you may want to go have another peek now. :)

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Google Mobile App Updated for iPad

Google Mobile for iPad

The Google Mobile app has been updated to support the iPad.  If you’ve used the Google Mobile app on the iPhone, then there won’t be any surprises in this one – it’s the same app now as a universal binary supporting the iPad. 

I updated it just a while ago on my iPad and gave it a quick spin.  Voice search works just as well as always and I didn’t spot anything new.

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Colorware Now Customizing iPads

Colorware iPad

If you’ve got a burning desire to turn every non-screen area of your iPad green, or red or blue or yellow, then you’re in luck.  If you’ve got a spare $410 laying around, you can send your iPad in to the folks at Colorware and have it transformed to the color of your choice.  You can also buy a new iPad from Colorware, with your preferred color scheme already applied to it.

Both new and send-in orders take around 3 weeks to process.

I have to say I have no desire to alter the color of my iPad – but if you’re keen to look into this, check out Ciolorware’s iPad page here:


Via: iLounge

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Here’s What a $130 iPad Stand Looks Like

The Joule iPad Stand

The Joule, from Element Case,  is a one hell of a good looking iPad stand – the handsomest I’ve seen so far.  Here’s a little detail on it:

The Joule is made from solid aluminum.  Its base rests on rubberized feet making the stand sturdy and slip-resistant.  A magnetically-attached foot supports the iPad so that it will not tip over when the touch screen is being used.  The foot can be inserted three ways for different viewing angles, and the highest insertion point positions the iPad perfectly for typing. The iPad itself fits, either vertically or horizontally, into a velvet-lined recess in the base.  A notch in the front of the base allows easy access to the home button when the iPad is vertical.

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Apple’s Suggested Fixes for iPad WiFi Issues

iPad WiFi setting

Touch wood, I have not experienced any WiFi issues with my iPad so far – but I know there are a lot of folks who have been reporting problems of this sort. For those who do, Apple has got a Knowledge Base support article on the subject – with a rundown of symptoms and possible fixes for the issues.

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Recommended: A 12 Year Old and Some Older Dude Review the iPad


Kevin C. Tofel – of jkOnTheRun – is one of my favorite tech writers.  His 12 year old son, Tyler, looks like a chip off the old block in his love of mobile gadgets and ability to talk about them eloquently.  So it’s a lot of fun watching the two of them chat through Tyler’s review of the iPad.

Tyler’s has had his for a little over a week, saved up his own money to get it, and has some great thoughts on what’s to love about the iPad.  My daughter is also a big iPad fan and I have a feeling she might agree on Tyler’s list of what’s wrong with the iPad as well. :)

Click the image above – or HERE – to check out Tyler’s review. It’s good stuff.

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Featured iPad Wallpapers: iPad Decor


I’m usually more of a fan of abstract wallpapers, but the iPad Decor blog really offers up some stunning photos as iPad wallpapers. Here’s the brief description of this Tumblr blog;

Photographic wallpapers based on travels & random outings by Jorge Quinteros. Decorate your iPad.

All wallpaper has been cropped to 1024×1024 and are scalable to both horizontal and vertical dimensions.

This is not the place to go if you’re after hundreds of walls. Rather you’ll find a small number of very striking photos for use as iPad walls.  Check them out here:


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Cases – Still Getting My iPad Covered

iPad Cases

Like most of you I imagine, I love the feel of the iPad ‘naked’ – but I also definitely want to give it some protection when I’m out and about with it, and I’m even thinking I’d like to find a good ‘always on’ case for it if possible.

So far, I’ve found a couple of options I like for cases that get it from A to B, but not one for all the time use. Pictured above are the cases I’ve been trying out so far: The Traveler from case-mate, Apple’s iPad case, the Universal Book Jacket from Incase, and the Grip Protective Cover, also from Incase.

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Recommended: The Portable Gamer on How the iPad Is Changing the Face of Gaming


Rob Lefebvre over at The Portable Gamer has a very good article up on how the iPad is set to transform gaming.  Rob admits that he didn’t want an iPad initially and he has been surprised at how much he loves the device.  Here’s the gist of what his post is about though:

I’ll skip the enthusiasm about iBooks, Netflix, and the Mail app. That’s a post for another site. What I will talk about here is how I believe that the iPad has, in one fell swoop, changed the face of gaming.

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