More Details on iPad 3G Data Plans & Managing them on the iPad


As with most of Apple’s iPad pages, the one covering the iPad WiFi + 3G model has been updated with lots more juicy detail since iPad pre-orders start day.  We already knew that the 3G coverage is provided by AT&T, that it will offer speeds up to 7.2 Mbps, and that if you grab one of the AT&T data plans for the iPad, you’ll also get access to over 20,000 AT&T WiFi hotspots (in places like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble etc).

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Crazy iPad Numbers: 150,000 Pre-orders on First Weekend, Prediction of 500,000 by Release Day


If current estimates are correct, Apple has already had over 150,000 iPad pre-orders over the first weekend of accepting them, and that’s not counting all the reservations for in-store collection (which were already estimated at 40,000 on Day 1). 

Daniel Tello, who has been tracking the numbers closely, predicted that Apple will sell about 30,000 iPad preorders on weekdays, and half of that on weekends. He forecasts no more than a half-million preorders and reservations will be taken before the April 3 launch. He told Elmer-DeWitt he believes Apple will sell 1 million iPads by the second week after the device ships.

That’s from an Apple Insider report today.  If Tello’s numbers are accurate, that would be pretty stunning, given that most Wall Sreet analysts predict one million sales in the iPad’s first year on the market, and that the original iPhone took over two months to hit one million sold.

Sources: Apple Insider, Mashable, CNNMoney

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If Your iPad Battery Dies, Apple Will Send You a Replacement iPad


The iPad’s battery suffers from the same weakness that the iPhone’s does – it is non-replaceable.  One big difference though is how Apple will handle things when the battery dies (of natural causes) on the iPad – Apple will replace the iPad itself. 

From the Battery Replacement Service FAQ page:

What is iPad Battery Replacement Service?
If your iPad requires service due to the battery’s diminished ability to hold an electrical charge, Apple will replace your iPad for a service fee.

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Things Task Manager App to Arrive Soon on the iPad


Finally, one other arrival that is approaching very quickly is the iPad version of Things. We’ll have more to share with you about it once April 3rd gets closer, so stay tuned. :)

That’s the final line in a post today at Cultured Code’s Things Blog, covering various arrivals at the company. 

Things is one of my most-used and most favorite apps on both the Mac desktop and the iPhone.  A true essential for me – so I am very happy to see that an iPad version is coming in the not-too-distant future.  It sounds like we should be hearing more details on this quite soon as well, since April 3rd is now less than three weeks away.  I’d love to see Things for iPad make it into the App Store on Day 1.

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iPad Apps Will Have a Separate Section in the App Store

iPadAppStoreThe App Store will feature new apps designed specifically for iPad. You’ll find hundreds that make the most of its large display, responsive performance, and Multi-Touch interface. iPad apps appear in a special section of the store, so you can find and download them easily.

That’s a slice from the latest Apple page for the App Store within the iPad section.  No great surprise – but good to see this confirmed.  It’s also good to see a reference to ‘hundreds’ – as hopefully this means there will be quite a good number of apps custom made for the iPad right on release day.

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Countdown to iPad – iPad vs. hungChad (Use Case 27)

iPad: Farewell to Chad
iPad: Farewell to Chad
The Year is 2000, it’s the closest presidential race in the history of the United States… the US Consitution hangs by a chad. Fast forward to the 2012 US elections, no chad/no debate. iPad delivers secure accurate voting in real-time. Vote for iPad and keep democracy safe for a new generation.

iPad – Your new running mate

Countdown to iPad Series – There are countless articles and posts citing what the iPad isn’t or won’t be good at. We think they are wrong. Join us as we celebrate the countdown to iPad’s debut by posting a daily iPad use case. Think of the possibilities!

We have many iPad use case scenarios queued up, but could always use more. Please comment and share your iPad ideas below.

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iBooks App on iPad – Some New Things We’ve Learned About It

iBooksMainAs pre-orders for the iPad went live yesterday, Apple also revealed a lot more information about the ‘magical, revolutionary’ device, from more tech specs to more details about the not quite built-in (but available free in the App Store) iBooks app.

iBooks will double as an ebook reader app and bookstore for acquiring ebooks.  One of the most notable new bits of detail on iBooks is that it will let you add ePub titles not acquired via its own store as well:

The iBooks app uses the ePub format — the most popular open book format in the world. That makes it easy for publishers to create iBooks versions of your favorite reads. And you can add free ePub titles to iTunes and sync them to the iBooks app on your iPad.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: Over 90,000 Sold in First 6 Hours?


Image Source:

Wow.  It seems the iPad may have some consumer appeal after all – despite those surveys saying nobody except Norwegians was interested in buying it.

Some impressive (reported) numbers floating around about the first day of pre-orders and in-store collection reservations:

— Over 50,000 pre-orders in a two hour period

— Over 90,000 pre-orders after six hours

— Over 40,000 in-store pickup reservations

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Countdown to iPad – Get in line (Use Case 26)

iPad: time management well in hand.
iPad: time management well in hand.
A thread in Google Answers claims the average person “spends an estimated 45 to 62 minutes waiting everyday. That’s about 3 years in a 70 year lifetime. ” Though I can’t confirm the precise number, that seems to be the way my day goes. Continue reading

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iPad Has an External Button for Screen Rotation Lock



The iPad has an external button for screen rotation lock – just above the Volume up/down controls. This is one of quite a few interesting new things we learned yesterday about the iPad, as Apple revealed more about the device when pre-orders went live.

It’s a very handy addition that should make for much more comfortable reading and help gamers out a fair bit as well.

Were any of you hoping for any other new buttons on the iPad?

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Countdown to iPad – Ultimate Sales Kit II (Use Case 25)

iPad: Your next sales assistant
iPad: Your next sales assistant

In Countdown to iPad – Ultimate Sales Kit (Use Case 7) we saw how a salesperson uses iPad to manage their customer list, arrange appointments and get to the prospect’s door. However, iPad can do more than get you to a sales call, it can help make the sale. Continue reading

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