Blank Keyboard Key – Another Hint of iPad Dashboard Widgets?


There have been rumors floating round for a while now about Mac OS X style Dashboard widgets for the iPad – as many have speculated that the built-in apps that are missing from the iPad home screen (Weather, Stocks, Calculator, Clock, Voice Memos) could be implemented nicely as widgets.

This week those rumors have gained a little steam with the observation – by a clever poster called macduke at the MacRumors site – that the iPad keyboard has a blank key smack dab in the middle of the top row of function keys.  So the guess is that this key could easily be a Dashboard key when the iPad and its keyboard are released next month.

I’d quite like to see Dashboard on the iPad – it’s a great utility on a MacBook, and I’m sure it can be a great one on the iPad as well. What do you all think?  Would you like to see Dashboard widgets for the iPad?


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More Places to Buy an iPad


Image Source:

Yesterday Apple’s COO Tim Cook provided some further information on where the iPad will be available for purchase when it is released. In addition to Apple’s own retail locations, it was announced that the iPad will be available at Best Buy stores.  Many sites have also speculated that AT&T outlets may have the device as well.

It’s good to see the range of choices increasing for where to get an iPad on launch day or afterwards.  I was originally thinking I’d pre-order one but then I remembered reading some sad stories last year when the iPhone 3GS was released, from folks who had pre-ordered it, been told they’d have it on the launch day, and then got stiffed by one of the delivery companies and had to wait until the following Monday.  Now I think I’ll most likely go to a local Apple store, though I also have a Best Buy very close to home.

Where are you planning to purchase the iPad from?

Via: AppleInsider

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Advanced Wallpaper Options on the iPad


At the iPad launch event, it was announced that we’d be able to customize home screen wallpaper on the iPad – but we haven’t seen too much more about this since then.  Until now. This week, lots of folks are digging into the latest SDK beta and finding lots of new goodies.  I’ve been following 9to5Mac’s reporting on this area especially closely.

Amongst those are the Photos app and the options for setting your wallpaper.  In the screenshot above, you can hopefully just about see the three options at the top right of the image: Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, and Set Both.  So we can choose to use the same image for both lock and home screens, or for both.

I know, I know – this is hardly a major new technology breakthrough, but after these last few years of the iPhone’s limits on what could be done with home screen backgrounds (unless you are jailbroken) this is a bit of sight for sore eyes.

Via: 9to5Mac

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Getting an iPad? You Need These Pants


These are just a design concept for now, but are surely bound to become THE must-have accessory for the iPad.  They even seem to have the FSJ stamp of approval.

Wonder if iGotaBigAssPocket will become a commonly used term. :)

Read more about this here:

Via: The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs

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More Demand for the iPad Now than for the First iPhone Back in 2007?


A new survey has found that 13 percent of respondents are likely to buy Apple’s forthcoming iPad, a number greater than the 9 percent who planned to purchase an iPhone before its launch in 2007.

Details of the survey from RBC/ChangeWave were released Tuesday by RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky. He said the responses from 3,200 participants show strong pent-up consumer demand for the iPad, which could bode well for Apple’s new product.

This is just one survey of course, and one with not massive numbers of respondents, but it looks like quite good news for the iPad’s sales prospects.  I don’t think it’s surprising either, as my impression in talking to people on and offline is that after some initial disappointment on its launch day (because all our wildest expectations weren’t met?) interest and enthusiasm for the iPad have been growing.

Check out Apple Insider’s report here for more details on the survey findings, including how people are planning to use the iPad:

What do you all think?  Do you see friends / colleagues / acquaintances showing interest in the iPad?

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Estimates of Apple Investment in iPad Chip – $1 Bilion


Apple Insider has a report up today on the A4 chip that powers the iPad, that includes some estimates on what Apple has invested to produce the chip.  The article also includes some good detail on the chip itself, and is a good read:

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Leading iPhone Crosswords App Coming to iPad

Crosswords iPhone app

I did a post here just the other day – one of the ‘iPad Apps I Want to See’ series – saying I was very keen to see some crosswords apps come to the iPad, as it seems just a perfect fit for them.

Ben Gottlieb – of Standalone Inc., publishers of the Crosswords app for iPhone – was kind enough to comment on that post, stating that they are working on a version of the app for the iPad.

That’s very good news, as theirs is quite an impressive crossword app on the iPhone, with a strong set of features.

Continue reading

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Pre-orders Start Next Week

Apple - iPad - Notify Me

From the good folks at

According to a reliable source of ours familiar with the matter, Apple will be starting the presale of the iPad as soon as February 25th.

There’s not really any more detail that than, so take this with liberal grains of salt and so forth, but it sure would be nice.

In the meantime, you can visit Apple’s Notify Me area of their iPad pages to get an email sent to you when it is available to order:

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Where to Find Full iPad Tech Specs


I’ve recently run a series of posts sharing details of some of the key tech specs of the iPad.  You can find those HERE.

There are still quite a few other areas of the specs I haven’t posted on yet though – from wireless and cellular details to audio playback, TV and video, and Mac and Windows system requirements. 

To see the complete tech specs for the iPad (or as much as Apple cares to share anyway) go here:

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Recommended – Ten Myths of Apple’s iPad: 2. It needs Flash


Excellent video, done by Daniel Eran Dilger of  Puts forward some very strong arguments, provides some great history and background on Flash,  and explodes a number of myths relating to it.

Well worth a watch whenever you have a chance.

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Yes! – Confirmation of a Crucial Feature on the iPad


OK – sorry about that, I couldn’t resist.

9to5Mac have a post up today with a good set of screenshots showing some deeper bits of the iPad UI.  They include the beauty shown above, the optional battery percentage indicator in the status bar.  You know, the one that Apple lets iPhone 3GS users have, but deems just too magical for older model iPhones.  Lucky for us, the iPad makes it into the battery %age club.

For several more good screenies showing ‘tidbits’ of the iPad interface, check out 9to5Mac’s article here:

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