iPad Funnies: Revolutionary iPad Dock


Funny stuff.  The $300 Asus iPad Dock with built-in charger.  My favorite line is early on:

You’ll see it has several rows of buttons here for varying the angle.

This one was sent in by reader Brad.  Thanks for that!

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iPad Camera Connection Kit Arrived, Balances Well on a Labrador’s Head


My iPad Camera Connection Kit has arrived, as promised in the last delivery notice from Apple.  Delivery cut it a bit close to the end of the day – it got here just a few minutes ago.

I’ve never been a big one for unboxings – but I did take a moment to test how well the kit’s packaging balances on my faithful hound’s head.  It does very well on a big, flat Labrador noggin – in fact, could probably fit three on there comfortably if I had ’em around.

That’s the extent of my testing for today. :) Hope all of you who were expecting delivery today got yours as well.

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Crazy iPad Numbers: It Accounts for 26% of Mobile Traffic at Wired


Less than three weeks after its launch, Apple’s iPad already accounts for 26 percent of the mobile devices accessing Wired.com.

That’s a huge number considering how new the iPad is.  It also looks as if it is around double (or a tad more) the percentage held by ‘everyone else’ in terms of mobile devices that are not part of the iPhone platform.

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Quick Look: Tweet Flow for iPad

Tweet Flow iPad app 

Still looking for a favorite Twitter app for the iPad?  Me too.  If you don’t need all the bells and whistles and fancy a simple and fresh looking Twitter client, you may want to give Tweet Flow a look.

Tweet Flow is not going to match up to the everything but the kitchen sink, feature-rich Twitter apps (for iPhone and iPad) like Tweetie, Twitterrific, SimplyTweet and so on.  It is a much more basic client, but with a few nice new twists and a very different sort of look to it. It’s also an iPad-only and custom built for iPad app.

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Man Up on iPad Cases – Get a ManHandle

Manhandle iPad case 

If you have any concerns at all about you or your iPad looking a bit ‘girly’ in a case, here is your solution.  It is called the ManHandle – and it lives up to the name, it is the ultimate Manly Man case.  Hell, this might be the case that Chuck Norris throws on his iPad (insert your own Chuck Norris jokes here).

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Review: Doodle Buddy for the iPad

Doodle Buddy is a great medium to release your inner artist on the iPad.  When you first launch the app, it opens to a blank white canvas, and all your tools are located on the bottom dock.  The tool dock houses all your materials and resources.  I will start from the left and work my way down the tool dock.  The first two icons on the dock are: Undo and Clear.  On the iPad making mistakes is effortless to clear.  No need to use that rubber eraser, just tap the undo arrow and your last action will be erased.  Tapping the trash bin icon will clear your canvas completely.  Tip: you can also shake the iPad to clear your canvas.

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Another Good iPad Wallpapers Spot

Apple logo iPad wallpaper    iPad wallpapers

The ability to customize the home screen background is one of the small but fun features of the iPad.  I’m always on the lookout for good places to find interesting and good-looking iPad wallpapers.  Today I discovered a site called iPadwallpaper.org, which has a very nice selection.

The site’s wallpapers are divided into a good range of categories – including company logos (currently almost all Apple), natural, stars and space, cities, patterns, and so on.

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99 Years Old, Never Used a Computer, Finds the iPad a Joy To Use


Russell and I can prattle on all day long about best use cases for the iPad, but here is one that kicks us straight to the curb: helping a 99 year old visually impaired woman, who has never used a computer, to rediscover the joy of reading and writing.

The video above shows Virginia, a 99 year old woman from Oregon, getting to know the iPad. 

Virginia has apparently grown very fond of the device already, since getting one a couple weeks ago.  The iPad is allowing her, despite impaired vision, to enjoy reading and writing again. She has already read two books and composed 12 limericks on it.

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iPad Keyboard Troubles? How ‘Bout a Split Keyboard?


For many people I’ve spoken to, the iPad’s virtual keyboard is one of the hardest things to get comfortable with on the new device.  I know that I’m still most often typing with just one finger (index) – especially when in landscape view.

This iPad Split Keyboard concept – created by Scott Robin back in January – is quite an interesting one.  Here’s a portion of his description of the thinking behind it:

It seems like the iPad’s keyboard, in landscape mode, leaves you no choice but to hold the device in one hand and hunt-n-peck with the other. What if the keyboard was split into two, and placed in the lower-right and left corners? Then, you could hold it with both hands, and type a la the iPhone.

It’d be a sacrifice to the key size, for sure, but it might be more comfortable and functional.

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Recommended: The New Yorker’s List of Least Common iPad Complaints

Brilliant list.  Here are just a few favorite examples from it:

· When used as tanning bed, battery life is limited.
· Not rhino-proof.
· Strange odor coming from husband while using iPad.
· When used as murder weapon, oleophobic coating does not completely eliminate incriminating fingerprints.
· Insufficient media coverage.

Lots more great ones on the full list here:


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High School Buying iPads for Students & Teachers


A US High School is buying 320 iPads for its students and teachers.  Gibbon Fairfax Winthrop (GFW) High School in Minnesota is said to be the first high school to have the iPad.

The school district allocated $267,748 to its technology fund to become what is believed to be the first school in the country to have the devices at a cost of $479 each.

The money will be used to buy 320 iPads with extended, two-year warranties for students and staff, create Wi-Fi (wireless) infrastructure including routers and access points plus professional development (staff training).

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