Number 7 in Reserved Line

image1776862317.jpgHurrah. Got to the mall entrance outside my local Apple store here in Austin at around 6:30. We got let into the mall at 7:00.

There’s a separate line for people who reserved one and I’m number 7 in that line.

Everyone is in good spirits, Apple staff are handing out coffee, all is good.

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Countdown to iPad – Bedtime Story Reading (Use Case 48)


Once upon a time there was a man named Jobs, Steve Jobs, and he was the man who created this magical, revolutionary device that we’re reading our story on tonight …

Bedtime story reading is always one of the most wonderful blocks of family time – enjoyed by kids and parents alike.  It’s educational and fun, it’s a great way to bring energy levels down at the end of long hard day of being a kid, and it fosters a love of reading – which is such a great thing.

And the iPad is going to be a big contributor to this bedtime routine.  It will not – any time soon – replace printed books.  But it will be another great option on certain evenings when the mood strikes.

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Featured (upcoming) iPad Accessory: Substrata iPad Box

SubStrata iPad Box

I have to say, I’ve never been one to fancy a wooden case for my mobile devices – but this iPad Box case from Substrata looks very good to me.  Here’s a tad more about it:

The SUBSTRATA iPad box with hinged lid is shown prototyped in Walnut, Zebrano and Wenge. The final design will feature microsuede lining, a magnetic lid and sliding catch.

They’ve got two very smart looking iPad cases made of wood.  Both are still at prototype stage right now, due for release in June.  No word on pricing yet.  You can check out more details and pictures at their site:

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App Search Results Divided Nicely in App Store

App Store search results

One new thing I’ve noticed in the App Store, now that iPad apps are live in it, is that search results are divided nicely – so as you can see in the screenshot above iPhone results are labeled as just ‘Apps’ and iPad results are labeled ‘iPad Apps’.

I like this – it makes it easy to spot what you’re after.  I wish they’d do more clear divisions like this throughout the App Store now – so that it is easy to browse apps in only or other group when you want to.  It feels clumsy in this respect right now.

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Hurrah – HomeRun Battle 3D for iPad Is Out


Oh hell yeah!  HomeRun Battle 3D – my all-time favorite iPhone sports game and winner of the Best Sports Game at the 2009 Best App Ever Awards – has already got an iPad version out.

HomeRun Battle 3D for iPad will definitely be among the first apps I try out tomorrow.  I just have to see my tape-measure shots flying out of the park on that lovely big screen – and online head-to-head matchups should be even better as well I hope.

This one is in the App Store now – priced at $4.99.

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Recommended: David Letterman’s Take on the iPad


I’m guessing Dave’s not a big mobile devices kinda guy.  A couple of my favorite lines in here:

Even little Jimmy Fallon doesn’t have one.

For people who don’t like kids, or don’t like the kids they have, it comes with photos of a family.  So you’re not buying an unnecessary electronic device … you’re buying a family.

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iPad Countdown – 24 Hours Now

iPad Countdown

Well, it’s finally almost here – right around 24 hours to go before the iPad is launched and available to buy.

I don’t know where my widget is getting 18 hours from.  It is 8:34AM where I live as I write this post – so I figure it is just over 24 hours until my local Apple stores start selling iPads at 9:00am tomorrow morning.  I could see 23 hours being shown on the widget, if it uses the Eastern time zone – but anywhere else in the US it’s going to still be nighttime 18 hours from now.

Anyway, I’ll be waiting outside my local Apple store at around 7:00AM tomorrow – and hoping to get out of there with a shiny new iPad as early as lines permit.

How about you all?  How are you handling the waiting?  Are you going to a store or waiting on a delivery truck?

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Recommended: Roughly Drafted on 19 Things the iPad Will Kill

Idle moments. Remember when you used to sit in the park, lost in your lover’s eyes? Now you’re both busy checking messages on your iPhone. Just wait until you get an iPad and you can lock the screen so it won’t flip annoyingly as you try to lay in bed, half awake reading the latest headlines. Now you’ll have a fixed, big screen display giving you bleary-eyed access to all the information that used to stay attached to your desktop computer. The times you spent doing nothing are all now dead.

Daniel Eran Dilger has a brilliant post up on ‘iPad The Destroyer’ and 19 things it will kill.  It’s a blistering rundown of everything from DVDs to ereader devices, game consoles, and even our idle, romantic moments – as you can see above – that will be killed off by the iPad.

There’s plenty in there that some will argue strongly against – but I think a lot of it is spot on – especially the various bits on how badly Microsoft has lost their way and how far behind they are now.

It’s a great read – and sure to fuel some heated debate as well.  Check it out here:

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iPad App Store – First Impressions

iPad App Store staff favorites

The iPad App Store went live this afternoon. Or, more accurately, iPad apps are now live on the App Store.  There’s no separate app store for iPad apps as far as I can see so far.

After all these weeks of anticipation and app developers having to be cagey about plans and dates for iPad app releases, it is great to see a large number of major apps ready with custom iPad versions – including lots of familiar icons for some iPhone favorites.

I’ve spent a fair while nosing around the App Store and checking out the new iPad apps, and I’ve got some quick first impressions on how things look, on which notable apps are in there, and on iPad apps pricing.

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Lovely iPad Rumors: April 24th Canadian & Global Launch


Lots of rumors buzzing round over the last day or so that the iPad will launch in Canada – and also other countries that are part of its international launch – on April 24th.

If these prove true, that’s good stuff – it would be very nice to see the iPad start to go global much faster than the original iPhone did.

Via: 9to5Mac

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iPad App Store Is Live

iPad App Store

The iPad App Store is alive and kicking in iTunes.

Wow.  I had just about got round to thinking ‘it’s only one more day‘ and feeling OK about Saturday getting here soon.  Then I began seeing tweets about iPad apps and went into iTunes and Boom, it is full of iPad apps!

Now my patience has gone right out the window and Saturday seems an eternity away – as seeing all these apps raring to go has got me way pumped up.

I’ll post some quick impressions later, but for now I’ll just say the apps lineup is looking very strong already – check it out in iTunes when you get a chance.

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