1Password Pro Updated, Now Includes iPad Version

1Password Pro for iPad

The latest version of 1Password Pro hit the App Store the other night – and it includes its iPad specific version as part of the package.  I’ve been using 1Password Pro on my MacBook and my iPhones for a long while now – it has performed great and is now an essential app for me.

I waited for this 1Password Pro update, as it provided the new iPad version of the app to existing owners for free – a very nice thing to see.  The app itself looks great on my iPad – just as expected after seeing some of its pre-release mockups.

I’ll have more to say soon on 1Password Pro on the iPad – but for now I’m just very glad to see an old friend on my shiny new toy / workhorse.

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Direct Printing Support in OS 4.0

iPad printing

Image Source: concernedbutpowerless

According to a report at Apple Insider, direct printing from the iPad may be a new feature included in the upcoming OS 4.0 update – which we’ll get a sneak preview of from Apple tomorrow.

Apple has hinted at the prospect for direct printing from the iPad in its support documents for iWork apps, suggesting the feature may appear as part of iPhone OS 4.0.

Support pages for iPad’s Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps each note that "printing directly from iPad is not currently available," rather than simply stating that the apps do not print.

Hopefully any new direct printing feature would be accessible to most / all apps, not just the iWork suite.  I’ve tried a couple HP and similar wireless print solutions for iPhone in the past, but never had the right model of printer to give them a proper go.  I believe those guys in the image above are early beta testers for the new direct printing feature. :)

Via: Apple Insider

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Evernote Wallpapers for iPad

Evernote iPad Wallpaper

The lovely folks over at Evernote have offered up ‘two snazzy options’ sized just right for the iPad.  The second one has the word Evernote across the center.  I prefer just the good old elephant.

What I’d like even better is if they get an update out so that their iPad app will actually launch for me.  In the meantime, if you’d like to grab an Evernote wallpaper for your iPad (and they have iPhone versions as well) here’s where to go:


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One More Thing about the iDisplay App


Having spent stupid amounts of time, and gone through untold amounts of frustration, courtesy of the not-at-all-ready for primetime iDisplay app, and after around 36 hours of recovering from the mess made by the app, I have one further observation about it.  Or at least one more that is postable at a family friendly site.

I’ve heard many folks talk about forgiving some iPad apps’ 1.0 bugs because most developers did not yet have hardware prior to releasing their first versions – but worked just with a simulator.  The thing is, the immense damage that iDisplay inflicted on me was all to my MacBook Pro.  It was their desktop app that caused stupid amounts of hassle and unwanted system changes.  

So yeah, they had the hardware – no simulator needed, just a Mac. For me, this makes their app’s appalling ‘performance’ even more unforgivable.  Read through the App Store reviews on this app – you’ll see there are tons of users shouting about it wrecking their systems.  And they DID have the hardware prior to releasing this.

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Review: myPhoneDesktop for the iPad

myPhoneDesktop provides an effective way to send data from your desktop directly to your iPad.  This app is great to use and let me tell you why.  I am constantly sharing information back and forth between my computer and my iPad, and this application provides a perfect way to make it easier and less time consuming: I can now place calls and send out SMS messages via Skype; transfer long text notes; copy/send URL links; and save images conveniently from my computer to my iPad.

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My iPhone OS 4.0 Wish List

So this Thursday is another big Apple event – and another big day for iPad and iPhone users, as we will be getting a preview of iPhone OS 4.0, the next big operating system update for both devices.

OS 4.0 should be coming soon (within a few months) and there are a lot of hopes and expectations riding on this update.

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PogoPlank Coming to iPad

image2108828509.jpgPogoPlank – the slick springboard / home screens replacement for jailbroken iPhones – will soon be coming to the iPad.

I have to admit that, as much as I enjoy jailbreaking my iPhone, I am not keen to jailbreak the iPad. That’s not to say I might not succumb to temptation, but I’d like to hold off for a bit and hope that iPhone OS 4.0 will deliver some things that will reduce the urge to jailbreak.

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iPad Earning its Keep Today

image2007448685.jpgI’ll be putting my iPad to work a little harder today than originally planned. Things went from bad to worse for my MacBook yesterday following my horrendous experience with the iDisplay app. Long story short, ended up needing to do a full system restore – and the MacBook now completely fails to boot.

So until I get a chance to take my MacBook in for a Genius appointment this afternoon, I’ll be posting from the iPad.
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Quick Look: Pages for iPad

My brother plays good!

The idea behind this review of Pages for iPad was to see how quickly someone could get something done without having used it before. In the interest of full disclosure, I have used Pages on Mac, so your rate of adoption may vary. I tested two different types of documents, a text document and a poster.

The Text Document
The text document was a simple invoice for one of my customers. I emailed an old invoice that had been created in Pages on my MacBook to my iPad. Once I opened the attachment in Mail I was given the option to “Open In Pages.” It shows as a button in the top right corner of the document if you have Pages installed. Continue reading

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UDIDIt App Works with iPad

UDIDIt app on iPad

Those of you who have ever had an occasion to beta test a not-yet-released app will be familiar with the term UDID.  It’s a 40-character string that serves as a unique identifier for a device.

You can see an iPhone, or iPad’s – UDID in iTunes when the device is connected via USB, by clicking on the string next to the Serial Number label on the main Info page for the device. 

UDIDIt is a handy little free app that lets you see your UDID right on the iPhone itself, and gives you a one-tap option to email the number to a developer or other party who may need to know the UDID.

I’ve tested the app on my iPad and it works fine.  Good to know.

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Groovemaker for iPad released

GrooveMaker® -the mobile loop remixing app by IK Multimedia- has just been released for the iPad, following up on the version for iPhone and iPod touch available since last year. Continue reading

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