SportsTap Hits the iPad

SportsTap for iPad

SportsTap was the first US sports scores and results app I got to know on the iPhone – way back in the days before the App Store, when it was just a web app. It has remained on my iPhones ever since – and is still usually the first place I turn if I need to check on a game quickly.

Now we have SportsTap for iPad to enjoy our really rather magnificent new babies. This new version arrived as an update for me, as I’d already been running the iPhone version on the iPad.

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Someone, Please: Make a Great Blogging App for the iPad


Here’s one thing that got drummed into me very strongly On Tuesday when I spent the day working on my iPad while my laptop was ‘indisposed’.  Somebody needs to write a great blogging app for it right away.  It is crying out for one and I bet if someone creates a really good one, it will be huge hit.

The iPad itself is eminently capable of being a great device to work on for a a full day – at least for the sort of work I do.  I can happily spend hours at a time on it – keeping up with email and Twitter, following news via RSS feeds and other sources, taking notes and working on reviews.

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Great iPad Stand


Great pic from Veronica Belmont’s Flickr stream.  I also love one of the comments on it:

Best use for cats yet.

My dog would disagree with that, but we both liked the pic. :)

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Simplenote for iPad – Coming Soon

Simplenote icon

Simplenote has recently become my most used note-taking app on the iPhone.  It’s also the one I am likely to use most on the iPad (alongside Evernote, if I ever get the app to launch for me).

I’ve become a big fan of Simplenote’s (cough) simple approach and it’s clean OTA sync.  When I need to I use JustNotes on my Mac laptop to work easily with files synced across from the iPhone, and vice-versa.  I am using the app all the time on the iPad as well (it’s in my dock!), even its rather ugly pixel-doubled incarnation.

So I’m very glad to hear that there are plans for Simplenote for iPad – and that it won’t be too long before we see it.

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What’s in Your iPad Dock?

apps in my iPad dock

OK, I know it’s early days and we’re all getting to know our new iPads, trying out apps, still getting to grips with things.  It’s never too early to ask what you’ve got in your iPad dock though, I hope anyway.

Mine – as you can see above – has still got three of the defaults (Mail, Safari, and iPod) – along with Things, for managing tasks and to-dos, Simplenote (for note taking oddly enough), and Pastebot for clipboard management and pasting goodness.

So what’s in yours?  Has it been changing often already?

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Using the iPad as an Extra Monitor

Things task manger app on the iPad

This is something I find myself doing more and more of as the days of getting used to the iPad roll along – using it as an extra monitor alongside my MacBook Pro’s screen.  I keep the iPad in an Apple dock (possibly my favorite accessory so far) caddy-cornered just to the right of my MBP when I’m not using it / when working long stretches on the laptop.

In that position, it serves as a gorgeous picture frame, as I’ve talked about a little before – but I’m also starting to find it quite a useful tool, even while sitting in the dock.  For instance, I’m using it a lot now to have a quick check on my task list for the day, or other lists of things to do held in the excellent Things for iPad app.

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Review: PhotoFramePlus for iPad

PhotoFramePlus for iPad

PhotoFramePlus for iPad is an app that helps you turn your iPad into a lovely digital picture frame when it’s not in use – with a clock and calendar added into its display.

I love the idea of using the iPad as a photo frame when it’s not hard at work, I’ve been looking forward to this app since I first heard it was coming to the iPad, and I bought it and installed it as soon as I had a chance.

Sadly, although the app ‘does what it says on the box’ it is a disappointment to me in its 1.0 version.  Read on for some quick reasons why …

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iTunes App Store Now Gives You One-Click Switch Between iPad and iPhone Apps Browsing


Ah, the satisfaction that can be obtained just from the addition of a simple button and filter.  The iTunes App Store has just added just such a button.  The cute little toggle shown above, that lets you filter your view and see only iPad or iPhone apps while perusing the store.

This was one of my first complaints in rounding up my first impressions of the iPad App Store – as previously you would select to view iPad apps, look at an individual app’s details, and find when you returned to the parent section (Featured or What’s Hot or wherever) you were back to viewing all iPhone and iPad apps.

Nice to see Apple has provided this filtering feature so quickly.

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1Password Pro Updated, Now Includes iPad Version

1Password Pro for iPad

The latest version of 1Password Pro hit the App Store the other night – and it includes its iPad specific version as part of the package.  I’ve been using 1Password Pro on my MacBook and my iPhones for a long while now – it has performed great and is now an essential app for me.

I waited for this 1Password Pro update, as it provided the new iPad version of the app to existing owners for free – a very nice thing to see.  The app itself looks great on my iPad – just as expected after seeing some of its pre-release mockups.

I’ll have more to say soon on 1Password Pro on the iPad – but for now I’m just very glad to see an old friend on my shiny new toy / workhorse.

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Direct Printing Support in OS 4.0

iPad printing

Image Source: concernedbutpowerless

According to a report at Apple Insider, direct printing from the iPad may be a new feature included in the upcoming OS 4.0 update – which we’ll get a sneak preview of from Apple tomorrow.

Apple has hinted at the prospect for direct printing from the iPad in its support documents for iWork apps, suggesting the feature may appear as part of iPhone OS 4.0.

Support pages for iPad’s Pages, Keynote, and Numbers apps each note that "printing directly from iPad is not currently available," rather than simply stating that the apps do not print.

Hopefully any new direct printing feature would be accessible to most / all apps, not just the iWork suite.  I’ve tried a couple HP and similar wireless print solutions for iPhone in the past, but never had the right model of printer to give them a proper go.  I believe those guys in the image above are early beta testers for the new direct printing feature. :)

Via: Apple Insider

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Evernote Wallpapers for iPad

Evernote iPad Wallpaper

The lovely folks over at Evernote have offered up ‘two snazzy options’ sized just right for the iPad.  The second one has the word Evernote across the center.  I prefer just the good old elephant.

What I’d like even better is if they get an update out so that their iPad app will actually launch for me.  In the meantime, if you’d like to grab an Evernote wallpaper for your iPad (and they have iPhone versions as well) here’s where to go:

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