Lovely iPad Rumors: April 24th Canadian & Global Launch


Lots of rumors buzzing round over the last day or so that the iPad will launch in Canada – and also other countries that are part of its international launch – on April 24th.

If these prove true, that’s good stuff – it would be very nice to see the iPad start to go global much faster than the original iPhone did.

Via: 9to5Mac

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iPad App Store Is Live

iPad App Store

The iPad App Store is alive and kicking in iTunes.

Wow.  I had just about got round to thinking ‘it’s only one more day‘ and feeling OK about Saturday getting here soon.  Then I began seeing tweets about iPad apps and went into iTunes and Boom, it is full of iPad apps!

Now my patience has gone right out the window and Saturday seems an eternity away – as seeing all these apps raring to go has got me way pumped up.

I’ll post some quick impressions later, but for now I’ll just say the apps lineup is looking very strong already – check it out in iTunes when you get a chance.

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Countdown to iPad – Ready-Fire-Aim (Use Case 47)

iPad, the parallel planning tool... soon to be all the rage. - GPS - travel
iPad, the parallel planning tool... soon to be all the rage.
Ready… on spur of the moment you decide to get away for the weekend. Fire… you pack the car and leave the house without knowing exactly where you’re headed. Aim… all you need now is a destination… all you need is iPad. Continue reading

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iPad Apps Coming Soon – The Pinball

The Pinball iPad app

The Pinball is an upcoming iPad app that includes a set of pinball tables from the makers of Wild West Pinball, The Deep Pinball, and Jungle Style Pinball for the iPhone.

I’ve never tried out the iPhone versions of these apps, but they all have solid-looking user ratings and they look impressive.  The iPad screenshots sent to use by the developers – OOO Gameprom – look great.

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Recommended: Stephen Fry’s iPad Accessories Unboxing


Stephen Fry has a nice, quick iPad unboxing video up.  It’s an interesting one because he spends very little time on the iPad itself and shows off several of the Apple iPad accessories – including the keyboard dock and the case.

I’m still wondering whether we’ll see any of these available in the Apple stores on Saturday – last time I called my local one they had no idea yet whether they’d have any.

Check out Fry’s unboxing HERE

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Countdown to iPad – Teammate II (Use Case 46)

Getting on the same page
Getting on the same page
In Use Case 12: Countdown to iPad – Teammate, we introduced iPad as the “politically correct meeting tech.” And although iPad can benefit a single team member, when you outfit an entire workgroup it really gets interesting. When everyone follows along on their iPad, you… Continue reading

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1Password for iPad: Should Be in iPad App Store Day 1


Great news from Agile Web Solutions today – they have got their 1Password for iPad updates submitted to Apple within the deadline for being in the iPad App Store on launch day.  So if it doesn’t hit any Apple review roadblocks, it should be in the store for Day 1.

The pricing for 1Password for iPad is $6.99 – but the options for 1Password Pro and existing users of it and their cost for the new app get a little confusing (to me anyway).  Hit the jump for details …

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An iPad Book Case That’ll Go Nicely on Your Bookcase

Book case for the iPad

Here’s a smart-looking case for iPad owning book lovers, one that’ll even fit right in on your book shelves at home. This case is called BOOK for iPad and it’s handmade by ‘a couple of artists’ in Miinnesota.

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iPad Apps Coming Soon: Warships – Sea on Fire

Warships - Sea on Fire iPad app

This one looks like a potentially fun spin on classic Battleship type games.  Here’s a little slice of the intro to Warships – Sea on Fire for iPad:

Get ready to fight in extraordinary ocean battles and prove your tactical skills in this all-time classic strategy game which is now more thrilling than ever!
Win 20 battles across three unique locations: World War I, Pirates and the Science Fiction

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Apple iPad Case Contest – Our Winner

Apple iPad Case

Thanks to all who took part  – we really got some great comments on this one.

Our winner of the Apple iPad case is:


Lydia – I’ve already emailed you asking for your shipping details, so we can get the case ordered for you today.  So please check your Inbox and spam folders.

I look forward to running lots more contests here in future – stay tuned. :)

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iTunes 9.1 Update Adds iPad Sync, ebooks Syncing


Apple released iTunes Version 9.1 yesterday.  The update adds two major items if you’re a soon-to-be iPad owner:

  • Sync with iPad
  • Sync for ebooks – those added via iBooks as well as those you manually add to your iTunes library

Have you updated yet?

Image Source: iPad in Canada – because I forgot to grab a screenie when I updated :)

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