iPad Apps I Want to See: A Real Killer Notes App

iPad Notes app

While the built-in iPad Contacts, Calendar, Mail, and Photos app looked new, improved, and spruced up; the Notes app didn’t look very much different to the one we know and don’t really love on the iPhone.

I just about never use the built-in Notes app on the iPhone.  Instead I use Evernote, Notes Pro and others to do notes for app reviews and everything else.  None of them has me totally convinced though.  Evernote has lots of power and features than go beyond just note-taking, but it’s interface for inputting and editing text is lousy.  Notes Pro has a far nicer input interface but it lacks a good sync solution (offering only one way export to Google Docs).

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Recommended: Mossberg, Arrington & David Carr Talk About the iPad on the Charlie Rose Show

iPad talk on Charlie Rose show

I love watching the Charlie Rose show, and I love hearing some serious technology experts talk about the iPad.  Combine those two things and, at least for me, it’s a total chocolate plus peanut butter moment.

So I just enjoyed the heck out of watching twenty plus minutes of Charlie talking to Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Mike Arrington of TechCrunch, and David Carr of the New York Times all about the iPad.  There are of course a number of great insightful lines throughout the show, but my two favorites – both from David Carr at around the 12:10 mark – are these:

This’ll be a more viral gadget than most, because it’s so large … if you’re sitting next to someone it’s going to market itself. 

It was a terrible day for Amazon and a terrible day for Kindle. … but he left the picture of the Kindle up there for like two minutes and it looked like something mennonites made 150 years ago.

The entire video of the talk is great stuff to watch and listen to.  Check it out HERE.

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Incipio Has Some iPad Cases Coming [iPad Accessories]

Incipio NGP Matte iPad case

Incipio has a set of cases for the iPad coming soon, including the NGP Matte case shown above.

The NGP Matte is an ultra thin, soft and impact resistant carrying solution for the Apple iPad. Made from a semi-rigid next generation polymer that is tear and elongation resistant, the NGP Matte is sure to be a lasting addition to your Apple iPad.

This one looks pretty nice to me, if you’re after a back-only case for the iPad. It’s compatible with both WiFi and 3G models and comes in four colors (Cerulean, Sage, Aubergine, Confetti).

For details on Incipio’s other iPad offerings, check out this iLounge post.

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60% of Doctors Thinking of Prescribing Themselves iPads


Image Source: CondemnedToRockNRoll

Epocrates, the medical software company did a survey of more than 350 clinicians to gauge their interest in the new tablet.  They found that:

Nine percent of survey respondents plan to buy the iPad when it was immediately available,
Another 13 percent plan to buy it within the year,
Thirty-eight percent of respondents expressed interest in the iPad with the request of more information to solidify their purchase decision.

Pretty impressive – 60% of those surveyed either already plan to buy or are considering it.  That’s almost up into the Trident Gum, four out of five dentists recommend, territory. 

Epocrates – makers of a leading clinical reference app for the iPhone – have also announced that their Epocrates iPhone app will be customized for the iPad.

Via: 9to5Mac

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iPad Basics – Built-in iPad Apps

iPad home screen

The iPad home screen looks a bit sparse in the views of it we’ve seen so far – containing even fewer apps than the original iPhone had when it launched.  Of course it will have the App Store right out of the gate, unlike the V1 iPhone, so all those blank spaces can easily be filled up very quickly.

The built-in apps that we saw at last week’s iPad launch event do look very nice though.  Hit the jump for a rundown of all the built-in iPad apps and some excerpts about each of them straight from Apple’s iPad pages …

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Closer Looks at iPad’s Interface and Gestures

Pages Document Navigator

The image above shows the Pages word processing app on the iPad, part of the iWork suite for iPad.  The tool shown in the image is apparently called the Document Navigator, and looks extremely useful.

It’s one of many iPad UI (user interface) elements that are highlighted and discussed at an excellent Flickr set created by Frasier Speirs, a Mac software developer.  The Flickr set contains over 50 images and features notes on some of the fine details of the new iPad interface.  The images were all culled from public sources (mostly Apple videos) and they really offer a fascinating look at some of the details of the iPad UI.  If you have a chance, the set if well worth a good long look through:


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Developers’ Thoughts on iPad – Near Unanimous Support?

iPad SDK


I think apps will be just as essential a factor in the iPad’s success (or failure) as they are for the iPhone.  Great apps will help to make it a great device I hope. It’s already got a big headstart in this area of course because it runs a version of the iPhone OS and nearly all the 140,000 apps currently in the iPhone App Store should run on it.

While on the one hand it’s great to see that we should be able to run most or all our iPhone favorites on the iPad, I’m even more keen to see and work with apps that are designed from scratch for the iPad. Several of the built-in apps (Contacts, Calendar, iBooks) looked great in last week’s demos, as did some of the third party apps made for the iPad.  Ever since that launch event I’ve been curious to see what developers are saying about any plans to develop for the iPad.

My impression so far is that there is near unanimous support for and excitement about developing for iPad.

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Why Are Google’s Image Search Results for iPad So Jacked Up?


I found the most convincing proof I’ve seen that Google is making a Tablet. I found it while hunting down screenshots and pictures of the Apple iPad using Google Image Search. No matter how hard I tried I kept coming up with everything but pictures of the iPad.

That’s an excerpt from a post by Marc over at the Ilium Software Blog.  It caught my eye and I thought I’d try my luck with image searches for iPad.  My results were just as bad, as you may be able to see in the above screencap. 

The first page of image results for a Google search for ‘Apple iPad’ yielded not a single image of the actual device, and lots that are of mockups of the device before release – and most not even close to the real appearance of the iPad.

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Zagg InvisibleShield for iPad Available for Pre-Order [iPad Accessories]

Zagg invisibleSHIELD for iPad

Zagg is bringing its famous invisibleSHIELD screen protectors to the iPad.  invisibleSHIELD protectors are very well-known and well-respected for providing top notch protection against scratches and nicks of all sorts while adding very little bulk, and also for being a bit like brain surgery to apply the full body sets. :)

The invisbleSHIELD for iPad full body set costs $34.99.  The Front Coverage protector goes for $24.99.  They’re also offering a couple of bundles with both the screen protectors and some Zagg audio accessories.  The invisibleSHIELDs will ship ‘shortly after the release of the iPad’.

For more details or to place a pre-order, visit the Zagg site:


Via: iLounge

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iPad Games I Want to See: Civilization Revolution, UniWar, RTS Games [iPad Games]

Civilization Revolution iPhone app

What are we down to now, around 52 days before the iPad hopefully begins shipping?  I already feel impatient, and already find myself occasionally daydreaming about some of the apps I am most looking forward to seeing on the iPad.  There are quite a few – iBooks looked very nice, as did the new iWork apps and the NYT app.

Of course, I’ll also be looking out for lots of old iPhone favorites in their current or modified versions.

One whole category that keeps coming to mind is real time strategy games.  Some of these have come to the iPhone already, and are quite well done, but I really don’t find the iPhone’s screen size very well-suited to this type of game. 

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BodyGuardz Screen Protection Coming to iPad [iPad Accessories]

BodyGuardz for iPad

BodyGuardz – one of the more popular forms of screen protection for the iPhone and many other devices – will be available for the iPad as well. 

NLU Products has introduced new versions of its BodyGuardz and ScreenGuardz protective solutions designed to fit the new Apple iPad. Made from the same material used to protect the front of automobiles from rocks and other potentially damaging objects, each BodyGuardz for iPad set will include a clear screen protector and a one-piece back protector that will cover both the rear and sides of the device while allowing for full access to all buttons and ports.

The BodyGuardz full body set will go for $29.95, the screen only version is $19.95, and the back only goers for $24.95.  For more details or to pre-order, go to:


I always find the full body protectors too much fuss to install and maintain.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing a simple protector available in Apple retail stores, and very much hoping that those very kind Genius types will be willing to apply them when you purchase one. :)

Via: iLounge

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