Sneak Peek – Lots of Dr. Seuss Books & Apps Goodness Coming to the iPad

Cat in the Hat on iPad

How good would Dr. Seuss books look on the iPad?  If you said damn good, you’re right. And it’s not would, it’s will – as Oceanhouse Media plans to bring all of Dr. Seuss to the iPad.  Yay!

Like so many people, I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Seuss since childhood.  As a parent of an almost seven year old, I’ve got the perfect excuse to continue enjoying his wonderful works as my daughter discovers them.

My daughter and I are also big fans of the Dr. Seuss books and apps that have come to the iPhone.  So I was extremely happy to get a chance this week to talk to Michel Kripalani, President of Oceanhouse Media – who have the rights to bring all of the works of Dr. Seuss to the iPhone and iPad platform.  Hit the jump for some details on when we can expect to see Dr. Seuss hit the iPad and another lovely screencap …

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Countdown to iPad – Sheet Music (Use Case 2)

Is this your sheet music?
Is this your sheet music?

If you own more than a few pieces of sheet music you will be interested in this iPad use case. Let’s face it, sheet music is not the easiest thing on the planet to manage. It comes into your life at different times and in many shapes and sizes. Our collections grow over time, so even if you have invested in boxes and binders, rarely do they match. It seems like the music you need is always at the bottom of a pile or missing all together.

Imagine easily purchasing, organizing and finding sheet music. Now imagine being able to take your sheet music with you anywhere you go. You’ve just imagined your sheet music collection on an iPad. Once your sheet music is on an iPad you don’t have to stop with just managing it. Imagine playing the piano and turning the pages with a simple swipe of your fingers across the iPad display. Imagine a virtual metronome helping you keep perfect time with the music. Imagine…. wait, we still have many days to go in this countdown. Best save some for another post. Continue reading

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Countdown to iPad – The Big TomTom (Use Case 1)

The iPad may well be the most controversial product Apple ever developed. Is it a computer, a netbook, an internet appliance or an overgrown iPod? Will it fail or will it revolutionize how we interact with technology? Was the name a mistake or sheer marketing genius? Time will tell.

Call me a fan boy or call me naive, but I for one am grateful that Apple innovation is not limited by everyone’s else imagination. I am certain the iPad will not only fill business technology gaps for me and my customers, but I am equally anxious to put it to use in my personal life. This is not to say the first generation iPad has all the features I would like to see, but it is certainly off to an amazing start.

So iPad, what are you good for? There are countless articles and posts citing what the iPad isn’t or won’t be good at. I see iPad’s future as half full and I’m excitedly brainstorming with others to discover solutions to fill the other half. Join me as I celebrate the countdown to iPad’s debut by posting a daily iPad use case.

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Site Stuff: Welcome Russell – Our First New Contributor


This evening I’m very happy to welcome a first new writer here on Just Another iPad Blog – Russell Leseberg.

Russell is a technology consultant with a wealth of strong and interesting experience; an iPhone, Apple and of course iPad enthusiast, and a damn good writer (though you’d be hard pressed to get him to admit to that last one) – and I’m very glad he’s decided to join me in writing for this blog, and also for my Just Another iPhone Blog site, focused on the iPhone and iPhone apps.

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Recommended: Gruber’s Macworld Talk on 10 Issues Facing Apple

John Gruber Macworld 2010 talk

John Gruber’s Daring Fireball is one of my most favorite sites – one that I not only read every day, but actually look forward to reading every day.  I enjoy it because it offers an interesting mix of links on all things Apple-related, technology related, and links beyond those boundaries at times as well.  More importantly, it offers Gruber’s strong takes on a range of subjects that interest me.  I don’t always agree with his opinions, but I nearly always find his writing insightful and entertaining – a bit like a Jim Rome of the techie blogosphere, with a brash, ‘have a take, don’t suck‘ kind of attitude.

Gruber did an excellent talk at Macworld 2010 on 10 key issues he sees facing Apple today.  It’s a great topic – as Apple has been on a roll for quite a while and seem to be kicking ass and taking names in several areas, so it’s a very good time to think about what could put the skids on all their current and recent success.

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A Nicer iPad Release Date Rumor – March 26th


Image Source:

It’s only a couple of days ago that we heard rumors that production problems might force a delay in the iPad release date and / or limited initial supplies of the device.

Today there is a new, nicer rumor – originated at – that says the iPad will hit stores on March 26th.

We not only heard this from inside sources, but confirmed it with an Apple Store manager in Southern California who wishes not to be named.
Here are some other interesting roots from the grapevine:
The actual release date hasn’t been set, but March 26 is very likely.
The 3G versions won’t be available until April or May.
Commercials will start airing on March 15. E-book capabilities will be emphasized.
People who camp out for the iPad lauch will receive a "special gift."

Needless to say, I like this rumor better than the possible delays one.  Release three weeks from Friday sounds damn good to me.  Hopefully Apple will put an end to rumors and let us know the plan soon.

Source: via Apple Insider

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Venture Fund Sees iPad as Windows Killer & Transcender

Steve Jobs holding the iPad

Image Source:

Y Combinator, a venture fund focused on tech startups, has put out a new Request for Startups (RFS – which lead entrepreneurs in a certain direction based on trends they think will be hot) that is aimed at encouraging iPad related startups.  The wording of their RFS is very bullish about the iPad’s prospects as a game-changing device:

Most people think the important thing about the iPad is its form factor: that it’s fundamentally a tablet computer. We think Apple has bigger ambitions. We think the iPad is meant to be a Windows killer. Or more precisely, a Windows transcender. We think Apple foresees a future in which the iPad is the default way people do what they now do with computers (and some other new things).

Though it’s certainly difficult to imagine anything being a Windows killer, I do think that between the iPad’s form factor and the supreme ease of use (and joy of use) of the iPhone OS, that it may well help take personal computing to a whole new level of ‘personal’.

Via: TechCrunch

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Plans for iPad Versions of GQ, Wired, The New Yorker and More from Condé Nast

GQ on iPhone

Newspapers and magazines must be up very high on the list of  ‘can’t wait to see it on iPad’ items.  So it’s always good to hear a bit of news on plans for leading titles that are coming to the iPad, and when we should expect to see them.  Like this from a New York Times report today:

Condé Nast’s plans for the iPad tablet computer from Apple are getting firmer.

The company already has an iPhone version of GQ.
The first magazines for which it will create iPad versions are Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and Glamour, the company plans to announce in an internal memorandum on Monday.

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Non Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: Production Problems & Possible Launch Delays


Image Source:

Availability of Apple’s forthcoming iPad may be limited when it launches later this month, due to an "unspecified production problem" that could restrict the number of shipped units to just 300,000.

Apple Insider and others are reporting today on this one analyst’s warning that unspecified production issues could cause lower than expected numbers of iPads to be available on its expected release later this month, or even cause a delay of a month for the release. . 

Wow – this is my least favorite Apple rumor in a long time.  Now that it’s March 1, we are down to just a few eek wait for an iPad if the original sixty days from announcement (which was made on 1/27) is still on. 

If there are limited numbers available, I wonder what the scramble will be like for pre-orders and lines at stores etc.  Really hope this rumor proves unfounded.

Via: Apple Insider

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The Next Big (Really Big) Things After the iPad



Source: via Gizmodo

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Lovely iPad Rumor of the Day: TV Ad During Oscars & Pre-orders Starting the Next Day


Mike Cane thinks it is ‘highly likely’ that Apple may follow a similar path for the iPad – in terms of initial TV ads – as they did with the original iPhone back in 07:

Three years ago, Apple debuted its TV ad for the iPhone during the Oscars.

Will they follow suit with the iPad and also open up pre-orders the next day? I think this is highly likely.

I’d never seen that original iPhone ad – great stuff. February 25th – a previously rumored date for pre-orders starting – has come and gone, so Mike’s theory seems as good as any right now. Movies and iPad – I’m sure Apple’s ad people can work with that a bit. :)

Via: Mike Cane’s iPad Test

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