It’s Here: iPad mini with Retina Display

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iPad mini with Retina Display

As expected, Apple today unveiled the iPad mini with Retina display.

Like millions of others, I loved the iPad mini from Day 1 – it’s lightness and great form factor made it wonderful to use. But … it had that one missing feature that its big brother had – the Retina display. I said back when I did my iPad mini review that it would be a near perfect device with a Retina display – and now this 2nd gen of the iPad mini has one.

Really, Apple could have said Retina display and nothing else about the new iPad mini and there would be no uproar – but of course it’s got some other impressive new features too. Those include Apple’s new A7 chip which is said to deliver up to 4X improvements in CPU performance and 8X in graphics performance.

The iPad mini with Retina display, like its larger sibling the new iPad Air, will also still deliver its stellar 10 hours of battery life.

Apple definitely gave the people what they want on this one.

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