Retina iPad mini Gets the iFixit Teardown & Some Stellar Benchmarks Results

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Retina iPad mini Teardown

The clever and talented team at iFixit have done their official teardown and brutal dissection of the Retina iPad mini – revealing all its guts and glory and detailed components breakdown.

Here are a few of the most notable items discovered in the innards of the Retina iPad mini:

— A7 processor chip just as expected but running at 1.3Ghz like the iPhone 5s, just a touch lower than the 1.4Ghz on the iPad Air.

— 1GB of RAM, just like the iPad Air. This is the one area of the specs for the new iPads that I’ve found a little disappointing.

— A much bigger new battery, presumably to help it handle the new Retina display:

3.75 V, 24.3 Whr, 6471 mAh—a huge bump over the 16.3 Whr battery seen in the previous Mini.

Also out today are some very impressive Geekbench benchamark results for the Retina iPad mini. As reported by MacRumors the new Retina iPad mini scored 5 times higher than the original iPad mini in some key performance areas.

The Retina iPad mini scored a 1390 on the single-core test and a 2512 on the multi-core test …Compared to the 261/493 score of the original mini, the Retina iPad mini marks an incredible boost in performance speeds.

You can check out the full iFixit teardown for lots more in-depth details on the Retina iPad mini internals and plenty of gory shots of its innards.

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