The Bad News on the iPad mini with Retina Display: Delayed

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iPad mini with Retina display

As I mentioned just a little earlier, Apple unveiled the iPad mini with Retina display today. The upcoming new version of the iPad mini will boast the same superb 2048X1536 resolution – on a smaller screen – then the bigger iPad and the brand new iPad Air.

This is great news for all of us who love the iPad mini and had just wished for that one extra feature, the Retina display.

The not so great news, the bad news really, is that the Retina iPad mini is not launching on November 1 like the iPad Air. Apple offered only ‘Later in November’ as the time frame for the Retina iPad mini release. And that’s what is listed on the iPad mini with Retina display page on the site too.

I know, the end of November is not exactly far, far away – but it’s still more than a little disappointing not to be able to grab up a new Retina iPad mini in just 10 days, as we can with the iPad Air.

I guess at least some of those reports about supply chain struggles to manufacture the new mini displays have proved accurate.

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