Yes, Original iPad mini Cases Fit the Retina iPad mini

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Retina iPad mini cases

I’ve seen a number of people in forums and round the web asking about whether cases for the original iPad mini will fit the new Retina iPad mini. The answer is Yes, at least with most mainstream cases I would say.

Over recent days I’ve been trying out a number of cases for the original iPad mini and every one of them fits just fine on the iPad mini with Retina display. Some of the cases I’ve tested with include the Apple iPad mini Smart Cover (new and old are shown above), a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, and several typical soft and wood-framed folio cases.

All of those fit the new Retina iPad mini and worked well. Of course if you’re shopping for a case for the Retina iPad mini you’ll still want to verify with the case vendor that a specific case is compatible – but you should find that the vast majority will.

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2 thoughts on “Yes, Original iPad mini Cases Fit the Retina iPad mini”

  1. The Poetic case, which is a good inexpensive case, does not fit. It looks like Invellop has one specifically for the iPad minim retina. Probably ordering one of those today.

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