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If you’re a veteran reader here I hope you’re finding our articles useful and good to read, and enjoying the mix of content here. If you’re a newer reader, I hope you like what you see so far. Either way, I hope you’ll decide you’re keen to see more of our insight on all things iPad.

Here are some of the best ways to do that:

Subscribe to our RSS feed:

rss2– Our RSS feed is: You can just click on the handsome little button for it at the top of our right sidebar and add it to your favorite RSS reader app so you never miss any of our great app reviews, iPad tips, or iPad accessory reviews.

Check out (and Like) our Facebook page:

facebook2– Our Facebook page is here: We post article links there as well, along with photos and screencaps of latest apps and accessories reviewed. We also run some spur-of-moment giveaway contests on the Facebook page. Tap or click the button for it at the top of our right sidebar.

Have a look at our YouTube channel

Titled Just iPad Videos – I’m trying to do more frequent screencasts and demos there. Recent uploads include a number of great game reviews from my colleague Beth Elderkin.

Follow us on Twitter:

twitter2Our Twitter account is @iPadInsightBlog – follow us for links to latest articles and occasional NBA and general sports trash talking and such, or gloating about how great a town Austin is.

GPlusIconFor those of you who are on Google+, we have an iPad Insight page, which you  can find here:

You can also add us to your iPad or iPhone home screens, for quick single tap access, by just browsing to iPad Insight, tapping the standard Share button, and tapping on the ‘Add to Home Screen’ item.


Share your iPad wallpapers, home screens or photos at our new iPad Insight Flickr group:

In the footer area of the site you can sign up to get email notifications of all our new posts.

Oh, and of course I hope you’ll share your thoughts in the comments on our posts. I’d really like to start doing more with our Facebook and Google+ pages, and it would be great to hear your suggestions on this. Please share any ideas on what you’d like use to do with those pages in the comments here or via our Contact email.

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3 thoughts on “Best Ways to Follow iPad Insight”

  1. The RSS feed is pointless, all I get is the first 4 lines of text and have to click over to the website which cancels the usefulness of using a rss feed

    1. That’s not how the feed is supposed to be. Thanks for pointing it out. It should be showing more summary text and I will be addressing this with the feed service provider.

      1. I think even just a summary is annoying personally, so maybe that is what I am already seeing. I read the blogs in Mr. Reader on the iPad, Reeder on the iPhone, and Reeder on the Mac just so you know how I am seeing your feed. I would still have to click over to see the rest of the post and view photos which if I want to read it that bad I would just go to the website. Plus, on mobile devices it takes longer to load the page because it switches over to the mobile site which is very cool but also requires the page to load twice. Just my opinion. Thanks for the consideration!

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