Contest – 5 Lovely Exploded Pad T-Shirts To Be Won

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Exploded iPad t-shirt

5 Free ‘Exploded Pad’ T-shirts To Be Won

Contest Deadline Friday May 7th, 2:00PM US Central

Another great contest for all you iPad users.  This one gives you a chance to win a t-shirt that offers your very own iPad teardown right on your shirt, with the innards of the iPad floating around all artsy-like on your chest. :)

Thanks to the generosity of Dion and the folks at, we’ve got five of these lovelies to give away.  They normally go for $19 – so hit the jump to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win one …

How To Win:

— Just add a comment to this post, and you’ll have on entry into our random drawing of winners on Friday.
— For an extra entry, tell us about the goofiest, ugliest, worst fashion decision, t-shirt you’ve ever bought or worn in public.

That’s it – super easy eh?

Please Note: This is NOT a US-only contest. But … for US winners shipping will be free as well; for any international winners we may get, shipping will need to be covered by them.

Check the explodedpad site – HERE – for the range of guys and girls sizes that are available, and to get a peek at the great design!

Good luck to all …

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33 thoughts on “Contest – 5 Lovely Exploded Pad T-Shirts To Be Won”

  1. Sweet shirt! Definitely the right shirt for an iPad-toter. By the way, I'm XXL, please :)
    Goofiest fashion decision? Somehow in the '80s I managed to wear a pink shirt with these horrid aqua blue shorts. WTH??

  2. I wore a Boston Red Sox shirt to an Anaheim Angels game and got things thrown at the back of my head!!

  3. Man I would love to win one of these cool t-shirts.
    The most embrassing t-shirt I have ever worn in public would have to be one that said "May the [Mass x Acceleration] be with you" (star wars: May the force be with you).

  4. Thanks for the opportunity!

    One time, when I had to cut my shoulder-length hair for a new job, I decided to rock a mullet for a week or so. In order to properly capture this moment, I wanted to dress the part and have my wife snap a few pictures. Needing to experience the fullness that life can offer from having a mullet, I decided to wear the photo shoot wardrobe in town for a day. Certainly not my style, but the mullet, cut-off sleeveless flannel and Pantera shirt featuring a larger-than-life marijuana leaf received a couple "bad-ass shirt dude" comments through-out the day. I live in Arkansas. Go figure.

  5. Sweet shirt and would love to sport it as soon I get my iPad next week.

    I once won a t-shirt caption contest "I'm Hungry. RSS feeds." and my wife proudly wore that goofy t-shirt. :-)

  6. I went as Richie Tenenbaum for Halloween one year, but the real FILA shirt that he wears in the movie was WAY too expensive to purchase on eBay, so I made my own. But, to get the pinstripes lines just perfectly, I wanted to practice with my Sharpie a few times on an old t-shirt so I wouldn't ruin my perfect blue-collared white shirt. Now I have this weirdly partially-pinstriped t-shirt with many false starts/stops that I'll wear to the gym and elsewhere, and people think it is some trendy fashion thing. My practice efforts ended up being more popular than the actual costume (which, i felt, was pretty awesome:

  7. Don't know that this counts, but the day that Shamu attacked someone I had put on my "I Follow @Shamu" shirt that morning.

  8. nice shirt. If I win I can give it to my wife so she can have an ipad and I can get the real one back.

  9. I usually try to avoid graphic tees in general, but this one looks way too cool to pass up. I want it!

  10. Sweet shirt! Definitely the right shirt for an iPad-toter. By the way, I'm XXL, please :)
    Goofiest fashion decision? Somehow in the '80s I managed to wear a pink shirt with these horrid aqua blue shorts. WTH??

  11. Pick me!

    Fashion mistake… probably either the Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey concert shirt I bought and then was too embarrassed to ever wear. The JJ one was the one topless with hands covering her breasts. The MC one was her in a bikini with the rainbow against the background. Both good for albums, but not so good for wearing!

  12. When was about 10 years old, I had a hot pink shirt (It was the 90's and my mom maid me wear it). I went to Disneyland with my friend's parents as gift for my Mom watching him after school.

    Disneyland had a promotion that year (I think 1990) that you could potentially get a winning ticket for a brand new Geo Metro. Well, I was that winning ticket. Because I was not 18, my friend's parents got to take the care (plus they took me Disneyland). All great, right? Well, the news stations were there. Here I am, on the news around the world in a freaking bright neon pink shirt and Geo Metro. Never again, never again.

  13. 10 years ago I bought–for some odd reason–a t-shirt that said 'Jesus Hates Me'. I thought it was hilarious, but was always afraid to wear it in public. I live in a large Catholic community in Ohio, so I probably woulda been stoned to death!

  14. When I was in high school my girlfriend and I had somewhat matching t-shirts that read "I'm hers/his"…cute for the time, I suppose, but funny I haven't seen anyone in this day and age wearing them! :-)

  15. Ah, yes! I hope they have XXL!

    I think this t-shirt is rather fitting for me, since I work in I.T. Users around here wouldn't know what to think or say.

    I have a Microsoft t-shirt, and on it, backwards it says, "Microsoft, backwards compatible". Please would stop me just to try and read what it said. It was always hilarious…

  16. I purchased a t-shirt that pictorally shows a dog passing gas. The t shirt says" Blame it on the Dog!"

  17. I woke up and grabbed a T-shirt without looking and when I got to job I noticed some strange looks. I wore a T-shirt to school that said "Fuck this clown".. I teach 12-year olds..

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