Contest – Win a Free SquareTrade Warranty for Your iPad

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One 100% Free SquareTrade iPad Warranty To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Friday June 11, 2:00PM US Central

I recently posted about getting my iPad fully covered – warranty-wise – with a SquareTrade warranty that covers a lot of ground that Apple and others don’t.  Today I’m very happy that we’ve got one free SquareTrade warranty to give away to the winner of this contest.  These warranties normally go from around $95 and are really the best possible cover for an iPad or iPhone in my opinion – and as my recent post showed I have put my money where my mouth is on this subject.

Read on for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …


How To Win

** Just add a comment to this post, making sure to fill out the “email address” field(don’t worry, it won’t be displayed and we won’t use it for any other reason than to contact you if you win) – and you’re in with an entry for our random drawing of a winner on Friday. ***

*** For a bonus entry to increase your chance of winning, tell us about your worst ever self-inflicted gadget damage.  Share with us your ghastly smartphone + rest room stories, your ‘I can’t believe I left my iPhone on the roof of my car as I left the parking lot‘ tales of woe, or any other similar horror stories.

That’s it! We’ll draw our winner on Friday (6/11/10) sometime after 2:00 pm US Central time.  The winner will receive a code to use for their 100% free iPad warranty. 

*** Please Note: This warranty coverage is only offered for residents of the US and Canada.

For more info on Square Trade’s iPad coverage see my earlier post HERE, or visit their site:

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36 thoughts on “Contest – Win a Free SquareTrade Warranty for Your iPad”

  1. My worst ever self-inflicted gadget damage would have to be when I accidentally left my phone in my pocket and put my pants in the washing machine. Realized my mistake before I put them in the dryer, but by then, it was already D.O.A.. To add insult to injury, the device was out of warranty by one day! Although I suspect the warranty probably wouldn't have covered accidental laundering. :( On the upside, at least it was just a Nokia and not an iPhone.

    Please help this accident prone gadget geek protect his stuff. :)

  2. I recently attended a nearby LAN party, after spending hours ensuring my MBP traveled safely and watching it with hawk eyes for the duration of the event. Upon packing up the laptop however, I clumsily let go off the laptop, and proceeded to watch it fall four feet land land, on the its corner, on the concrete floor, where it bounced back up, and then landed flat on the floor, belly-flop style with a loud CRUNCH. Surprisingly, the laptop still works 100%, and other than a small dent in the corner, you'd never know what happened to it.

  3. My worst gadget story that doesn't include my kids (3 & 4 yrs old lol) are:
    Went to get the mail – dropped my phone through the grate of the storm sewer that is right under the mailbox. The storm sewer was over 10' deep and the grate was sealed in…. Im glad the phone finally washed away.

  4. One fine morning I was urinating in my bathroom (sitting down, which i often do when i am entirely too tired to stand), I finished and stood to flush when i heard the "kerplunk" sound associated with an iPhone falling out of one's sweatpants and into the yellow sea. I screamed like a girl (not ironic since i was peeing sitting down) and immediately went in after it. After trying many forms of emergency phone damage recovery techniques, I had to put my first iPhone to rest (just 2 months after getting it).

  5. Worst gadget story was jumping into the ocean with my previous phone. I was able to recover it though by leaving it in a bag of rice :)

  6. I can't believe you asked me a question and answered it too :-) I really did leave my 3GS and Panera coffee on the roof of my car and drove away. Since I was in a mall, the speed limit was 25mph. They both survived the 100 yards before someone flagged me down.

    I certainly won't do that to my iPad but it sure would be nice ti have the safety blanket from SquareTrade.

  7. Dropped a blackberry down the hole in the floor (aka toilet) in Japan. Had to fish it out as was only means of communications. Tried to sanatize in many different solutions including rice wine vinegar… Finally got rid of my pooberry.

  8. I was running to get to an appointment and I had been driving with my phone sitting in my lap. It was pouring rain out and had to get out of the car fast and sprint to the door of the building. My phone must have fallen out of my lap as I got out of my car, because the next thing I knew, I didn't have my phone! I searched everywhere–found it in a puddle outside where my car had been parked :(!

  9. I'm not sure I have any good stories on this, as I've been quite fortunate with my gadgets over my very long gadget focused days. My gadgets have regularly fallen prey to my wife, though, who seems to have less luck. I think we lost a keyboard, had to repair a phone and a laptop within about 2 months!

  10. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I had an HTC Tytn and had accidentally put it in my pocket backwards so that when I walked a bit too close to my kitchen table I hit the phone on the corner of the table and busted the screen. I am a grown man and could have let myself cry over it (this was before iPhones). I loved that phone.

  11. The worst damage I've ever done to a phone, was a number of years ago. Now, this wasn't a smart phone (I just got my first one a couple of years ago), but nonetheless it was still a pretty expensive phone! Anyways, this was about the time when the Nintendo Wii's first came out and every store in the world it seems was sold out. I desperately wanted a Wii and got a tip off that the local Zellers (kind of a lamer Target-equivalent for you American folks) was getting in a few. So I went the night before to line up around 4 am. Apparently other people got the same tip, and there were already a number of people in line. To make a long story short, the guy in front of me was the last person to get a Wii that night (arghghghg!!!). So I quickly ran around to all the other stores for the next couple hours and waited outside before they opened to see if they had any in stock.

    After three hours I figured it was futile and decided to call my girlfriend and tell her I was on my way home…. only I didn't have my phone! I retraced my steps for an hour and finally found it. In a puddle. In one of the parking stalls I had parked in that morning. It had been run over repeatedly. Amazingly it still worked for a few months… although you couldn't see anything on the screen.

  12. Last year, while spackling up the walls of a rental house we were leaving, my 3 year old decided she wanted to be like daddy. It was lunch time and she had a nice dollop of peanut butter on a spoon, which made ideal pretend spackle. So she found things with holes in them, like VCR/DVD players, a Wii and Xbox, and was going after my iPhone next before mommy found and stopped her. Cleaning peanut butter from electronics is not fun!

  13. As a new ipad owner I am SO enjoying your blog! thanks!

    Now I am generally not a klutz with electronic gadgets (my sister, on the other hand, has spilled things on many a macbooks), I'm not going to jinx myself by saying I won't be klutzy with my beloved ipad! you never know what might happen!

  14. My gadget damage story is actually sorta lame. I had an iBook with the old non-magsafe cylindrical plug-in power cord. Was gallivanting around on the internet whilst laying in bed, and decided to get a snack. Set the laptop on the corner of the bed, hurled my ass over to the edge of the mattress to bounce to my feet, not realizing the iBook would receive the recoil bounce. It flew through the air, spinning *just* enough to come to a sharp, sudden contact with the ground *right* on the aforementioned plug-in connector. Popped the plug out, but also mangled it beyond recognition. I gave a cheer when the magsafe connector was invented!

  15. My worst self inflecting gadget damage was actually done on purpose. First cellphone was a Nokia and for some reason it seemed to work better and hold signal after being thrown down. (Found it out the first time by mistake) From then on every signal drop would result into a throw onto the ground and signal being immediately found upon picking the phone up. Oh how I was I could treat my iPhone that way after dropped calls.

  16. Worst gadget damage was trying to use an old Palm while talking on a cell phone in the airport to my fiance, who had left her pocket book in my rental car. She was an hour away and I needed to catch a plane, but I had all her ID. While trying to manage both the Palm and the cell, the Palm slipped out of my grip and went plummeting to the ground, breaking the display.

  17. I was at somebody’s wedding party and had put my iPhone first generation into my shirt pocket. Forgetting this fact, I began to play basketball with one of my cousins, and being about twice his height, for some reason, I felt the urge to jump up and touch the basket like a showoff. Gravity did its thing and stopped me, inertia did its thing and kept the iPhone moving, then gravity did its thing again and the iPhone came to the ground with a sickening clack. Dented up the corner around the silent switch and camera, chipped a small piece out of the glass. I was so glad it was still working. If it was an outside court as opposed to an inside court I’d probably have had no phone at that point…

    After that, I kept the phone in my pants pocket.

  18. Worst gadget faux pas was a number of years ago, long story short

    In a restrom stall, finished business & while pulling up trousers my blackberry decided to “leap from the bridge” and ended up in a swirling vortex of water and … Bio solids!

    No flipping way I’m doing anything heroic to save the boy!

    Blackberry reported as “lost” (well it was lost!)



  19. I've been pretty lucky so far, but lost the ipod down the side of the waterbed one night when I was falling asleep. Didn't know it had happened and found it a couple of days later when I was changing sheets.

  20. The case on one of my old phones had a wrist strap and I would regularly carry it in my hand. One time I wasn't paying much attention while I was getting a diet Coke from a fountain. I was holding the phone in my hand and holding the drink cup at the same time in the same hand. Since I wasn't paying much attention, some of the soda missed the cup and drenched the phone. A note for other people: Diet Coke from a fountain will completely kill your phone. It doesn't dry out. Needless to say, I keep my iPhone in my pocket and away from soda machines :)

  21. My worst ever technology debacle was about 14 years ago when the Motorola flip phone was first released. I was all excited and was calling a friend to let the know about it. I also had to use the restroom. I live in AZ and it was 100+ degrees outside. As the phone was nestled between my sweaty ear and shoulder, I slowly felt it slipping, but thought it would be fine…and it was until it slipped of my shoulder and into the urinal. I was so upset. I had t buy a brand new phone at the full price. I never use the restroom and my phone at the same time.

  22. Shooting a corporate video in Puerto Rico, I ran to catch a ride on a boat with a PD170 in a waterproof bag. Once on board I raised the camera to get a shot and realized it was sitting in a fishbowl…someone forgot to seal the bag correctly…ooops…my bad $4500 mistake.

  23. I snatched a pair of pants up off the floor in a hurry and my phone flew out of the pocket and over the railing of the loft in my house. I thought I'd find my phone downstairs in pieces, but oddly, other than a small crack, it still worked perfectly.

  24. Worst gadget mishap? Dropping a computer hard drive that: 1) Wasn't mine & 2) WAS evidence in a case! Yeah, there's nothing worse than the sickening grind/CLICK!, grind/CLICK! sound of a crashed hard drive. That was a long, lonely walk to the chief's office that day!

  25. First time "i" anything owner. Just waiting for my first (and not last) accident to happen.

  26. When I was 14, I had a Motorola StarTAC with an awesome 2 hour battery talk time…anyway I always flipped open my phone with a twist of the wrist…since the phone was so awesome back then! After about 5 months with my sweet phone, I broke the hinge when I flipped it open in front of a girl I liked…she laughed at me and walked away :(

  27. I've had good luck with my gadgets. I put a dent in my 1st gen iPhone by dropping it on the pavement, but that's about the worst. My wife, however, let our 2 year old play with her Palm Centro… which was shortly thereafter shorted out by the mass amount of drool in the charging port.

  28. This would be great to win. I actually am a perfect ST customer because I baby my gadgets; however, my wife's second most recent phone met its demise when she threw it in a workout bag, along with a waterbottle that leaked, a lot.

  29. I have been blessed to not have damaged a tech product yet. I already nervous talking about it happening. Maybe I am just to anal.

  30. This is a great deal! I've broken the screen on my iPhone simply by stepping out of my car. The phone was on my seat and when I stepped out of the car, it came with me and cracked instantly when it hit the ground. SquareTrade is a life saver!

  31. I have gone swimming twice with two different iphones. Same swim trunks, same pool, 10 months a part. I swore the first time it happened, it would never happen again. Well, this time, I really do promise it will not happen a third time.

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