Agile Messenger Promo Codes Contest – Winners

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This was another fun contest. Thanks to all for your good entries on Facebook and Twitter. And of course big thanks to Seth and the team at AgileMobile for generously offering the codes.

Here are our winners:

  • Andrew Lim
  • MikeCTZA
  • JJPhoto
  • jbiadog
  • Angelica Romina Armea

Winners – congratulations, and I’ve already sent you direct messages via Twitter and Facebook. 

Look out for more contests coming soon.

UPDATE: I had a typo on the listing of winners, listing MikeCTZA twice. jbiadog was the fifth winner, and the list is now updated. All five winners were sent their codes.

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One thought on “Agile Messenger Promo Codes Contest – Winners”

  1. Many thanks, this will is fantastic. Installing it now !! Looking at the list above – Did I win twice? I did enter via Facebook and Twitter (only enter once each) – is that why? Typo? Obviously I don’t expect to get get 2 codes so if by some chance I was drawn twice – please redraw someone else, or I could give the code to someone – but redraw is probably best.

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