CFG: Cosmo for Guys Subscription Contest – 3 iTunes Gift Cards To Be Won

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Three $25 iTunes gift cards to be won

Contest Deadline: Friday August 5, 2:00PM US Central

Yesterday Cosmopolitan released CFG: Cosmo for Guys – a new iPad-only magazine title that offers men insight and advice on what women really want. And today we’ve got a contest where three of you can win the cost of a yearly subscription to the new men’s mag – and even have a little left over – with thee $25 iTunes gift cards up for grabs.

I read through most of the first issue of Cosmo for Guys last night and it’s a fun title. It’s got lots of interactive elements – for example there are polls you can take part in, quizzes to take, and a Hot or Not section where you can judge a set of ‘retro’ swimsuits that are apparently in fashion this year – quick spoiler: they are!

Hit the jump to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How To Win

— Just add a comment to this post and you’re in with a chance to win one of the iTunes gift cards.

— For a bonus entry to increase your chances, tell us your top reasons for wanting or needing a subscription to Cosmo for Guys. Are you struggling to figure women out? Just like the pictures or the articles? Other?

That’s it. We’ll pick out winners on Friday.

Good luck to all.

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22 thoughts on “CFG: Cosmo for Guys Subscription Contest – 3 iTunes Gift Cards To Be Won”

  1. Sweeet. Count me in. Why I need this subscription? I brought my dog on a first date once. The date was allergic and hates dogs. Perhaps Cosmo for Men can teach me not to do those things without checking first.

  2. I’d love a subscription to the magazine! I’m getting married in about a year, and I need to be prepared to deal with whatever my future wife is feeling at the time!

  3. Well… being married a 2nd time, I need all the help I can get. So some inside info would be great, and having it in an app would be awesome! :)

  4. I’d really like to see if this magazine like its sister can teach men how to multiple orgasm!!!

    (hope this wasn’t too much!!)

  5. I need this subscription! Been married 12 years now and let’s just say the “spark” is not what it used to be. I could use all the tips I can get:).

  6. I still can’t figure my wife out, and it’s been 9 years! I’d like this CFG for a little help.

  7. That’s amazing opportunity to give a chance for me to win this, cause I’m really totally struggling about my 1st girlfriend. Hope I’ll win!

  8. Count me in! Just wanna have an iPad mag to try out the interactive elements. It helps that it has babes in them!

  9. Thanks for the prize, as for what I’d do with the subscription. Something to read while on the crapper.

  10. I’ve an iPad. I’m in college. I need some tips on women. College women are something else!

  11. I love this. Why I need it? Because there is always a need for a ma to get a little better. Especially in the bedroom ;)

  12. This is a fun contest. :) I’ve figured out women. I’d like to get this e-mag to confirm they know what they are talking about.

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