Contest: 4 Free Promo Codes for PhotoToaster To Be Won

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4 Free Promo Codes for PhotoToaster for iPad and iPhone To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Sunday September 9, 2:00PM US Central

A couple days ago I mentioned that the superb PhotoToaster photo editing and effects app had received another major update. Now I’m very happy to say we’ve got some codes for 4 lucky winners to get this great app for free.

This is one of my most-used and favorite iPad apps. It’s so good that I do far more photo editing on the iPad than I do on my MacBook Pro.

Hit the break to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How to Win:

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post that does one of these two things:

— List some of your favorite features of PhotoToaster. Check out the App Store page for it to get some ideas on this.


— Tell us about what sort of things you will do with PhotoToaster if you win a code.

Just to be clear, that means one word comments like ‘in’ and similar will not get an entry. Comments that meet the above criteria will get you in for a chance to win.

That’s it. Good luck to all.

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26 thoughts on “Contest: 4 Free Promo Codes for PhotoToaster To Be Won”

  1. Phototoaster would give me one more reason to edit photos on my iPad instead of my decrepid Windows machine!

  2. Looks like a GREAT app. I love the noise reduction feature to remove the grain from low light pictures as well as level lighting adjustments to lighten shadows and recover highlights. These features would solve my biggest problems with the iOS photos. Most of my pictures are either grainy or a lot of the details end up in shadows. The ability save high res photos is a major plus as well as the ability to save to albums, emails, sms, facebook, instagram, twitter, flickr and tumblr. I would be able to modify/enhance my picture and immediately post for others to enjoy. There are so many other features that look like they would be incredible.

  3. I love the filters and the various editing options. It really compliments instagram and camera+ in ways I would utilize!

  4. I will use PhotoToaster to edit the photos of the youth soccer team I’m coaching. I plan to make trading cards for each of the players, and this app would help me make the photos look better.

  5. Photo toaster would be a great application to add to my iPad. This application would allow me to take better pictures. Additionally photo toaster would improve my artistic ability to enhance my photos. It would be wonderful to win one of the codes and to get photo toaster for my iPad.

  6. I would use this tool to edit the many pictures we have been taking of our 2 grand-daughters, the youngest being only 3 months old. I could then post them on the computer or put them in a digital frame for us to enjoy, as they are 10 hours away so we don’t get to see them much. I know my wife would particularly enjoying having them on display.

  7. I am looking for a great photo editing app for work & the voluntary group I run, I use a lot of visual imagery to convey messages and have tried several apps (including iPhoto which is ok, just not great!) and am yet to find one that meets my needs, I hope this will!

  8. I would love to be able to edit photos on the go. All I have right now is an old photoshop program on a windows machine. I have a great camera DSLR, but cannot get the most out without a good photo edit program such as PhotoToaster.

  9. I Like the lighting brushes and one touch selections. Haven ‘t found a good editor (user friendly) to edit my photos, looks like this is it….

  10. It’ll be one more reason to breathe easier when deciding to leave my laptop at work and only take the iPad home, to the cafe or on vacation. Looking forward to trying it out and being able to whip up nice images for Facebook event promotions without opening the computer.

  11. Since I haven’t used this app, yet, I think I would like the ability to save your own presets. I would like to use it to spruce up photos to put on my library website.

  12. I’d love to win! I’d especially enjoy using the bookeh modes on my photos to make them dslr-like. :) And my birthday is this month!

  13. I am going to take pictures with my middle school students everyday until they finish 8th grade to show them over time. We will use phototoaster to create an art collage to display those photos to the entire school!

  14. I would love this app for I am a webmaster of a website at my university and would make use of the app to edit the photographs used on the website and be able to make it look more professional.

  15. The lighting brushes look awesome. I also like the noise reduction feature, as my photos are often just a bit grainy.

  16. the lighting control is the editing effect that i am most interested in usung, would love to get the app for free.

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