Contest: 5 Free Promo Codes for DataMan Pro Data Management iPad App To Be Won

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DataMan Pro iPad app

5 Free Promo Codes for DataMan Pro To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Friday October 11, 2:00 PM US Central

Well, I guess we’re way overdue for a giveaway contest at iPad Insight. So here’s one to get us going. I’ve written here before on the excellent DataMan Pro app for tracking your data usage on the iPad – it’s the best iPad app of this type I’ve seen, it’s just been updated with a fresh new look for iOS 7, and you can win a promo code to get a free copy of it right here.

Here’s a little more detail on DatMan Pro via its App Store page:

Your superweapon against overage. DataMan Pro lets you know when, where, and how you used data, every hour, every day. Now it takes full advantage of iOS 7 to give you even more powerful features.
Beautiful design. Simply gives the key statistics you need most in an incredibly clean interface. It’s so easy to track your data usage.
Breakthrough AppWatch. DataMan Pro lets you know the apps eating your data at every hour. Giving you more useful details to root out data-hungry apps.
Smart Forecast. The advanced Forecast predicts if you’ll stay within your data cap. And tells you in brilliant colors.
Real-time tracking. Your latest statistics are retrieved directly and immediately from iOS. No more waiting for your carrier to update.
Additional features include:
・ Track cellular (LTE/4G/3G) and Wi-Fi
・ Show usage alerts in Notification Center
・ Four custom alert thresholds
・ Auto reset on bill cycle date

Hit the break to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How to Win

— Leave a comment on this post, and you’re in with a chance to win.

— For a bonus entry to increase your odds, check out the App Store page for DataMan Pro and tell us what your favorite feature of the app is.

That’s it. Good luck to all.

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10 thoughts on “Contest: 5 Free Promo Codes for DataMan Pro Data Management iPad App To Be Won”

  1. Hey there! I’d love to win a copy of DataMan Pro, even though iOS 7 has even more features to track data usage, because Dataman Pro would automatically reset on my bill cycle!

  2. It’s easy to forget when you connect to a wi-fi hotspot that’s using cell data your “Auto Update Apps” running in the background is using a big chunk of your data plan, even when you have ‘don’t use cell data’ checked!

  3. Thank you so much doing this great blog. I would definitely benefit from some DataMan Pro in my life.

  4. DataMan Pro would definitely be an app that would get used and not just sit there looking pretty. :)

  5. Would love to win this. Going on a business trip next week and will be using Cellular Data quite a bit, I’d love to be able to track it.

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