Contest: One Free BookBook Case for iPad mini To Be Won

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BookBook for iPad

One Free Twelve South BookBook Case for iPad mini To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Tuesday December 11, 2:00PM US Central

*** Please note the BookBook for iPad mini has not been released yet. The photo above is of the BookBook for iPad.

Want to win a gorgeous BookBook Case for the iPad mini before anybody can even buy one? Then this is the contest for you.

The BookBook for iPad – the bigger brother of the upcoming BookBook for iPad mini up for grabs here – is a beautiful handmade leather book-like case. It also offers a bit of a ‘stealth mode’ for the iPad, as it can easily pass for an old book or notebook. You can see lots more detail on them at the Twelve South product page for them.

Hit the break to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How To Win

— Leave a comment on this post and you’re in with a chance.

— To gain a bonus entry and increase your odds, visit that BookBook product page linked above and tell us what you would like best about a BookBook for your iPad mini. Why does your iPad mini need this case?

That’s it. We’ll pick our winner on Tuesday and they will receive the case just in time for Christmas.

Oh, and if you want to be notified when the new BookBook for iPad mini is released, go here to get an email notification:

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96 thoughts on “Contest: One Free BookBook Case for iPad mini To Be Won”

  1. This is a really cool looking case. I was looking at the full size for the iPad 2 etc and was disappointed it didn’t come in mini. Now I’m ecstatic that its available for the mini!

  2. Twelve South makes outstanding, thoughtfully designed products. The craftsmanship of this case is a worthy pairing for the non plus ultra iPad Mini I just purchased.

  3. Cant resist this temptation. A BookBook case is just the right Pad for my iPad Mini. I’d call it iPadPad.

  4. I’m a huge fan of Twelve South! They know how to make products for Apple fans! Even their packaging is Apple-ish in quality. And the BookBook case is by far my favorite case for my iPhone. I was actually bummed when I bought the iPhone 5 and couldn’t use my 4s BookBook case. Now I have a BookBook 5 and I’m a happy camper!

    What I think I’ll like best anout the BookBook for iPad mini is the fact that it is multiple purpose. Not only does it look good, it has a stand and looks to protect better than most cases!

    Thanks for sharing about this!

  5. First thanks for the opportunity! I need the case to disguise my mini and the reason why I need it is because the BookBook for iPad is designed to keep your iPad safe and secure as you shuttle it from place to place.

  6. Always loved the BookBook cases! iPad mini is the perfect size for looking like a novel. Would LOVE to get this case. Cheers and good luck to participants.:)

  7. Oh wow! I had not seen these before, but since I just acquired an iPad Mini I would love to have something classy to carry it in and which will provide it some protection.

  8. I love the way it conceals the iPad mini. I want to keep my baby safe and well-hidden while still having the versatility of a protective case and stand. This case appears to fulfill all my needs.

  9. Looks like a very slick iPad case!!! Hope it’s really successful for you guys! Keep up the good work!!!

  10. I read about this case last night ad immediately went to your website to read about it. I must say that I love the way it looks and since my iPad mini is as cherished as the hundreds if books I have, I can’t think if a better case than one that combines my two loves: my new iPad mini and books! I would be so totally proud to own one of your cases! My fingers are crossed! Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Girlfriend is getting me an iPad mini for Christmas/my birthday. This case looks very unique and original! Genius idea.

  12. I loved the BookBook on my iPhone 4. I use my iPad mini all day, and right now it is naked. The BookBbok for the iPad mini would be perfect to protect the iPad…and it would look awesome!

  13. i love reading. i love books. i don’t have room in my house anymore for my large book collection, which has slowly migrated to my ipad via ebooks. this would remind me of what it was like before we had kids and my books were replaced by toys!

  14. I love the feel and look of a book, the crease of the spine, the ridges on the book cover. But I also really dig my ipad mini. It would be great to combine both of these!

  15. I would love a BookBook for iPad Mini to help me carry it around more inconspicuously and avoid everyone wanting to stop and see it. It would act as a sort of ant-theft device for those not knowing what to look for.

  16. Definitely the disguise factor for me. I won’t be nearly so worried about someone picking up up mini when it looks like an old book. Thanks!

  17. These cases are amazing. I have one for my iPad and one for my iPhone. I would love to get one for my mini.

  18. The fold out display stand just adds another function to the awesome stealth case. Great product! Mom needs a case for her iPad mini, this would make a perfect Christmas gift.

  19. Impressive design. I love how this looks. I would like best he protection this offers. My iPad mini needs this case to showcase how handsome a product both products are.

  20. This looks really cool, would make a cool device look even cooler !! What I like most is that it is “the perfect disguise for prying eyes” – so people don’t know that you have a cool pice of tech just sitting there.

    1. Just an older guy, a father with an 18 year old beauuuuuutiful daughter, who would give a finger, or even a hand to give her the first BOOKBOOK in the world for Xmas.
      She will be the thrill of the town…again and again!

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