Contest – Portenzo Composition iPad 2 & Extras To Be Won

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Portenzo Composition for iPad 2

One Coupon Code for $100 at Portenzo To Be Won – enough for a Composition iPad 2 Case and some extra options

Contest Deadline: Saturday March 3, 2:00PM US Central

Ready for another giveaway contest? I hope so, because we’ve got a great prize on offer today – a $100 coupon from Portenzo. With this you can grab up a Composition iPad 2 Case and an extra option or two for it. Or of course you could apply the coupon however you like.

This is the cool, old-school composition book styled case shown above. I did a review of the Composition Case for iPad 2 just a couple days ago. Take a look at that for more pictures and my thoughts on this case – but the short story is I’m very impressed with it and it’s now my favorite case for whenever I’m going out with the iPad 2.

Hit the break to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How to Win

– Just add a comment to this post and you’re in with a chance to win.

– For an extra entry and a better chance of winning, take a look at the review mentioned above and the Composition Case product page and tell us what you like best about it.

That’s it.  On Saturday we’ll draw one lucky winner and get the HoverBar shipped off to them soon afterwards.

Good luck to all.

Patrick Jordan

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120 thoughts on “Contest – Portenzo Composition iPad 2 & Extras To Be Won”

  1. I love that these cases are handmade and are of the best quality. Portenzo also has awesome customer service!! I’d love to have a composition style case!

  2. I need one of these sooooOOOOOOooooo bad. I’ve been putting off buying one because money is so tight.

  3. Can’t tell you how many products you have reviewed that I purchased!
    Visited the site and love I can select interior color–that honey gold is calling to me!

  4. Such a cool look. Very different from the Switcheasy Canvas I’m using now. Would love to try it out!

  5. I wanna win. The sound chamber sounds cool. I like that it looks like a an Los school composition book but that it holds such a nice piece of technology.

  6. I like how it has a ‘patina of wear like the real thing’ as you reviewed earlier. I think that’s a neat touch.

  7. I want one! I had a composition skin but this is much cooler! I never comment but I read the blog daily. Please pick me!

  8. ‘Automatic Sleep/Wake feature – Just like the Apple® Smart Cover’ – this is quickly becoming a deal breaker if a case doesn’t have this tech. Would love to win this case.

  9. Loved the review, and am loving the looks of the case, too! Plus, it has an auto-wake feature, the best option for any iPad case. Please let me win this time!

  10. I need a new case and these look amazing! I’ve always liked the look of those composition books so this would be a perfect fit for me.

  11. This is the best looking case I’ve seen. The option for a camera hole and stylus loop is pretty cool, but the smart cover with automatic sleep/wake puts this one over the top. If I could afford it, I would already own one. Great review by the way.

  12. I love it, I need something for work that doesnt look like an iPad, this is perfect for hiding mine in plain sight!

  13. It’s the small details that make or break a product for me. Mr. Jordan’s review doesn’t shy away from bringing those kinds of details forward, specifically, for me, the inclusion of a pen loop (frequently overlooked and important) and the size and placement of the manufacturer’s logo, which based on this review is too prominent for my tastes.

  14. I love the design– what a conversation starter. The magnetic features are definitely a bonus too.

  15. Love the retro look. I’ve been looking for a good cover for my iPad2, this could be it!

  16. I love the old school look to this case, while it has all of the latest features I would expect in an iPad 2 case, mainly the magnetic lock/unlock feature. That is something I always look for in an iPad 2 case, and one of the main reasons I refrain from buying so many. I am a student so I feel this case would be a great accessory to toat around with all of my notebooks and text books!

  17. I so remember using these composition books in grade school! I love them. As n adult, I use them as my journals. My school just won a grant for 25 iPads and I would LOVE one of these for mine!

  18. I checked out their site. I really like the different color options. I am all for adding color to my iPad covers. The magnetic lock feature is a huge win. Looking forward to trying one of these out, just hope if I get one, it will work with iPad 3……

  19. Love the Composition Notebook Retro look and after reading your review it sounds like this one just might be my future IPad 2 cover, plus I know people are going to ask about it. I’ll be crossing my fingers and checking for good news!

  20. Converts it into a true notebook. It even looks like one so it is also a great way to hide it.

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