Contest: Ten 6-packs of MC Nano Microfiber Cleaning Cloths To Be Won

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Ten Free 6-packs of MC Nano Microfiber Cleaning Cloths To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Saturday July 30, 2:00PM US Central

OK, I know – on first hearing it, a contest to win microfiber cleaning cloths does not sound too exciting. The thing is, I never thought I could ever get excited about cleaning cloths until I had my first experience with MobileCloth.

We all know the iPad screen is one big magnet for fingerprints and smudges – so having a good cleaning cloth around is a big plus when using one. And MobileCloth is by far and away the best of these that I’ve seen. The new MC Nano is just 4” x 4”, so it’s easy to find a place for it – and it still packs MobileCloth’s powerful cleaning punch.

Ten lucky winners will get a 6 pack of these super little cleaning cloths for the iPad. Hit the jump to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win:

How to Win

— Just add a comment to this post and in you’re in with a chance to win.

— For a bonus entry to increase your chances tell us about how messy your iPad screen gets and what the main culprit is. Greasy fingers after snacking, smudges, your kids hijacking your shiny tablet – lets hear it.

That’s it. We’ll pick our winners on Saturday.

Good luck to all.

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56 thoughts on “Contest: Ten 6-packs of MC Nano Microfiber Cleaning Cloths To Be Won”

  1. I use my ipad while I am running on the treadmill at the gym. I would love to win the microfiber cleaning cloths so I can clean the smudges off. The glass surface gets so nasty sometimes from sweat and sweaty handprints that I’m embarrassed to admit that I did it and blame it on my husband!! But I’m hooked on TWIT,especially the new app and can’t imagine running on the treadmill without watching the videos. Help me keep my iPad sweat free.

  2. Thanks for the entry. My iPad gets greasy from my usage. Nothing fancy, just regular hand stuff. :)

  3. I have used these and they are fantastic. I use my Iphone and Ipad in my dump truck. The stone dust from the quarry makes a real mess of my screens, as well as the oils and grease the transfer from my hands. i love the way they clean.

  4. i am in desperate need of this six-pack mainly because of infinity blade and veggie samurai (fruit ninja’s far superior clone) and my screen sometimes gets so smudgy that the ipad no longer registers my skin OR i start to get a blister from too much monster-crushing on infinity blade.

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