Contest – Ten Free 2-Packs of Mobile Cloth Cleaning Cloths To Be Won (and a nice little extra)

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Ten Free 2-packs of (1 large MC, 1 small MC) of Mobile Cloth To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Friday February 10, 2:00PM US Central

It’s time for another giveaway contest. Today we’ve got ten 2-packs of Mobile Cloth cleaning cloths (MC), my long-time favorite for cleaning the screen of my iPads, iPhones, and any other touch screen devices I happen to have around. I used to think one cleaning cloth was pretty much like any other, until I got introduced to Mobile Cloth back in 2010 – and ended up writing a post asking how excited you’re allowed to get about cleaning cloths. The 2-packs give you one each of the standard and small sizes of MC, as shown in the photo above.

You may also notice the one little extra on the prizes – the MCs are branded with the iPad Insight logo image. So you can have fun spreading all the filth and muck on your iPad screens on this site’s banner image. Oh wait, please don’t do that – turn ’em over, use the other side for cleaning, protect and cherish that logo. :) Actually this is a new feature from Mobile Cloth – custom branded MCs for companies – a nice little bit of branding on a very handy and oft-used accessory.

Hit the break to see how easy it is to enter for a chance to win …

How to Win

– Just add a comment to this post and you’re in with a chance to win.

– For an extra entry and a better chance of winning, take a look at the Mobile Cloth site and tell us what you like best about the MCs. Or say nice words about how much you’ll love to have an iPad Insight logo on them.
That’s it.  On Friday we’ll draw ten lucky winners and get the 2-packs shipped off to them soon afterwards.
Good luck to all.

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131 thoughts on “Contest – Ten Free 2-Packs of Mobile Cloth Cleaning Cloths To Be Won (and a nice little extra)”

  1. The Mobile Cloth site has some nice options, but I would much rather have one with the iPad Insight logo! It just makes sense.

  2. I love Mobile Cloths! They keep my iPad screen, iPhone screen, and my eyeglasses clean without scratching. I gave one small MC to each of my extended family at Christmas so that they too could fall in love with them. If only they had been branded with iPad Insight!

  3. This sounds great and it would be a relief to get the nasty jelly spots off my IPAD screen so my finger can slide like when i took it out of the box. Now with IPAD INSIGHT cloth eveyone will know its mine and no more writing my name in marker. Mobile cloth sounds like a winner to me

  4. I just ordered two from the website, but I’d really love to have some with the iPad Insight logo. iPad Insight is my favorite board that I have on Flipboard!

  5. I would love one of these, especially after reading your great review of the product. I’m tired of using the Monster TV Cleaner for my LCD on the iPad screen. I think this product will work much better.

  6. Wow…what could be better than reading iPad Insight on a nice clean screen wiped down with my iPad insight Mobile cloths! 100 times thinner than human hair? Sounds soft enough to baby my iPad screen with!

  7. No more searching for my microfiber cloths! Yeah, need something to keep the family iPads clean. Price is right too.

  8. I’d love to have these little “nubs” to keep these screens clean. My old Apple cloth is in much need of a replacement.

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