Contest – Two Full Body Ghost Armor Screen Protectors for iPad To Be Won

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Two Ghost Armor Full Body Screen Protectors for iPad (original or iPad 2) To Be Won

Contest Deadline: Sunday March 27th, 2:00PM US Central

As promised, here’s another cool contest with a great iPad accessory to be won. I’m a big believer in using screen protectors on my iDevices, and especially on my iPad. I discovered Ghost Armor screen protectors last year when they opened a kiosk right outside my local Apple store. I’ve been hugely impressed with the Ghost Armor product and service ever since. When I was in line for the iPad 2 I sang its praises to the folks around me (well I spoke its praises, otherwise I would’ve been kicked out of line for abuse to people’s ears), showed them my original iPad with front and back protectors on, and several couldn’t believe there was anything on the iPad. That’s after months of hard use of the iPad as well.

Needless to say, I got my iPad 2 the Ghost Armor treatment the first day it was available.

Here’s a little more on the Ghost Armor protectors, via their web page:

Ghost Armor™ has been precisely pre-cut to invisibly protect your Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi & 3G AT&T perfectly. You will receive the same extreme protection for your Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi & 3G AT&T that the military helicopter blades, fighter jets’ wingtips and the space shuttle’s wingtips receive! Without bulk, creases, bubbles, or that orange peel look, we will protect your Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi & 3G AT&T from scratches and dings. And remember – we back our product with a lifetime warranty!


  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • LIFETIME Warranty
  • No Bulk Added
  • Reduces Grease
  • Clear Scratch Proof Protection
  • Improved Grip

Hit the break for details on how easy it is to enter for a chance to win Ghost Armor Full Body screen protection for your original iPad or iPad 2 …

How To Win

— Leave a comment on this post. Do that and you’re in with a chance.

— For a bonus entry to increase your chances, share your worst ‘Oh No I wrecked my iPad’ horror story that illustrates why you so urgently need a Ghost Armor screen protector.

That’s it.  On Sunday we’ll draw our two winners and get their new protectors shipped off to them soon afterwards.

Good luck to all!

Patrick Jordan

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33 thoughts on “Contest – Two Full Body Ghost Armor Screen Protectors for iPad To Be Won”

  1. I want a Ghost Armor.

    My worst ‘Oh No I wrecked my iPad’ was when the power square fell just over my iPad’s screen.

    It got a minor scratch -but one that could be seen once you knew it was there-. “By luck” my iPad started to have problems with the Home button and I got a new one on an Apple Store instead.

  2. Thanks for this contest, my story is simply kids with Ipad and ice cream is not a good cobination. I love watching my kids interact with my iOS devices. But not with food, exspecially ice cream. I could see there finger marks all over the screen with trails of hot fudge and whip cream.

  3. Hi. This is 100% true. My most scary ‘oh no I wrecked my iPad!’ moment was when I was at work. After spending months with my overly protected iPad hiding in it’s black case and never being held nakedly, I got fed up with no showing it off properly and not holding it how it was intended, so I took it out of it’s black case. 40 mins later I went to a meeting with it (as usual) but this time sans case. As I carried it in my left hand and walked down the corridor I BANGED it into a door frame I was walking past. After a moments panic I found a scuff on the top right corner and slightly DENTED aluminium.

    It now remains in it’s black case.

    I’ve never hit a door frame since.

  4. Ever since I discovered the EveryAir app – which is in my experience so far the best for remotely connecting to a desktop that’s playing a video – any time I’ve been watching a movie and had to go somewhere in the house I’ve taken my iPad so I could keep watching with no hassle. Unfortunately for me I generally do this when I have to go -anywhere- in the house.

    A few days after the iPad 2 launch I was on the John holding my shiny new device and marveling at how much faster and cleaner the remote video played with the improved graphics, when I reached to grab something and let my iPad slip. It fell a few feet screen-first on tile – I was horrified; not even a few days and I may have scratched it. Thankfully when I picked it up and cleaned it off I couldn’t see any major scratches on the main screen, but one of the edges had a scratch and some of the aluminum on the upper left corner was noticeably scratched. That wasn’t the biggest deal, but maybe I won’t be as lucky next time. Unless I get some ghost armor.

  5. I will need the matte back protection. I travel with my iPad and the 1st week with my iPad 2 I was going through security in Atlanta. I didn’t take it out of my bag because I only had a smart cover on it. The TSA rep pulled it out and threw it in one of the gray bins on it’s bare back and then slid it down the belt. It scratched the back in a couple of places and I was furious. Needless to say, if I had Ghost Armor this would not have been an issue. I now have a case but with Ghost Armor I can go without the case again. I have a Ghost Armor kiosk in my local mall so if I don’t win one I guess I will go in and get it installed anyway.

  6. I’d like to see if the Ghost Armor could protect my iPad screen from the grubby little hands of my 5 year old son!

  7. I’ve been using the original case from apple, and whenever I take it out to clean it, I feel like I’ve bought a new device… but I put it back in for protection. I’d love to use a super thin/transparent protector. Damn the iPad2 design, makes mine in the black case look like a TabletPC(yeah, that tabletPC from a couple of years ago). :)

  8. I would love to win this, as reading some of these comments really scares my about my ipad 1 screen. Now I need protection, and the best there is!

  9. Does anyone know how this screen protector compares to the Zagg invisibleShield? I’ve got one, but haven’t applied it yet. I’m waiting to find 1.5 hours in my day and the 24 hours without my iPad in order to do it.

  10. I’d like to get in on this one, please!

    As for my “oh no!” story, I haven’t managed to actually damage my iPad yet, though I came very close! I have a cheap plastic cover on it right now, and I was using a cheap iPad stylus with a foam tip and an aluminum body. I was pressing pretty hard while trying to draw something in the Adobe Ideas app, and the aluminum body of the stylus actually GOUGED the screen protector – TWICE! I’m scared silly that I’ll do it again, but cut through the protector next time, ruining it :(

    Please help keep me safe from myself!

  11. Oh, please, I’d like Ghost Armor, sir. I do worry about scratching the lovely surface of my newest friend ;)

  12. I have never tried a screen protector before and have been curious how they preform. Maybe this will be my chance.

  13. Color me interested in a ghost !

    I don’t really have any horror stories because my first ipad has a protective case, but man, am I glad I did have that case: I tend to (foolishly) leave the ipad on the couch armrest when I’m in the couch. The other day my 7 year old son comes running into the living room, his arms catches the ipad, which does a series of flips in the air and lands… just right not to shatter considering the protective padding it had. One of these moments where in the movies things would go to slow mo and every one would be seen screaming “noooooooooooo”. My son was the worse for wear as he couldn’t stop apologising and crying even though the ipad was intact…

  14. I just got my Dad an iPad for his birthday! It’s coming up in a week and this would be an awesome little bonus to the present.

  15. Oh snap! Am I too late for the contest?

    Well I’ll share my story anyway. Well next to our bed we have a chest or drawers with clothing inside that makes a nice soft place to store your iPad after some late night browsing. After finishing with mine for the night I placed it in the drawer not realizing my wife’s totally unprotected brand new Christmas gift was already in my stash spot. Early that morning I lifted mine up to check time then let it flop back down thinking it will hit a soft pair of sweat pants when I hear CRACK! It quickly dawned on me that my hard rough case had slammed against her soft screen and if it’s not cracked she will defiantly have so nasty scratches that will need to be explained. I didn’t even want to look till the next day. Long story short it was fine, no crack and not one scratch.

    I have since upgraded and We still fight for that spot, so you can see why I need that ghost

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