iMeetingPad Contest – Winners

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Lots of good participation on this one.  Thanks to all who took part – and a big thanks to Arnie and the folks at iMeetingPad for generously sponsoring this contest with us!

Here are our winners:

  • Ash
  • ChangshaNotes
  • Chris
  • Guido S
  • acrozniros
  • Jeff
  • Duane
  • Randy
  • jhanion

Winners – congratulations, and please keep an eye on your Inboxes and spam folders – as we’ll be sending your codes to you very soon.

Lookout for a great new giveaway contest coming this weekend.  Hint – it will involve following us on Twitter and retweeting, so if you don’t already follow us you might want to get on that:

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3 thoughts on “iMeetingPad Contest – Winners”

  1. Good contest. Thanks for app. I'm sure it will get some use when I'm back in the office later this week.

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