Episode 7 of The Magical Revolutionary iPad Show – Tonight at 10PM Eastern

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Tonight is Episode 7 of The Magical Revolutionary iPad Show – our live podcast covering all things magical and revolutionary and iPad related. Tonight’s episode title is:

Finally a Good Blogging App for the iPad

The app in question is called Blogsy, it was just released on the App Store a little over a week ago, I’m a big fan of the app – and I’m happy to say that tonight we’ve got Lance Barton, the lead developer of the app, as a guest on the show. It should be big fun talking about the app’s launch and the developers’ plans for it.

And of course we’ll talk about some cool iPad apps and a range of other iPad topics that have grabbed our attention this week.

I hope you can join us live tonight and share your questions and thoughts by calling in or diving into the live chat in a browser. Here’s a link for the Talkshoe page for the show, and here are the call-in details:

Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 95020

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