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Ah yes, another summer weekend. Perfect for relaxing, unwinding from another work week, and perhaps taking a few moments to check out ways to follow your favorite iPad-focused blog site. You know, this one right here. Smile

The three best ways to follow us, along with just visiting here as often as you can, are on Twitter, Facebook, and via our RSS feed. There are handy little buttons to click or tap for these at the top right of our sidebar, and just in case you don’t spot those:

– Our Twitter account is @iPadInsightBlog – follow us for links to latest articles and occasional NBA and general sports trash talking and such, or gloating about how great a town Austin is.

– Our Facebook page is here: We post article links there as well, along with photos and screencaps of latest apps and accessories reviewed. We also run some spur-of-moment giveaway contests on the Facebook page – last week we gave away a Mivizu Sense iPad 2 Leather Case.

– Our RSS feed is: Add it to your favorite RSS reader app so you never miss a great app review, iPad tip, or iPad accessory review.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

Patrick Jordan

Founder and Editor in Chief of iPad Insight. Husband, father to a lovely daughter, Commander of the Armies of the North, dog lover (especially Labs), Austinite, former Londoner, IT consultant, huge sports nut, iPad and mobile tech blogger, mobile apps junkie.

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