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Hopefully some of you will soon notice a lovely new social / sharing button on the site here – the shiny new Google +1 button. This is a cool new initiative from Google that makes it easy to let others know that you think a site or an article are worth checking out. It is being used in Google search results, and has just recently been made available for individual sites to use.

It couldn’t be any easier to use – just tap the little +1 button at the end of any of our posts. As long as you’re currently logged in to Gmail or any Google service, you don’t need to do anything further to say, in Google’s words, ‘This is something you should check out’.


These +1 buttons are a direct way for readers to recommend sites on Google Search. If you enjoy our posts here, I hope you’ll give the +1 buttons round the site a good workout. That would be absolutely doubleplusgood.

Patrick Jordan

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