Happy Birthday to iPad Insight

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iPad Insight First Post

Three years ago yesterday I made my first post on this site – that one shown above. Back then the site was called Just Another iPad Blog, as some of you may remember. I like the current name much better and it won’t be changing.

Although I know these 3 years have flown by it still feels like a long time ago that I was writing that first welcome post. I think ‘technology years’ are a bit like dog years – things change so quickly that a single year can feel like a much longer time.

As the 3rd anniversary of this site approached I’ve been reflecting a little on how truly game-changing the iPad has been, and how far this site has come over this time. So I thought I’d share a few site numbers and milestones and most popular articles of all time to help mark the occasion. Here goes:

— We’ve published over 3,600 posts – right around 100 a month,

— Over 11,000 comments have been made here. And, far more importantly, the vast majority of them have been constructive, intelligent, and civil. We’ve had good discussions here.

— Last month was the first time we had over 1 million page views. This month it’s over that mark again and by a bigger margin.

Here are a few of the most popular articles posted:

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It has been and continues to be a blast running this site. I can honestly say I love getting up and ‘going to work’ every day. I also really enjoy being able to tell my 9 year old daughter that I love my work – and it’s great to see how much she now knows about the iPad and iOS. She’ll be editing my posts soon I’m sure.

Needless to say, I am hugely grateful to all of you who visit the site and / or follow it via your RSS feeds or social networks. I’ve learned lots from your comments and questions and suggestions, and always appreciate them – even if they’re critical or pointing out mistakes. Thank you all so much for helping to make this site grow and be so much fun to run.

I have one more 100% off-topic thing to mention here. Today is also very special to me because it’s my dad’s birthday. He passed away quite a few years ago, I still miss him immensely, and I like to think he wouldn’t be terribly opposed to the way I’m trying to make a living.

Patrick Jordan

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