iPad Insight Milestones: 25 Million Page Views

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I’ve got an iPad Insight site milestone to share today. Well, actually  I had meant to look out for this number and mark it, but I goofed and I’m noting it a little late. In any case, this site has now had more than 25 million page views.

In fact, as you can see in the screencap above, it now has over 27 million page views.

That’s a big number for a niche site single-focused on the iPad. It still feels a little unreal to see that number, knowing how this site started from ground zero sort of thing.

I’d like to say a big thanks to Thomas Wong, James Potter, Beth Elderkin, Henry Tourtillotte, Fareez Shuib, Sheila Bigel, Teresa España, and Alicia Bankhofer for the articles they’ve written for the site.

And of course a huge thanks to all of you who visit the site and read our articles, on your iPads, desktop PCs, and whichever other devices you use to view our content. There would be no point in, and certainly no joy in, doing this without you. Thanks a million, or even 27 million!

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