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Flipboard iPad Art

I know we have a number of readers here who enjoy iPad Insight in the excellent Flipboard app. I love the app and I’m delighted that iPad Insight is a featured partner site on Flipboard.

This week the Flipboard team has helped me make the iPad Insight pages a little more awesome. I’m a big fan of the new Flipboard magazines feature that was added back in March and of course I created a few on iPad topics.

Now, those magazines are included as individual sections of iPad Insight on Flipboard. The three new sections are iPad Apps, iPad Art, and iPad Accessories.

Flipboard iPad Accessories

So now when you open iPad Insight in Flipboard you can tap on the menu button, just to the right of the iPad Insight title words at the top center of pages, and tap to move to any of the new sections. And of course you can go back to iPad Insight with a single tap from any of the section pages.

Flipboard iPad Apps

I should mention that these new sections are not the same as the full categories for iPad Apps, iPad Art, and iPad Accessories here on the site. They are just selected items that I’ve chosen to add to each of those Flipboard magazines. If you don’t like the idea of browsing those sections you can just ignore them and carry on reading iPad Insight as normal.

I hope you’ll like this new feature for iPad Insight on Flipboard, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it whether you love it or hate it. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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