Milestones: One Million Page Views

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One Million Page Views

iPad Insight hit a new milestone yesterday: one million page views for the month of December. That’s a big number that I have to admit I hear in Dr. Evil’s voice every time I think about it.

The previous best months were in the 600,000 – 700, 000 range. The  numbers have grown significantly since we turned on the new mobile theme a couple of weeks ago. Looking at the stats for time spent on site and pages viewed it looks like a lot of you are enjoying the new theme quite a bit. That’s great to see and I am working on ways to continually improve it.

Thanks to all of you for reading the site, commenting, sharing our articles via your social networks, for making that big number possible, and for making it so much fun to run iPad Insight.

Patrick Jordan

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3 thoughts on “Milestones: One Million Page Views”

  1. Wasn’t going to respond to all of the positive energy being generated by iPad Insights new Metro Looks. To be honest, that’s the first thing that came to mind when it the page loaded.
    t also seems that “16 bit”graphics are all the rage now. Big square boxes.

    The new iPad Insight web site is genuinely fast, uncluttered making it efficient to use…, and that’s never a bad thing!

    Continued Success!

    1. Thanks. And sorry – I don’t track closely how many approaches I get from developers – closest I can tell you is a lot.

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