My iPad Tips Book Submitted to eBook Stores

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Towards the end of last week my book of iPad tips was submitted to a number of eBook stores, including the iBookstore, Amazon’s Kindle store and several others. If it doesn’t hit any rejection hurdles, hopefully it will be available in one or two of the stores within the next couple of weeks.

I finished writing this eBook a couple months ago. This is my first stab at publishing an eBook (or a book of any kind) and I thought the writing would be the hardest part. I soon found out that’s the easy part. Dealing with the ‘publishing process’ has proved to be far more challenging. The ‘conversion’ process, making the eBook ready for the various different stores, has been pretty much a complete nightmare.

Anyway, hopefully the worst is done now. The book is a collection of what I believe are killer tips for iPad users of all levels – from beginners to veteran users. Some are taken from some of the most popular tips posts on the site and many are new. It also includes some iPad app and accessory recommendations.

I’ll post again when it (hopefully) hits some of the notable eBook stores, and I hope some of you will take a look at it.

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