My iPad Tips eBook Is Now Available in the iBookstore and Amazon Kindle Store

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iPad Tips Book

Hurrah. This morning my book of iPad tips was released on the iBookstore and on the Amazon Kindle store. The book is called iPad Insight’s Tips – it’s available now for $3.99 on both stores and should be released soon on the Barnes and Noble Nook store and a few other eBook outlets.

Many readers have suggested over the last couple of years that I should write a book on iPad tips, so this summer I set out to do that. It’s partly a collection of the most popular and most useful tips and how-to’s shared on the site, but also contains a lot of new content – including a set of iPad app and accessory recommendations.

Here’s the elevator pitch for the book in the Amazon Kindle store:

This book will help you to get the most out of your iPad. If you’re a relatively new user it should help you to navigate around the iPad and get more comfortable with using it. If you’re a more experienced user it will show you some nifty shortcuts, tips and short guides to some of the more powerful features of the iPad.

I’ve grouped the how-to articles and tips in this book into eight chapters. The book does not need to be read sequentially – you can peruse the Table of Contents and dive right into chapters or individual articles that interest you most. I also don’t think you need to worry about trying to plough through the whole book in just a few reading sessions. Rather, I hope you can first read the sections that will help you out the most right away and then dip back into it to explore more tips and topics whenever they fit into your usage of the iPad. I’d love to think that this book will become a handy resource you’ll keep around and refer back to often.

I’m excited to see the book in the stores today. I hope some of you will check it out and maybe even recommend it to any of your friends who use an iPad. If you do end up getting the book, I would be hugely grateful if you would take time to review / rate it in whichever store you get it from and share it around via your favorite social networks. Oh, and of course I’d love to hear your comments on it here too.

Here’s where to get it:

The iBookstore

The Amazon Kindle store

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7 thoughts on “My iPad Tips eBook Is Now Available in the iBookstore and Amazon Kindle Store”

  1. Patrick,
    Do you intend to market your book–beyond announcing it on your blog?
    If so you might care to join a group of non-fiction writers working our way through a step-by-step implementation of the marketing tools provided by Amazon and Google. Incredibly, there are 22 such tools, most of which are under-used or misunderstood.
    The tools are free, and so are the book chapters. The idea is to collectively discover what works.

  2. I would like to have a HARD copy of “iPad’s Insight Tips” – your book of iPad tips – which I’m sure will be of tremendous help to me, being a new iPad user. Can u help me obtain one? Many thanks.

    Warmest Regards

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