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As I mentioned on Monday, we moved the site this week. Things took a little longer than expected but the move is done now and the site is happily housed on a new set of servers at a new hosting company.

It will still take some time for DNS (internet name resolution) changes to propagate – likely another 24 hours or so – but many of you should already be seeing that the site’s articles and pages load much faster. That is one of the many big reasons for making this move  – to improve site performance and your experience when visiting here.

So I hope some of you are already noticing the new, improved Vroom Vroom feel of iPad Insight.

For any of you who aren’t afraid of a bit of techie fun and want to check whether the DNS changes for our move have propagated to you, here’s how:

On a Mac open the Network Utility app from within the Utilities folder in /Applications, go to the Ping tab and enter in the network address field.

On a Windows machine, open the command prompt (can’t we just still call it DOS?) and type this:


If you get back replies from an IP address that starts with 50.116 then hurrah, the DNS changes have propagated to where you are.

Thanks for your patience during our move. I’m sure some issues may still crop up, but I hope they’ll be relatively minor and we’ll be able to resolve them quickly. Please let us know if you spot any problems, and let us know if you think the site is running faster for you.

Patrick Jordan

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3 thoughts on “Site Moved – Vroom Vroom”

  1. I have never had a problem with the site loading, but I can definitely see a speed bump when I click on an article now.

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