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As some of you may have already noticed, the comments system here on this site has changed, as of late last night. Prior to last night we were using a 3rd party system called Intense Debate.

Thanks to a very kind and honest reader, I was made aware last night of a major security flaw with Intense Debate. I won’t go into details but the reader had accidentally stumbled across a big problem, and he had screenshots and other concrete proof of the issue he found. As soon as I verified what was stated in the email, and thanked the gent who sent it to me, I de-activated and deleted Intense Debate entirely from the site.

The reason we used Intense Debate was that it offered some nice features not available through the standard commenting system of WordPress – like the ability for commenters to login with their OpenID or Facebook credentials. Unfortunately, the system always had some issues – and whenever I sought help on any of them I had to cope with epically, uniquely, horrifically bad support. I could write a five page post on just how staggeringly terrible their support has always been, but it’s not worth the effort.

So … it is not likely at all that you’ll see Intense Debate in use here again. I’ve reverted back to just the standard WordPress comments system for now. I have tried to make things a little less painful by not requiring any sort of registration or login to this site – all you need to do to post a comment is enter a name and an email address.

I’ll start looking soon for plugins to make commenting even easier. I’m sorry for the sudden and inconvenient change – but given the nature of the security flaw discovered and the appalling lack of support offered by Intense Debate, I really had no choice.

I hope you all will bear with the change and keep your great comments coming.

Patrick Jordan

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