Site Stuff: Glad to See Lots of You Visiting from the iPad

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I like to keep up with statistics for my sites.  I probably don’t track and analyze them as much as I should, but I enjoy checking daily and getting a feel for what’s going on.

Last night I was very happy to notice that iPad was sitting at the top of the charts – by a wide margin – for Visits by operating system.  As you can hopefully see above, iPad accounted for a tad over 40% of visits to the site – well ahead of Mac, in second place at just under 28%.

For the full month of July thus far, iPad is a close second to Windows …


Let us know in the comments which OS / device / machine you’re usually on when you visit our site.

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    1. It's called Analytics App and it is an excellent app – the iPhone version of it is also great.

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