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image886816256.jpgThis is just a quick heads-up post to explain my lack of posts yesterday and likely for most of the day today.

My MacBook Pro has had a major meltdown over the last few days. An OS and hard drive issue that forced an erase of the drive and a reinstall of the operating system started the fun. Then the icing on the cake was a corrupt Time Machine database which meant a full system restore was impossible and even a partial manual restore is full of missing data and data that is months out of date.

So my machine rebuild is going very slowly. I hope I’ll be back to posting normally by tomorrow or the next day.

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5 thoughts on “Site Stuff – Limping Along”

  1. Sorry you're having to deal with that,I know it's a major pain !

    Look forward to more of your updates soon….I come here every day and you do good work !

  2. Thanks guys. Believe it or not, things have got worse. The iTunes team gave me a 're-grant' yesterday – a one-time permission to re-download all purchased music and apps. Did that and it restored nothing like – nothing even close at all – to 100% of what I have purchased. Looks like less than 50% – with iTunes Store receipts to prove it.

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