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For a long while now I have been wanting to improve this site’s name. In particular the ‘Just Another’ portion of things has felt a little too self-deprecating – or perhaps site-deprecating is a better way to say it.

Recently I was able to register a domain name I like much better, and very soon the site’s name will be changing, from Just Another iPad Blog to the name you see in the image above: iPad Insight.

I love that the new name is shorter, and I believe it is stronger and is a better fit for the site.

This change may occur today or it may take a few days longer – I’m on something like Plan G for how to execute the change right now. Smile

So you may see some site downtime, or some site elements that are broken or not loading correctly for the next few days as the transition goes forward. I hope you’ll bear with us on this and we’ll do our utmost to minimize problems and get this done as quickly as we can.

Oh, and of course I hope you like the new name. I’ll post again once the name change is done – and that post will be at

Thanks for your patience on this and hope all of you are having a great weekend.

UPDATE: This change has now been done. There are still lots of issues around and we’re working hard to resolve those as quickly as possible.

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10 thoughts on “Site Stuff – Name Change Coming Soon”

  1. For what it is worth, (admittedly not much) I’m not a big fan of the new name, though I wasn’t a big fan of the old name, so parallel move in my mind.

          1. As long as I have your ear, every time I see your username, I think of this little bit by Victor Borge. The whole thing is worth watching, but the part in question is from 5:40 to 6:00.

  2. I like.. Not being a sychophant here but your blog really isn’t just another one!!

    And thanks for all the great work…

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