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For those of you who already subscribe to this site’s RSS feed and / or follow us on Twitter and Facebook, thank you. It’s always awesome to see regular readers and commenters.

Hopefully there are some of you who find yourself enjoying the site but maybe haven’t yet discovered some of the cool ways to keep up with our content. Here are the best ways:

— Subscribe to our RSS feed in Google Reader or whatever your favorite RSS reader app is. There’s a lovely little button for this just at the very top right of the top site banner area, or you can just add this feed to your RSS app:


— Follow us on Twitter – @justipadblog

— Check out our Facebook page:

Oh, and if you’d like to support the site a little, it would be marvelous if you check out the ‘Store’ link in our top nav bar for our Amazon affiliate store, where we’ve put together some favorite iPad accessories.

Normal posting service will resume now. Smile

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4 thoughts on “Site Stuff – Ways to Follow Us for All Your iPad News, Reviews and Info”

  1. Where’d the button go from the right-hand side to vote for this site for a Retro Award? I’ve been clicking just about every day, but noticed it gone this morning.

  2. I just took it down the other day – as I thought the voting period was finishing up. DOH. It hasn’t yet – so I just put it back up.

    Thanks so much for the votes!

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